How Do You Move Cranes

You must have come across cranes at construction sites that are designed to lift and shift heavy loads. You must be wondering how crane services move them to the construction site and where are cranes stored or moved once used. We are going to discuss the entire process along with the necessary requirements that make moving the cranes possible.


Before the cranes can be loaded up, it is important that the permits are granted first. Permits are issued on the basis of the type of cranes being used and moved. Different have different regulations regarding moving cranes keeping in view the surroundings and traffic situation. Moving cranes might seem easy but carries a lot of risks.

Furthermore, permits take into consideration the height, weight, and other important factors. Once you are issued a permit, the company or the contractor is allowed to move the crane to the construction site. However, these cranes are only operated by professionals who also need to have licenses and permits.

Route Planning

Moving a crane is not just about loading it up and heading down the road. In urban areas, you have to keep an eye out for homes, buildings and communication cables, etc. As a result, narrow streets may pose a lot more difficulties. This is why it is important that thorough route planning is done so that the crane does not get itself involved in an accident mid-way.

Moreover, driving on highways also poses a risk due to low bridges and overpasses that need to be addressed. Plus, you cannot ignore the road conditions either. Some cranes come with tires, while others feature tracks. This means that not every crane is supposed to be driven on roads.

Route planning goes a long way in terms of saving both time and money. Contractors are able to oversee the obstacles beforehand and plan their route around them. This way, the chances of the crane jamming the traffic are relatively few as well. And the last thing you would want is a dead-end road with a crane that is 60 feet long and weighs hundreds of tons.

Where Do The Biggest Cranes Come From?

Depending on the type and size of a crane, it might come pre-assembled or needs assembling and disassembling upon reaching the construction site. For instance, some cranes are disassembled by a team of individuals before departing for their job site and assembled again by the same team once it arrives at its destination.

This is solely done to prevent any accidents that may happen on the road. However, there are also some crane types that do not need to be assembled or disassembled. These cranes are usually meant for smaller tasks that do not require lifting and shifting extremely heavy loads.

How Are Cranes Transported?

The largest types of cranes, called tower cranes can reach several hundred feet, which means that it is not possible for them to be transported in their fully assembled form. As mentioned earlier, these cranes are transported into much smaller components and then again, assembled at the construction site.

However, these types of cranes are only used for high rise buildings. To hire and use such cranes, the contractors may need to get special permits if the location of the construction site has too many risks involved.

In addition to that, some mobile cranes may simply be stored in inner-city crane yards for a short spell of time in between the projects. While others may spend the night in private storage or on the back of transport lorries.

Furthermore, mobile cranes can also be comparatively easily driven to construction sites with the help of an operator or driver. These types of cranes are mostly used in transportation industries where containers and other heavy loads are regularly loaded and unloaded.

Since these cranes are relatively smaller in size and easier to drive, a contractor may hire multiple of them to get the job done quickly with fewer risks involved.

Final Word

Moving cranes is not as easy as you might think. A lot goes into loading and planning the entire process. Considering the information above, it’s paramount to get help from crane rentals VA for renting and moving cranes to your desired site.

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