What Are The Most Common Sports Injuries

Where there are sports, there is going to be a probability of injury. There are a lot of sports injuries that can occur in athletes and sports persons. Some are healed by rest and physiotherapy while for others, you need to visit orthopedic surgeons. Here are some of them.

Shin Splints

One of the most common injuries which can occur while playing any kind of impactful sport is a shin splint. Shin splints are caused by the inflammation or swelling of the muscle on the lower side of the foot. This can lead to a lot of pain when you are even trying to take a step. It can also lead to the inability to walk in certain situations if the injury is too severe.

It can occur when you are applying too much stress on the legs, for example kicking, running, dodging something, sudden beginning and halting of motion in the legs, etc. You will need to rest this one out and have sessions of physical therapy to help your foot heal properly.


Fractures are the breaking of bone from a central part. This can be very painful especially if you don’t heal it right away. Fractures can occur in the hands, legs, and even the back. This is basically the cracking or formation of fissures in the bone.

The cracks can be hairline cracks, as in very thin, or there can be a huge and noticeable crack that is what mostly causes fractures and you have to put your arm or affected area in a cast for the bone to fuse and heal. It can occur if you fall really hard on your hand, leg, or back and it can cause a lot of pain. And, sometimes, the broken bone can also poke into the muscles and that can also lead to excruciating pain.


Sprains are the overstretching of muscles in the arms and legs. Knee sprains and leg sprains are very common sports injuries. Your muscles and tendons are naturally quite stretchy, but they don’t need to be stretched beyond their limit. This can lead to frozen muscles and extreme pain.

The best way to get rid of a sprain is to take it easy on the affected area and give it proper rest. Try to massage it in order to relieve the tension in the muscles and do regular physical therapy in order to get the movement kickstarted.

Tennis Elbow

Believe it or not, tennis elbow is not caused by playing tennis. It is an injury of the elbow which causes a lot of inflammation and straining in the area. This can be caused by severe overuse of the elbow in certain sports, like throwing balls, swinging your hand too much, putting pressure and weight on your elbow, etc.

The best way to prevent this injury from occurring is to warm up your hand and take it slow if you are recovering from it.

Achilles Tendon Injuries

The Achilles tendon is a very important tendon that joins your heel with the rest of your lower leg. This is also a very sensitive area for injuries. An ACL injury is the tearing of the tendon and this can lead to you being unable to walk properly.

If you have injured your Achilles tendon, then it’s best to use crutches for walking, because you want to put very little strain on the legs. Rest and light physical therapy can heal an Achilles tendon in no time at all.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are also quite common, especially in sports like cricket, baseball, football, and even running. A very common head injury is a concussion. It is caused by a sudden impact on the head and although it is not quite dangerous, it does damage some tissues which are holding your skull and brain in place and if this happens, you might feel dizzy and disoriented.

It is recommended that you go on immediate bed rest, but avoid sleep, because it can lead to you going into a temporary coma.


Now you know the different kinds of sports injuries, their causes, and potential treatment options. These things are important for your general knowledge, just in case you suffer from a similar injury. So, follow the advice of your sports medicine specialist Woodbridge to avoid these injuries.

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