How to clean different types of kitchen countertops?

The number of kitchen countertop options out there is very astounding. You have wood, soapstone, granite, marble, quartz, engineered stone, and a lot more to choose from! Each of these types of countertops has its advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, all require a different level of cleaning and maintenance. So for instance, before you talk to a quartz countertops dealer, it is important to know the cleaning/maintenance requirements of quartz. This rule would apply to any material that you buy.

In general, regardless of the type of countertop, you would not want to expose the surface to sunlight and heat. Furthermore, you must also resist scratching it.

What should you know about cleaning different countertops?

Well, general cleaning methods may be the same for all countertops. However, in order to keep your particular countertop in the perfect shape, you must adopt some specialized cleaning techniques.

These cleaning techniques differ for every material. In this article, we put together cleaning information for a range of different countertop materials.

Cleaning wood countertops

The tools that you need to clean wood countertops include distilled white vinegar, nonabrasive cleaner, spatula, lemon, salt, microfiber cloths, and warm water.

Make sure of a nonabrasive cleaner, along with a mixture of distilled white vinegar and warm water. In order to scrape off any food residues, make use of a metal pastry scraper or a spatula. However, make sure that you are very gentle with it.

After cleaning, wipe the counter off so that it remains dry.

Cleaning quartz, granite and marble countertops

The tools that you need to clean quartz tops, marble, and granite countertops include dish soap, baking soda, microfiber cloths, plastic wrap, hydrogen peroxide, tape, and water.

For everyday cleaning, simply use mild dish soap with warm water. In order to shine the stone up, you can use a microfiber after regular cleaning.

When dealing with marble and granite countertops, avoid using acidic or abrasive cleaners. This is because acidic cleaners may etch the stone and strip the sealer off at the same time.

Cleaning laminate countertops

To clean laminate countertops, the materials that you require include microfiber cloths, baking soda, water, mild household cleaner.

Begin with cleaning the countertop with a soft damp cloth and household cleaner. When you are dealing with laminate countertops, always avoid harsh products that include alkali and acid. Also, avoid scouring pads and steel wool as it may scratch the surface.

To remove stains, simply use a paste of water and baking soda. Directly apply this paste and let it sit on the stain for 5 minutes before rinsing it off. Remember! Do not scrub because baking soda could be abrasive.

Cleaning soapstone countertops

The tools that you need to clean soapstone countertops include microfiber cloths, fine-grit sandpaper, mineral oil, and multipurpose cleaner.

Natural stone like soapstone happens to be nonporous. This means that it is resistant to scratches and stains. Hence, you can make use of any cleaner for as long as the cleaner is not abrasive.

In the case of soapstone, you can remove most of the stains using multipurpose cleaners. In order to remove tough stains or scratches, simply use fine sandpaper. However, do not use sandpaper that is rougher than 80 grits. After sanding, do not forget to apply some mineral oil.

Ending note

Having some knowledge of the cleaning and maintenance require of the countertop material prior to the purchase is very important. This is especially true in the case of granite and quartz countertops, since they can be expensive. Furthermore, your local granite installers Potomac may also be able to help you out with it.

What are the important advantages of quartz counter tops?

Kitchen, no doubt, is an important portion of a house.  Oftentimes it becomes the most visited room of a house.  People these days are very particular that kitchen countertop should be given important consideration as given to the living room or some other important rooms. Installation of countertops in kitchens will not only improve the appearance of a kitchen, it will also add to the functionality of the kitchen.

Kitchen countertop installation

As there are numerous types of materials used for countertops available in the market,   it will be a very difficult task to find out the best available one which will be matching to your budget also.  Counter tops made using different materials are found to show different properties and different benefits or advantages compared to the other competent materials.

Granite countertops, quartz counter tops and marble countertops are the three common countertops preferred by many people and commonly seen in many houses.  In this article I am going to explain the important advantage of quartz kitchen countertops compared to the counter tops made of other materials of the same quality.

Quartz used for countertops are artificially manufactured. It is manufactured using 95 % quartz, a stone like material and 5 % other polymers which are used as binders.  As quartz allows more options with regard to design than other type of materials, it has become the most attractive material for using as countertops in modern kitchens. Another important aspect or attraction of quartz is that it can be used as a single slab as the quartz slabs are often manufactured on site in the shape of the countertop to be constructed.

Benefits of quartz countertop material for kitchen

Durability: As it is an engineered product, it shows better qualities than the most naturally occurring stones used for countertop purposes.  They are also not easily susceptible to the various imperfections that are shown by most of the naturally occurring materials commonly used for the making of countertops. The process of combining different combination of materials for the formation of quartz makes it more durable and more perfect. They are also more beautiful and they are scratch proof too. As a result of all these qualities they last longer without any need for maintenance in between thereby saving a lot of money to the owner of the house where quartz countertops are installed.

A variety of colors to select from: Among the various materials available in the market for making countertops, quartz is considered as the material that has maximum collection of colors like lustrous white, sandy brown, monolithic black etc. This large group of colors make quartz most suitable for kitchen countertops suitable to the color of the cabinets or the color theme of the room can be made very easily.

Great looks: Quartz has attractive appearance and some natural luster. They are having customized edges and they do not need sealing as needed in the case of granite kitchen countertops. They have few imperfections and most of them look perfect.

High resistance: Another important advantage of quartz countertop is that they are highly resistant to heat and scratches.  This allows hot pot to be placed on the countertops during or after the cooking without any need of a second thought. As quartz is a non porous material it is stain resistant and no bacteria or any other kind of germs also grow in it.

Great value: it is often found that quartz countertops can add to the value of the property in which they are being used. Return on investment is found to be higher if quartz is used as countertop material. The resale value of a property gets increased if the counter tops are made of quartz.

Perfect alternative to granites: Granites are the king in kitchen countertops. Quartz which is less costly than granite is becoming very popular due to the dedication and craftsmanship of quartz installer centreville va and due to its availability in various colors. Some colors of quartz are found to have the same patterns and finishing like that of granite itself.

Quartz Countertop Maintenance Tips You Must Know

Quartz kitchen countertops are definitely an ideal choice. They can last longer as long as you are taking good care of them.

Tips to clean Quartz countertops

Speaking of good care, here are some essential Quartz countertop maintenance tips that every home-owner should know:

Wipe Off All Liquid Spills Immediately

Liquid spills happen all the time whether you have kids or adults at home. As soon as they happen, your course of action should be to wipe them off, especially if they contain an acid or a base. Corrosive chemicals inside drinks if are left on the countertop for a longer period can etch the surface. So, create a habit of wiping off all kinds of spills from the countertops.

Routine Kitchen Countertop Cleaning Tips

The best quality of Quartz is it is capable of resisting stains. That means even if your countertops are exposed to tea, vinegar, wine or any other spill, there is no fear of permanent staining. For regular cleaning, your best bet is to use a good surface cleaner and a non-abrasive sponge. To get rid of the paint, gum or any other dry food item, you can use a plastic putty knife for scraping.

Another way of routine cleaning your Quartz kitchen countertops is to use a soft cleaning cloth and water mixed with a mild detergent.

Don’t Directly Cut Veggies and Fruits on The Countertop Surface

It is tempting to use the surface of your countertop to cut vegetables and fruits but this is not recommended.  Always use a cutting board otherwise, the knife will spoil the surface and leave scratches. Your knife can get damaged too if it is exposed to the Quartz surface.

Use Pads or Trivets Under Hot Pots

Even the Quartz countertop contractors give this tip and this applies to any kind of countertop surface. Quartz is heat resistant but other resins that are combined with this mineral for creating the countertops are not. Every time you place a hot object directly on the surface, it is likely to get damaged. Sudden changes in temperature can cause the stone to crack too. Placing hot pans, skillets, and grills can also leave burn marks.

Don’t Place Heavy Objects on Your Quartz Kitchen Countertops

As sturdy as it may look, Quartz cannot bear excessive pressure. The entire countertop may not break but heavy objects can always crack or chip the stone. It is ok to have a microwave placed on the countertop but not any other heavy object.

Say ‘No’ To Permanent Markers

Never let your kid bring permanent markers in the kitchen. The marks can spoil the surface and they are not easy to clean. To remove the stain of a permanent marker, take a soft cloth and moisten it with a glue remover. Rub it on the stone until the mark goes away. After that, rinse the surface with warm water.

Deep Kitchen Counter Cleaning Tips

Even if you are regularly cleaning the countertops, you shouldn’t ignore deep cleaning. Quartz countertop contractors and experts recommend deep cleaning at regular intervals.

You are going to use a cleaner specially meant for Quartz surfaces for this purpose. Spray a generous amount of the product on your countertops and leave it for 10 minutes. After this, wipe it by using a non-abrasive sponge.

To get rid of the, you use a scraper or a plastic knife, as mentioned above. To remove grease stains, you can use a degreasing cleaner. Make sure you use one that does not contain bleach. After using any cleaning product, you must clean the counters with warm water to get rid of the chemical remains.  To add a finishing touch, wipe the countertops with a towel to dry off everything.

Quartz countertops are extremely durable. They just require a small amount of care and they can last for years to come. Plus, they come in a polished finish. They can duplicate the matte-like finish of Limestone and the texture of Granite.  They are available in a variety of sizes, designs and color schemes. This is exactly why lots of homeowners ask the Quartz countertop contractors rockville md if they can use Quartz for their outdoor kitchen. The answer is no because your countertops will be under direct sunlight which will make their color fade and cause splitting.