7 Questions About Keratin Treatment People Ask The Most

Keratin is exceeding all boundaries of popularity these days, and with that, people are becoming more and more inquisitive about this treatment. More queries are being thrown the way of keratin treatment salons, and we try our best to answer everyone’s concerns. Here’s us answering some repeatedly asked questions by potential customers of keratin hair treatment.

What is keratin good for?

Keratin is a fibrous protein that is essentially a part of your hair. When it goes missing, your hair start craving it. This treatment called ‘’Keratin treatment’’ makes it possible for your hair to regain the lost protein.

Through artificial means, keratin is inculcated in your hair and they start doing away with frizzes and tangles henceforth. That is what keratin is good for.

Keratin treatment allows your hair to stay smooth and snarl-free for a certain period of time. It is certainly not a permanent hair treatment. To have your hair permanently straightened, you must rely on natural and home-made remedies. Or else, get the keratin treatment redone after every 6 months or so.

How expensive can it be?

Keratin treatment does not cost you your left kidney. Rest assured; it is absolutely economical. Only one quarter of your savings can get it done for you.

However, you need to inquire your hair salon beforehand in order to avoid being tricked. Every hair salon has different quality to provide, and hence different costs. Do not forget, when it comes to keratin, you are not done right after leaving the salon, you have to lose money over the aftercare as well. So, be decisive whether you want the keratin done or not.

How long does it stay?

It tends to stay for 6 good months if taken care of. There is no fixed duration when it comes to keratin treatment, you can always make it work longer than it is supposed to. The only condition is, you need to see to your hair all this while, and you cannot leave them on their own once you step out of the salon.

Does it need any aftercare?

It sure does!

Keratin cannot work without a proper after-care. The treatment itself and the aftercare go hand in hand. You surely need to see to a number of things in order to make it last the longest. If no proper aftercare is given, the benefits of keratin can vanish within no time.

Aftercare is not an option, it is a requisite. Keratin treatment entails a reasonable after-care.

Can your colored hair take the keratin treatment?

Some people are habitual of coloring their hair every now and then, which is good. There are so many frequent color freaks who seem to be in love with their streaked hair. What if such a person wants their hair go through keratin treatment? No worries at all. No red flags.

If you want your hair to be frizz-free and colored at the same time, you should get them colored first and then opt for a keratin treatment. Because if you try and color your hair after getting them keratin-treated, your hair will be in ruins.

How is keratin treatment different from Brazilian blowout?

Brazilian blowout does not put any restrictions in the guise of after-care while keratin does. The ingredient/protein that has been instilled cannot be washed before 72 hours when it comes to keratin treatment. Same is not the case with Brazilian blowout. You can remain tension-free once you walk out of the salon.

If you really want your hair to be straightened and disentangled, Keratin is second to none and simply the best option. Although, keratin lasts for 3 to 6 months, it gives such unmatchable results that no other straightening treatment seems to be in close proximity with it.

Keratin is more time-consuming as compared to the Brazilian blowout; the time it takes is double than the time Brazilian blowout consumes. Keratin’s process takes at least 3 hours to be completed while Brazilian blowout can get done within 2 hours or little less than that.

Does it contain any major/minor risk?

It does not contain any huge risk, almost all women can go through keratin treatment by hair stylist Potomac safely. In spite of all, you should consult your hair salon prior to the treatment if you have any extraordinary concerns.

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