15 Crazy Wedding Superstitions

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We are living in the best time of technological development, have a lot of tech around and our lives have improved comparatively. But still there are some people who actually live in the past when they believe in superstitions and false myths. Wedding is a special program and the wedding day brings joy, happiness and merriment to the couple. However, we will talk about some wedding superstitions that people actually believe in.

Wedding Day

When it comes to getting married, Wednesday is believed the best day while Monday shows wealth while Tuesday is the symbol of health. Interestingly, Saturday is considered the unluckiest day if you are about to get married.

Relationship Duration

In Italy, there is a wedding tradition that has been associated with the relationships. According to this superstition, the couple will smash the glass at their wedding day into pieces. The number of pieces, glass was broken into, shows the number of years the couple will live together.

Rain on the Wedding Day

South Asian, specially Indians, associate rain on the wedding day with good luck.

Bride and Groom – Long Time No See

There is a tradition in different cultures where bride and groom don’t see each other before marriage. This trend started when arranged marriages were popular. And if the couple sees each other before getting married, they may not get through it.

Knife as a Gift

Here comes a crazy superstition that people have actually believed about marriages.

A knife gift at a wedding is a sign of bad luck which means that the marriage won’t last long. So if someone gifts you a knife on wedding day, the couple should return a penny to the gift-giver in order to show it was bought, not received in gift.

Pinching the Bride

Getting married in Egypt? Get ready for some pinching as it is a tradition for women to pinch the bride on wedding day. It is as the women are sharing good luck with the bride.

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Pine for Fertility

In Holland, people plant a pine before the house of the couple that are going to get married as a symbol of fertility and good luck.

Tying the Knot

We often use the phrase tying the knot and it is referred to getting married officially. Well, it is said that because it was literally a thing. The hands of bride and groom were tied together to mark their new bond.

Christian Myth

Among Christians, it is a tradition that the bride must stand on the left of the groom so that he can fight off other suitors with his right hand.

Sugar Cube

According to ancient Greek culture, putting some sugar in bride and grooms gloves was considered as a way to strengthen the relationship of the newly-wed couple.

Name of the Partner

Some people find it good and they feel pleasure to use the name of their partner with them. Girls often drop their misnames and take the name of their future husbands. However, among masses this is believed to be bad for the relationship and people should not use the name of their partner before getting married.

Engagement Ring

It is normal nowadays to try the engagement rings of friends and relatives. However, there exists a myth that the engagement ring should not be given to anyone to try. If you do so, the wearer will snatch away all the happiness, good luck as well heart of your partner from you. This sounds just crazy.

Crying on Wedding

Brides usually cry when they get married and leave house of their parents. People commonly believe that tears on the wedding day by the bride show good luck and happiness ahead in the new life, until your makeup is not removed with tears.


We see bridesmaids with the bride on her wedding day and it is not just a culture. It is a tradition rooted back in the past. When a bride is surrounded by the bridesmaids, it shows she is being protected from the evil.

Veil Protects Brides

Girls usually don’t wear veil but they have one on their wedding day. The wedding day veil is associated with a myth and protects the brides against evils.

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