How to Choose the Right Hair Straightener

The right choice will style your hair without any heat damage, uneven textures or breakage. There are a lot of straighteners available anywhere and even a Japanese hair straightening salon uses this because it is a handy tool for anyone. These flatirons are made for all hair types and styles.

All you need to know about hair straightening

The correct flatiron to use is more than just for getting your locks straight and shiny because it is also a versatile tool that you can also use as a curling iron and sometimes a volumizer. A good kind of straightener should always be an investment you think about because it should not be a junk piece of tool that needs replacement after a few months.

Your hair type

If your hair type is problematic, then you need to buy a hair straightener with wider plates. A problematic hair type is when you have a lot of curls that are hard to manage, which is why you need straightener to have wider plates. The narrow plates are for people with short and wavy that are easier to manage in comparison to that. Your hair’s texture is also a factor when choosing a flatiron. If you have a coarse and thick hair, you will need one that can reach high temperatures, but thin hair can be damaged if you use this. Flatirons with various settings are for finer hair and digital flatirons allow you to pick the right temperature so that your hair will not get damaged.

The shape of the flatiron

You might think that a flatiron is basically flat, but the edges of this tool plays a role in their versatility. If the flatiron’s plates and outer edges are a bit rounded, transitioning it to a curling iron is easier. A flat iron that has sharp edges will not be as adaptable but your hair might be a little straighter after using this.

Flatirons for a variety of textures

If your hair is fine or thin, look at ceramic flatirons for reducing frizz and smoothening your hair. This type of flatiron is very good in holding heat, which allows it to reach high temperatures, and ceramic plates have even heat distribution. A ceramic flatiron with ceramic plates, tourmaline plates, or ceramic coating is a good choice for you. Actually, tourmaline is a gemstone, but it functions as a ceramic when this type of coating is used. For a coarse and thick hair, use titanium flat irons because they heat up faster compared to ceramic flatirons and they can contain a high heat level at a set temperature. Titanium is a lightweight metal that also has ionic change that can help your hair look smooth right away. They are popular because of the high heat, but this is not ideal for people who have fine hair.

What is your purpose for buying one

There are several kinds of hair straighteners like cordless, small and handy, and the wired type. If you love to travel, a small flatiron made for travel will work great for you. If you only want to use it for fringes, a small flatiron will work fine for you. If you have a coarse and difficult hair, a bigger one is what you need.

The right features

Hair tools have different features that you should consider based on your hair. If your hair is naturally curly, you might want to consider buying a flatiron that comes with steam functions or built-in comb teeth so that those unruly tresses can be controlled. Cordless flatirons are what you need if you love to move around and go to places. The instant-heat flatiron is for people who do not have all the time in the morning to get ready.

The price and value difference

Do not go for the 1st flatiron you see especially if it is a cheap one because you might have to buy 1 again after a few months. The pricier ones are better in quality and value and it is going to last for years.

Consider these when buying a flatiron or you can go to a permanent hair straightening salon rockville md if you are decided on straight hair for good.

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