11 Things To Know Before Having A Swimming Pool

Many people adore the idea of having a swimming pool in their backyard. However, it is advisable for you to contact a pool contractor before installing a pool at your residence. Here are a few things that you should know before building a swimming pool.

  1. Consider Type of Pool

Start with a clear idea why do you want a swimming pool. This has a great effect on its size, depth, shape, and even the type of construction. Consider if you want the pool for relaxation, recreation, for your children or enhance a view. You just need to know why you want it rest will come easy.

  1. Select Proper Site for the Pool

It is easy to build a swimming pool on a level site. However, on steep surface, it is expensive. Conditions such as rocky, sandy, or unstable soil will also make pool building fiddlier. Swimming pool builders may provide you great help in deciding these things including shape and size.

  1. Above or Below the Ground

The first question you should consider before the construction of your pool is whether the pool should be in the ground or above it.

In-ground pools are more expensive and have a more tedious process, but they look authentic. On the other hand, above-ground pools are more budget-friendly and easy to install. Moreover, if your surface of desired pool area is steep, you should go with above ground pool.

Soil digging and deletion is costly but in-ground pools usually are more permanent than most aboveground types. However, if you have a steep site, it may be inexpensive and easier to install an aboveground fiberglass pool. Talk to local pool contractors, especially to those whom people trust.

  1. Cost of Pool

A basic concrete pool is more expensive than of fiberglass. This is because many concrete pools can be tailored to buyer’s desired shape and size.

  1. Maintenance Cost

Do you that the most costly thing in swimming pool maintenance is lining?

About concrete swimming pools maintenance, you need to acid wash them every 3 to 5 years. Moreover, if it’s been more than 15 years of your pool installation, it needs to be resurfaced.

Vinyl-lined pools, on the other hand, needs to be patched-up every 5 to 10 years.

Fiberglass composite pools come with 30 to 40 years guarantee so there is less to worry about their maintenance.

Also, contact some reputable swimming pool builders for the best possible choice.

  1. Think About Material

Fiberglass and concrete are the most common materials.  Developments in composite technology have enlarged this material’s permanence and strength. Concrete offers elasticity in terms of shape, size and depth. There are also many options for finishing a concrete pool’s interior including colored quartz, marble plaster, tiles, pebbles or swimming pool paint. The cost of fiberglass is so economical, that they dominate the market.

  1. Wind Exposure

Consider the wind exposure because it will cool the water and improve evaporation.

You need to plan pool shelter. Also, plan about entering and exiting areas for your pool. Moreover, you need to figure about entertainment around pool.

  1. View of the Pool from Inside the House

Consult an expert swimming pool builder and make sure that you will have a view of your pool from inside the house. Adding water features or lighting will make it more attractive and striking. If you have kids, then it is necessary for you to look the pool from the house. You should also notice that the location would maximize sun exposure. This will help to keep the water warm. You should also keep in mind that large trees can block the sun and drop leaves into the water.

  1. Constant Expense

You should make it certain that you are able to afford the pool because owning a pool is expensive. You have to pay for fixing anything that breaks, for maintenance and winterization.

  1. Filter for Pool

Before having a swimming pool, you need to invest in a quality filter. A good filter keeps the pool hygienic and clean. You cannot go with a cheap one when it comes to the filter.

  1. Need of Expert

Homeowners can install some of the above of the ground pools. However, some may require a  swimming pool builders long island. A contractor charges a decent amount of money. This is something that you must consider.

How To Get Your Patio Ready For Summer?

A professional and the best patio contractor would always take cleaning as the first and foremost step to get your patio ready for summer season. It is not a normal cleaning process we do on daily basis instead it includes pressure wash cleaning which assures the removal of dirt and debris almost 100%. If your surface is not much harder, then you can go for push broom and simple mopping afterwards to make sure the patio area is all clean now.

Preparing backyard patio for summers

Well, LED lights always look beautiful either used for room décor, any celebration décor or a normal and regular use patio décor. You can also add some fancy lanterns on corner tables of your furniture and LED lights in your plants and patio door. Or you can also add some beautiful and fancy lights as well which can add a warm ambiance in summer evening.

If you have a garden in your patio, then you need to trim your plants that looks beautiful look to your patio décor. Even if you have just a few plants then make sure they are fresh and alive to create a natural yet relaxing ambiance in your patio. Usually masonry contractors always trim and weed the plants before making the patio ready for summers. This will keep your plants fresh throughout the summer season maintaining your patio very well.

Patio decoration ideas

Once the patio area is all clean, it’s time to clean your furniture giving it a fresh look. If you have chairs, then it is a good idea to polish them or rub it with an oiled foam sponge which will give a new look to your chairs and table. And if you have fabricated sofas then you can change the fabric of sofa or just clean it with a brush, whatever suits you best. A creative patio contractor can also suggest you to keep a hammock if you don’t have space constraints as it adds a very relaxing feel to your patio. You can keep it at one side of the table while other three sides may have chairs or sofas.

It will definitely create a significant amount of beauty and professional designing touch to your patio décor. Mirrored ribbons and bird cages adds an extreme natural touch and look really pretty. You can also hang some different colored wind chimes to make it look more beautiful. You can hang all these accessories in the shade of your patio which might be kept on door side or in the middle area. Of if you don’t have any shade area then some little wind chimes and bird cages can also be hooked on round umbrellas used as a shade of sitting area.

You can take guidance from a professional patio contractor to help you in selecting suitable textiles for your patio furniture. You can use funky cushions and table covers with some bright colors and themes will look really great in summer. You can also go for funky bedsheets for your hammock as it will go great with the overall funky theme of your patio.

After doing all cleaning, you can add a simple coat of paint on your door of patio or the back wall with some light and soft colors. You can go for bright colored paint as well if your furniture color is in light shades. A masonry contractor would always make a combination of light and dark colors with furniture and walls or door.

You can take help form masonry contractor Long Island to guide you in selecting a unique and antique piece of huge rounded mirror which goes well with rest of patio décor. You can hook it on wall side of the patio as it will add a casual like home type feeling in your patio. Make sure it matches your furniture kept in the patio so as to both can complement each other. Same goes for the color choices as well as it will show off the total theme of your décor in a glance.

How To Get Your Chimney Ready For Winter

This winter, make sure to spend money on chimney repair companies because just when the winter season is about to hit you, you gear up and prepare your entire home for this chilling yet beautiful season.

You can start off with planning for a warmer temperature in your home which can be achieved through different methods. You can burn a stove or turn the heater on but the buzz of lighting a fireplace is beyond amazing! Make sure to make necessary amendments and cleaning before getting on with the process. Following are some of the steps you must follow to achieve a happy winter season!

Annual Chimney Inspection

Like any other feature, a very important step is chimney cleaning and maintenance but since it consumes very little space of our home, we fail to notice it and pay attention to other house apparels. You must always hire a professional to inspect the chimney and fireplace. Ask him to check the exterior as well as the interior of the chimney. The interior includes firebox, smoke chamber and damper, and the exterior covers the cap and crown of chimney.

Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning is a very crucial task that you must not miss in your wake ever. Ask the inspector to clean the chimney so that there is no bird nest, soot or debris buildup on the cap that could potentially start a fire. Make sure to get rid of all the dirt by spot cleaning at least once in a year for a long-lasting chimney!


Once you are done with annual inspection don’t let the matter slip through just yet, always watch out for the imperfections that could throw problems your way. Look out for chimney leakage, it can damage your beautiful house structure through moisture. Make sure to inspect any area that has a wet or darkened spot indicating the presence of moisture in the walls or fireplace. Contact chimney repair companies instantly and choose the best option to repair your chimney and fireplace.

Proper Equipment

To keep your fireplace updated to today’s home décor, turn your attention to its hearth. That’s right, hearth does not only make your fireplace elegant and classy but it also prevents any sparks to hit your carpets or rugs. Many people don’t feel the need to use equipment for their fireplace but keeping proper equipment like shovel, tongs, poker and broom allows you reach in the firebox at a safe distance.

Proper Firewood

Before burning the firewood, dry it out for about 3-6 months. It has been discovered that firewood comprises of 45% water which produces heavily smoked fire and I am dead sure that is not what you would have planned for winters, right? Drying it out will make it a little darker but with less weight and this is exactly what you need. If your wood shows any signs of moisture, get it replaced by any of the chimney repair companies.

Proper Steps Towards Fire Safety

Despite all the inspection and maintenance, still prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario. If a fire breaks out, what is the first thing that could help you to get notified? Well, the answer is easy, a Smoke detector. Install a smoke detector in your house, in every single room, to be particular. These detectors must be replaced after every 6 months since they run on batteries and a dead-battery smoke detector is the last thing you would want to deal with.

Fire Escape Plan

It has been suggested that an escape plan is a very important step especially for families. In case the fire breaks out, you must always have an escape route which helps you to exit the house as soon as you can without getting in the way of erratic fire. Stay low to the floor and try to cover your mouth and nose to prevent smoke getting into lungs. Pick a safe and pre planned spot outside the house where you can gather afterwards.

All of these points bring us to only one conclusion i.e. always watch out for chimney cleaning annapolis and its repair. There is no person in this entire world that would put lives of his loved ones at risk therefore, if you agree to follow this one specific rule, believe me, you will be thanking us.

11 Roofing Mistakes To Avoid

A damaged roof can cause you some serious issues. Therefore, it is prudent to contact roof repair contractors to protect your roof from weighty damage. We are listing some common roofing mistakes you should elude by having qualified roofers.

All you need to know about roof replacement mistakes

  1. Poor Material

Working with an expert roofer can help you in the selection of first-rate material. You should keep the slope of your roof in mind while buying new material for your roof because the slope is the most important thing of your roof. If the material is not apposite, it will result in leaks and will not provide you shield from moisture and rain.

  1. Mismatching of The Slate Color

If your house has a slate roof then you should be conscious of the color of the slate. An expert roofer checks all the slates before adding them to your roof.  Even the slate you buy from the same place are different in colors. So be careful in choosing the color otherwise, it will damage your home’s value.

  1. Avoid Reuse of Flashing

Flashing does not allow the moisture to penetrate the susceptible areas of your roof like skylights, valleys and chimneys. They work as a layer to shield your home against rain and leaks. Replace your flashing and never think of reusing old flashing although it may look in good condition.

  1. Proper Flashing Installation

Flashing is important in preventing moisture and erosion caused by heavy rains. Make sure that the installation of flashing is proper because improper installation of it can cause leaks. If the roofer does not fasten it properly or it is misaligned then your roof cannot protect you from snow, rain and ice because your roof is not adequately prepared.

  1. Moisture Protection

Installing the moisture barrier saves you from moisture. Shingles do a lot and save your roof from dampness, even then it is worthwhile to install proper moisture barrier. A high-quality moisture barrier prevents moisture sources from collecting and damaging your roof. A skilled and professional roof repair contractor can guide you properly in this respect.

  1. Don’t Use Old Shingles

The unreliable roofers may suggest you to keep new shingles on the old ones. This mistake allows moisture and dirt to gather which can cause damage more quickly. However, the best thing is to install the new shingles and take away the old ones.

  1. Keep the Fastener Length Correct

When the nails to fasten the shingles are too short, there is always a risk of their loosening. Make sure to use the nails that go well into the decking. Otherwise, you will lead to the shifting of the shingles and require an untimely replacement and repairs.

  1. Placement of The Nails

Improper placement of nails leads to grave issues. Some inexperienced contractor uses few nails to place shingles. They tend to do so in order to save money. However, such improperly placed shingles may get loose and cannot help in preventing leaks. Moreover, to avoid the nails from wearing away, you should place the nails underneath the top layer of shingles. If you expose shingles to moisture and sun, they might get holes eventually. Furthermore, if you drive the nails in the wrong angle, it will damage the shingle mat and results in leaks. It is advisable to hire expert roofers to avoid such losses.

  1. Improper Ventilation

When it comes to roof replacement, many of us give less importance to ventilation. Due to a poorly vented roof, heat is produced excessively that damages the shingles. Moreover, the temperature of your roof grows due to the much heat of loft. Use high quality roofing material to ensure that you get your roof properly vented.

  1. Roof Overhangs

Just make sure that the shingles overhang the roof space of your house. If you do not do this, then you have to face the risk of wind damage.

  1. Inexpert Contractors

If you want a durable roof for your home, you should hire expert and reliable best roofers in greenwich ct. Working with wrong people results in damage and forfeit. Inexpert contractors often cut the corners and eventually lead you towards loss and further repairs. Make sure that the contractor you are hiring have proper license, warranty and insurance.

What are the important advantages of quartz counter tops?

Kitchen, no doubt, is an important portion of a house.  Oftentimes it becomes the most visited room of a house.  People these days are very particular that kitchen countertop should be given important consideration as given to the living room or some other important rooms. Installation of countertops in kitchens will not only improve the appearance of a kitchen, it will also add to the functionality of the kitchen.

Kitchen countertop installation

As there are numerous types of materials used for countertops available in the market,   it will be a very difficult task to find out the best available one which will be matching to your budget also.  Counter tops made using different materials are found to show different properties and different benefits or advantages compared to the other competent materials.

Granite countertops, quartz counter tops and marble countertops are the three common countertops preferred by many people and commonly seen in many houses.  In this article I am going to explain the important advantage of quartz kitchen countertops compared to the counter tops made of other materials of the same quality.

Quartz used for countertops are artificially manufactured. It is manufactured using 95 % quartz, a stone like material and 5 % other polymers which are used as binders.  As quartz allows more options with regard to design than other type of materials, it has become the most attractive material for using as countertops in modern kitchens. Another important aspect or attraction of quartz is that it can be used as a single slab as the quartz slabs are often manufactured on site in the shape of the countertop to be constructed.

Benefits of quartz countertop material for kitchen

Durability: As it is an engineered product, it shows better qualities than the most naturally occurring stones used for countertop purposes.  They are also not easily susceptible to the various imperfections that are shown by most of the naturally occurring materials commonly used for the making of countertops. The process of combining different combination of materials for the formation of quartz makes it more durable and more perfect. They are also more beautiful and they are scratch proof too. As a result of all these qualities they last longer without any need for maintenance in between thereby saving a lot of money to the owner of the house where quartz countertops are installed.

A variety of colors to select from: Among the various materials available in the market for making countertops, quartz is considered as the material that has maximum collection of colors like lustrous white, sandy brown, monolithic black etc. This large group of colors make quartz most suitable for kitchen countertops suitable to the color of the cabinets or the color theme of the room can be made very easily.

Great looks: Quartz has attractive appearance and some natural luster. They are having customized edges and they do not need sealing as needed in the case of granite kitchen countertops. They have few imperfections and most of them look perfect.

High resistance: Another important advantage of quartz countertop is that they are highly resistant to heat and scratches.  This allows hot pot to be placed on the countertops during or after the cooking without any need of a second thought. As quartz is a non porous material it is stain resistant and no bacteria or any other kind of germs also grow in it.

Great value: it is often found that quartz countertops can add to the value of the property in which they are being used. Return on investment is found to be higher if quartz is used as countertop material. The resale value of a property gets increased if the counter tops are made of quartz.

Perfect alternative to granites: Granites are the king in kitchen countertops. Quartz which is less costly than granite is becoming very popular due to the dedication and craftsmanship of quartz installer centreville va and due to its availability in various colors. Some colors of quartz are found to have the same patterns and finishing like that of granite itself.

9 Tips On How To Plan Outdoor Kitchen

Contacting outdoor kitchen builders and outdoor kitchen contractors may help you in getting an exquisite outdoor kitchen.

Know about outdoor kitchens

This is question that most of the individuals would answer in “Almost 90% of the time”. Having an outdoor kitchen may sound luxurious but for many, it is their way to spend weekends and enjoy cooking and weather. So if you plan to enjoy weather while cooking then you must consider to set up an outdoor kitchen.

“Just how much you love cooking yet you don’t like the four walls has had you missed out on your passion?”

Outdoor kitchen contractors

But before you actually start working upon the kitchen ideas, you should take into consideration the following:

  1. Your Budget

Planning the budget before you exhaust your resources is the best way to get you an outdoor kitchen that won’t go beyond your limits. Carefully plan how much you want to spend on the preparations and implementation of the idea. This way you will be keeping track of your spending.

  1. Creative Ideas

Outdoor kitchens require you to be creative. You need to consider the space you have and the size of the kitchen. The size more likely would depend on the kitchen appliances. Outdoor kitchen contractors may show you different ideas for your kitchen. Select the one that falls under your budget and fill up your space.

  1. Floor Layout

You are setting up a kitchen and not a garden so you need to take into consideration what sort of floor you are settling for. Shortlist your preferences based on different conditions like is it durable, stable, non-slippery and water resistant? You may go for a wooden floor or tiles. Your outdoor kitchen builders may help you in deciding the better options for this.

  1. Reliable Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are the most important objects to consider for. Seek out the companies that will help you in getting reliable appliances. But when you are doing so, remember that kitchen appliances will determine the size of the outdoor kitchen. So if you don’t have a lot of space then select the appliances that would fit in perfectly.

  1. Shelter for Your Kitchen

Weather conditions may get worse when it rains or the sun is too hot. So always consider shielding your kitchen. Get your outdoor kitchen builder to so. Whether you want a tin shelter or a cemented roof, it should cover the main area (cooking range and appliances) from the weather.

  1. Storage Space

Having a kitchen means you need to have space for placing utensils, spices, bottles and dishes. You can have cabinets alongside cooking range, under the shelf and wash bowl. You can also go for cabinets on the back wall as well.

  1. Seating Arrangement and Lighting

If you are setting up an outdoor kitchen, you need to make arrangements for seating and sighting as well. If there is a lot of space you may go for having a large dining table surrounded by dining chairs. But if the space is not too much then you can settle down for simple lounging chairs with a round table in the center.

Pay attention to how the lighting should be. Go for setting up the globe over the ceiling. Make use of string lights across the seating area to make your outdoor kitchen look dreamy.

  1. Cooking Range

The main equipment of the kitchen is the cooking range. Whether you want to go for gas, electric or wood-fired grill, it is up to you. But as the cooking range is the focus of the kitchen then exhaust all the options you have before you settle for one. If you like having BBQ then BBQ grill is should be your preference.

  1. Plants and Pots

Outdoor kitchen setting demands that you should equip your kitchen with items that will add to its beauty. Place flowering plants that are low-maintenance around the kitchen. Hang pots around the entrance. Paint the pots with bright colors to brighten up your place.

Obviously, the above steps are just recommendations I have followed based on what my outdoor kitchen contractors long island suggested. You should discuss your options with your outdoor kitchen builders to achieve dreamy, mesmerizing and exquisite outdoor kitchen.

Is It Time for Commercial Heating Replacement?

A working commercial heating system is crucial for your business. Besides, it is difficult to conduct business in the space that is not well-heated or does not have even heating. If your heating system continues to work, it does not mean that it is not time for the system to be replaced, especially if you take some factors into consideration. If you’re confused about commercial heating replacement for your business, set an appointment with your HVAC expert today.

Things to Consider for Commercial Heating Replacement

Below are some of the most crucial factors you should review when you are considering the replacement of your installed commercial heating unit:

Energy Efficiency

Almost all businesses have the budget to maintain, regardless of the season. If you’ve noticed that the heating bills of your business have sharply increased, yet you have not changed how you heat your business, you might have a commercial heating system that isn’t as energy efficient as you like it. The commercial heating systems today are very energy efficient, allowing you to save money in terms of energy costs.


The commercial heating systems have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, even if other systems might last longer. The aging systems may have an issue achieving your preferred temperature or producing even heating because of the fact that some of the unit’s components are starting to break down. Pushing the aging systems only exacerbates the repair’s possibility. So, if your system experiences problems within the estimated lifespan or more than that, it might be a good time to consider upgrading your system to a new one.

Expensive Repairs

Do you face some costly repairs with your commercial heating system? Or have you been fixing it over and over again? The costs for repair may add up easily and many times to the affordable cost of various new commercial heating systems in the market. If you’re paying for different expensive repairs, it might be time to review if the money you have spent on continuing the repairs as the cost might be equivalent to buying a new and reliable heating system for your business.

Your business should be comfortable for all of your clients or anyone who enters it. Never let an aging or malfunctioning commercial heating system affect your business. Call the best HVAC company Falls Church VA near you and search for the best commercial heating system suited for your needs.

How to Choose a Good Tree Removal Service

People know that trees are valuable to mankind. Aside from its environmental factor, trees are crucial for making a property’s value higher. This is one reason why people make sure that their property gets all the care it needs. Hiring one of the good tree removal companies is an ideal way to ensure that the property is really cared for. There are a lot of companies that claim to be the best but it is still necessary that you know the things you need to look for when choosing a tree removal company. You need to be extra careful in hiring one so you will not have any regrets.

What to look for in tree removal companies

Ask about their insurance policy

Make sure that the tree service you are checking out has the right liability insurance and they insure their workers compensation. All of their insurance certificates should be sent to you and read everything before thinking of hiring them. Otherwise, it could turn out to be a fraud and that is not good for you. If in case the company faces an accident, and does not have the right insurance coverage, you will be liable for whatever damage they cause. You will be obligated to pay for the repairs and injuries that might have been caused by an accident while they were trimming or pruning your trees.

Are they a legitimate company?

Ask yourself this question so you will not forget to check if the company you are dealing with is legitimate. It is good to know that hiring a company with a questionable legitimacy is going to give you bad service and they are doing it illegally. One of the recommended ways to be certain about a company’s legitimacy is to check if the company has complete insurance and licensed. If they can present you with everything to prove their legitimacy, then you can do business with them without hesitation.

Proper safety equipment

Another tip you can consider when looking for a tree removal company is their safety standards. Talk to the company openly and have a candid discussion to understand how committed they are to safety matters. This could easily be demonstrated by the safety gear and equipment they have. Safety should come from the company and even to those who are within the vicinity. Make sure that this company does not compromise safety matters because this will reflect on how they treat their customers and employees.

Research on their reputation

Do your own research and find out what the reputation of the company is. A good tree service will have positive reviews in different areas or places. Find out if the company is part of any credible trade association. How old is the company? Did you find any complaints about them in any local forum? Ask the company if they can give you references so you get more assurance. Especially if you want a big job done, taking time to research is worth it and you might even be saved from making the wrong decision.

All of the agreements should have a written copy

People can easily get carried away and only make oral agreements with the company. The truth is, verbal agreements do not have any binding and it is not enough if any legal issue will arise. The company should present you with a written contract that includes all of the main issues about the project. There has to be a clear deadline and a breakdown of the total cost so you will know everything you are paying for. The mode of payment should also be included in the agreement so that they cannot do any changes in the future.

Hire the best tree services

If the price they are giving you is unbelievably low, you should be wary. People like a good bargain but if a tree removal company is too cheap, it may be because they are inexperienced, have no insurance and certifications, or they will only do one part of the job.

It is important to choose the right one for you especially if you need it for an emergency tree removal bethesda md service because they should act fast and be reliable.

Quartz Countertop Maintenance Tips You Must Know

Quartz kitchen countertops are definitely an ideal choice. They can last longer as long as you are taking good care of them.

Tips to clean Quartz countertops

Speaking of good care, here are some essential Quartz countertop maintenance tips that every home-owner should know:

Wipe Off All Liquid Spills Immediately

Liquid spills happen all the time whether you have kids or adults at home. As soon as they happen, your course of action should be to wipe them off, especially if they contain an acid or a base. Corrosive chemicals inside drinks if are left on the countertop for a longer period can etch the surface. So, create a habit of wiping off all kinds of spills from the countertops.

Routine Kitchen Countertop Cleaning Tips

The best quality of Quartz is it is capable of resisting stains. That means even if your countertops are exposed to tea, vinegar, wine or any other spill, there is no fear of permanent staining. For regular cleaning, your best bet is to use a good surface cleaner and a non-abrasive sponge. To get rid of the paint, gum or any other dry food item, you can use a plastic putty knife for scraping.

Another way of routine cleaning your Quartz kitchen countertops is to use a soft cleaning cloth and water mixed with a mild detergent.

Don’t Directly Cut Veggies and Fruits on The Countertop Surface

It is tempting to use the surface of your countertop to cut vegetables and fruits but this is not recommended.  Always use a cutting board otherwise, the knife will spoil the surface and leave scratches. Your knife can get damaged too if it is exposed to the Quartz surface.

Use Pads or Trivets Under Hot Pots

Even the Quartz countertop contractors give this tip and this applies to any kind of countertop surface. Quartz is heat resistant but other resins that are combined with this mineral for creating the countertops are not. Every time you place a hot object directly on the surface, it is likely to get damaged. Sudden changes in temperature can cause the stone to crack too. Placing hot pans, skillets, and grills can also leave burn marks.

Don’t Place Heavy Objects on Your Quartz Kitchen Countertops

As sturdy as it may look, Quartz cannot bear excessive pressure. The entire countertop may not break but heavy objects can always crack or chip the stone. It is ok to have a microwave placed on the countertop but not any other heavy object.

Say ‘No’ To Permanent Markers

Never let your kid bring permanent markers in the kitchen. The marks can spoil the surface and they are not easy to clean. To remove the stain of a permanent marker, take a soft cloth and moisten it with a glue remover. Rub it on the stone until the mark goes away. After that, rinse the surface with warm water.

Deep Kitchen Counter Cleaning Tips

Even if you are regularly cleaning the countertops, you shouldn’t ignore deep cleaning. Quartz countertop contractors and experts recommend deep cleaning at regular intervals.

You are going to use a cleaner specially meant for Quartz surfaces for this purpose. Spray a generous amount of the product on your countertops and leave it for 10 minutes. After this, wipe it by using a non-abrasive sponge.

To get rid of the, you use a scraper or a plastic knife, as mentioned above. To remove grease stains, you can use a degreasing cleaner. Make sure you use one that does not contain bleach. After using any cleaning product, you must clean the counters with warm water to get rid of the chemical remains.  To add a finishing touch, wipe the countertops with a towel to dry off everything.

Quartz countertops are extremely durable. They just require a small amount of care and they can last for years to come. Plus, they come in a polished finish. They can duplicate the matte-like finish of Limestone and the texture of Granite.  They are available in a variety of sizes, designs and color schemes. This is exactly why lots of homeowners ask the Quartz countertop contractors rockville md if they can use Quartz for their outdoor kitchen. The answer is no because your countertops will be under direct sunlight which will make their color fade and cause splitting.

Find the Best Shutter Store and Experience the Practical Benefits of Shutters

A visit to a reliable window shutter store will give you a good idea of what shutters will suit your home and your preferences.

Everything you need to know about window shutters

Many people consider shutters are more aesthetically pleasing compared to blinds and curtains. When planning to install shutters, you can choose to go for exterior shutters that are usually used for decorative purposes. But, if you want shutters for more practical reasons, the internal shutters are definitely a must-have.


The primary practical advantage of these shutters is their adjustability. This means that these could be used as appropriate no matter what the weather conditions might be. A room’s interior conditions can then be controlled.

Enjoy the Sun in Summer

When the summer season comes, you might want to keep out the heat and sunlight as much as possible. You can do it easily by keeping your shutters closed. However, the sun also happens to be one of the positives of the summer season so if you like to get a full beam of sunshine, you can keep the shutters open.

Stay Comfy in Winter

During winter season, shutters can help in keeping the warmth in. Thanks to the quality of wood used for making shutters, once they are closed, lesser cool air will enter your room as compared to using blinds or curtains. Shutters are essentially an added layer of protection.

Keep Sun and Heat While Letting Air Inside Your Home

There are also those instances when you want to block out the heat and sunlight but you still like outside air to blow into your room. You can do it through keeping the shutters closed and opening the shutter louvers. You can close and open these as much as you like, either completely closed, completely open, or somewhere in between. You can also adjust them depending on the location of the sun at a specific time of the day.

Shutters are Better Than Blinds

When you use shutters, you can have one closed and one open if you like since these work individual, one from both sides of your window frame. On the other hand, blinds are often pulled down from the window top, with one blind covering the whole window.

 Shutters are Better Than Curtains

Considering all the different indoor shutters styles and colors, it is easy to say that shutters are much better than your ordinary curtains. On top of that, you can also let in air without the sunlight, something you can never achieve with curtains.