Can allergy symptoms turn into a cold?

Often many people consider sniffles as contagious. In some cases, people assume that sniffles are caused by severe allergic reactions and they feel like getting urgent treatment form an allergist near me. But, in reality this is found to be a wrong assumption. They are not contagious at all. There is subtle difference between the symptoms shown by allergies and cold. Understanding these differences can equip you well in understanding the treatment procedure opted by an allergy doctor near me. It may also help in managing the difficult situation that may arise by misunderstanding the real disease and its causes.

What is cold?

Cold or common cold is a virus.  According to scientists there are more than 100 types of cold viruses. Depending upon the virus involved in a particular case of cold, its severity of symptoms may vary considerably. Now let us consider some of the basic characteristics of common cold.

  • Sore throat, coughs, runny nose, stuffy nose etc are the common symptoms shown by cold.
  • Cold is spread through air and through touching.
  • Itchy eyes, sneezing etc are some other less common symptoms
  • Body aches and fevers are usual in severe colds.
  • Recover yis faster and normally takes not more than 7-10 days.
  • If symptoms persist it would become an infection.
  • Allergic people are more prone to colds.
  • One can catch cold any time of the year. According NIAID an average healthy individual can catch cold two or three times a year.
  • Children may catch cold more than this because of their weaker system of immunity.

What is allergy?

According to an allergist near me, allergy is a medical condition caused in the human body by adverse reaction caused by body’s immune system considering simple substances as dangerous substances.  When body comes into contact with the allergens like dust, mold, pollen etc body shows severe reactions as a result of release of chemicals known as histamines.

Important facts about allergies

  • Symptoms like sneezing, coughing, sore throat, runny nose etc similar to the symptoms of cold are shown by allergy patients.
  • Rashes and itchy eyes are produced by allergy.
  • Seasonal allergies as well as year round allergies also exist.
  • Body pain and fever is common in allergy.
  • Pollen, dust, animal dander, dairy products, mold, etc are some common allergens.

Though the symptoms of cold and allergies are strikingly similar, they represent two separate health conditions.  Knowing them in detail by an allergy doctor Manassas VA can help him to differentiate between them and find out the real problem.  If any of these symptoms are not improving your doctor should be informed and special care and study has to be conducted to understand the cause and find a solution.

The Mindsets That Can Ruin Your Relationship

A relationship is a beautiful bond two people can share with each other. However, if people act without thinking, they may damage it.

The following article will help you know about the mindsets that can ruin your relationship.


For a pessimistic person, ‘the glass is always empty.’ If you are always negative about something, how can you improve the quality of your relation?

A good relationship is always realistic. Everyone will have their own strengths and weaknesses but if you look for improvement with a bit of optimism, wonders can happen. You both can learn something new as well as improve yourself. Be lenient, prevent negativity and be communicative with each other.

Emotional Thinking

Women are more affected by this mindset. It’s good to have emotions, but always remember that emotions exist without logic. They depend upon how you feel.

You may be thinking that your partner is investing more time in opposite sex, just because he’s not in the mood to talk to you tonight, but what if, he’s constipated or he’s thinking about the stats of Super Bowl?

Anything is possible. Prevent negativity, give time, adopt a healthy relationship mindset and do not jump to hasty conclusions.

The Attitude Of ‘Should’

Some people have a relationship mindset to believe that their partner should change first. Their partner should know how they feel.

Your partner is not from another universe. He or she is just another human being like you. What if you yourself, are not communicating enough and sub-consciously to make yourself guilt free are putting the blame on your partner?

You know that is not right. Let go of this “should” attitude. Start the positive change in your relationship from yourself and then gradually, try implementing it on your partner. Adopting a positive habit on yourself also encourages your partner to put more effort in your relationship, but beware, don’t do too much otherwise one might take you for granted.


It is normal in our everyday lives that we become a victim of unpleasant encounters. Without investigating the reasons, out of prejudice – out of ignorance, we assume that certain people think we are not good enough or not worth it. As a result, our relationship gap increases.

Use the power of logic. Don’t go for methods of absurd fortune telling or simply your emotions.


Maybe you are a great cook because your parents invested more time in you to teach you that skill. You can’t expect your partner to have perfection in everything because he or she has been brought up in another environment.

No-one is perfect. It is our flaws that make us unique and special. Instead of criticizing all the time, try teaching, grooming and building up a skill in your partner. Prevent negativity and adopt a healthy relationship mindset.

You both will have something new to look forward to and your partner will also appreciate you for investing time in you. You both can learn from each other.

Careful with the tone of words. Express your concern through good communication.

Brick Patio Maintenance

The brick patio looks gorgeous now, but after some time it will experience wearing.  The brick patio contractors will only build this part of the home for you, but maintaining it is a different task you need to think about after everything is done. Do not worry because they require very little maintenance, but you still need to know how to do it.

There will be dirt and weeds that will affect the concrete blocks. Maintaining it regularly will keep your outdoor patio looking great while keeping damage from happening, like cracking and individual paver shifting. If you do cleaning, weed control, and having the bricks sealed regularly, you are already doing the main tasks in the maintenance plan.

Maintaining the brick pavers

Get the weeds out

While you are spending a little to buy a spray weed killer on the patio so that weeds will not grow between the bricks, you might be harming the environment and it is not the most effective solution you can get. The best way is to seal the bricks using a water-based sealer and this is a lot better. You can begin by removing debris from the patio using a power washer. If you see stains or rust marks because of the furniture you placed there, you should clean them using a little muriatic acid. Any bricks with cracks should be replaced or repaired before sealing them. Add sand wherever it is needed to keep them leveled.

Sweep pavers using a broom

Use a broom to sweep off the debris and dirt off the paving stones whenever you can but it should be often. It is advisable that you sweep your pavers if it is already starting to look like rain. When leaves or debris become wet, the pavers can get stained that lead to more cleanup in the future.

Add color

If the bricks become faded or worn, think about using a sealant with color tint. Regardless if you want to restore the brick’s color or change it so the color matches your home, there is a specific acrylic stain and sealer with silicone that offers protection against the weather while it adds vibrant colors to the patio.

Use water to rinse off the pavers

Use a water hose and a specific the pavers on your patio. This is going to get rid off any dirt and grime that is still there even after you sweep the bricks. Normally, it is not necessary to pressure the bricks.

There are specialty coatings you can buy

If you your deck or patio tends to become slippery when it is wet, choose a coating that is slip-resistant. Go for a silane/siloxane coating blend that is helpful to waterproof pricks if you need the bricks to be protected against water. It does not matter which coating you decide on, the important thing is to do the necessary preparation before coating the bricks. Make sure that the surface is completely clean and dry, and the bricks are properly leveled. Use sand to fill the brick cracks so the patio will always have an even look. Not like wooden decks that normally have to be resealed every year, the brick coating lasts more than that.

Create a cleaning solution

If the stains on the pavers are stubborn, fill a bucket with water and get dish soap. Joint stabilizing sealer

This can be applied as a sealer on the pavers of the brick area. The sealer will harden the sand that is helpful in preventing water from entering the joints and insects will not be able to dig through it. The sealers normally come with instructions that you can follow on how to apply it.

You can do all of these by yourself or if you need help, there are paver patio contractors long island who can help in maintaining this beautiful part of the house.

How culture affects communication?

Inter cultural communication means the manner in which different countries and cultures interact and perceive the world around them. America is a big nation with millions of people belonging to different cultural and ethnic groups.  Study on intercultural communication and its important has progressed very much in this nation. Results of this study help doctors and nursing professionals to effectively relate themselves to the patients of different cultural groups and backgrounds.  Similar other benefits are available from the study of the culture of different nations as well as regions.

Cultural heritage

Have you ever noticed that people belonging to a particular culture always talking aloud and in aggressive tone. They often stand very close to the persons with whom they are speaking. Why is it so? Have you ever wondered? Some group of people is reluctant to talk. Such people often do not like eye contact while talking. Does this have anything to do with the cultural heritage of that particular group of people? You might have also seen some sets of people who find to give simple answers to straight questions put to them. Why is it so?

Common behavioral patterns

Important skill needed for intercultural interaction is the ability to understand the peculiarities of behaviors shown by a cultural group is not part of the common behavioral pattern of the human race in general and which are special to the group itself. Some tips to distinguish them are given below.

When you listen to a person of another cultural group speaking, listen without judging.  Try to understand the meaning of the words you hear many times.  Give suggestions to the speaker and come to a common understanding about the style of communication. These are the basic skills needed when you are listening or speaking with a person of different cultural heritage. Not understanding the intentions of the words uttered by a patient can lead to wring diagnosing and similarly a person waiting for a bus might get into wrong bus if the communication could not be understood properly by the person who listens.

Interpersonal communication

Now the final question is how one can develop interpersonal communication skills. The answer to this question is simple. Develop intercultural skill set and mindset. We need to understand what is meant by cultural differences and need to maintain a positive attitude towards it. If unable to understand or learn about customs, beliefs, taboos etc then how one can become a better intercultural as well as inter personal communicator?

Basics of sleep apnea explained

Sleep apnea is a condition in which your sleep is disturbed due to various reasons like blockage etc.  This can happen mildly or severely depending on the repetitive nature of sleep disturbance. In such cases the patient’s lungs are not getting enough air and this may happen a few times an hour to more than fifty times an hour which necessitates urgent treatment at a sleep clinic near me.

All you need to know about sleep apnea

There are two type of sleep apnea. They are central sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea.  People who have succumbed to heart failure, stroke, or brain tumor are likely to have central sleep apnea. In this type of sleep apnea the patient stops breathing repeatedly during the sleep. Treatment for this type of sleep apnea involves treatment for existing conditions and to use a device to help in breathing or providing supplemental oxygen.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious disorder which causes stoppage of breathing during sleep.  In this type of sleep apnea the throat muscles intermittently relax resulting   in the blockage of the passage. Snoring is very noticeable in obstructive sleep apnea as per the study of  a sleep apnea doctor .

Different treatments are available for obstructive sleep apnea. In one treatment a device is used to keep the airway open during sleeping. Thrusting a mouthpiece is another option or treatment which helps the sleep to continue without any disturbance.  Surgery is also a common treatment option for obstructive sleep apnea.


Symptoms of sleep apnea

Common symptoms shown in obstructive sleep apnea are detailed below.

  • Excessive sleep during day time
  • Cessation of breathing during sleep
  • Loud snoring
  • Abrupt awakening followed by choking or gasping.
  • Morning headache
  • Unable to concentrate in day to day activities
  • Mood changes like depression irritability etc.
  • Blood pressure
  • Decreased libido
  • Night sweating.
  • Decreased libido

When to consult the sleep doctor

If continued sleep problems are experience consult a sleep apnea doctor md

  • Your snoring becomes a disturbance to others.
  • If you wake up with choking or gasping
  • Intermittent stoppage of breathing during sleeping
  • Daytime drowsiness that cause sleepy feeling during working or seeing television or driving the vehicle.

Most often people do not think snoring as a potential problem as many people who do not have sleep apnea snore. So if you experience loud snoring discuss the matter with a doctor in a sleep clinic near me and act as per his advice. Snoring with punctuated periods of silence can be considered as due to sleep problems. Sleep apnea snoring becomes loudest when sleeping on your back and it becomes lesser when you turn your side. Excessive day time sleepiness can be due to problems like narcolepsy also.