Does Car Window Tinting Make A Difference?

If you are a car fanatic, you must have had your car windows tinted or might be planning to do so. But you are also held back considering mixed reviews about them. There is a reason why the majority of vehicles are tinted nowadays due to privacy, protection, safety, and other reasons. So, you can say that car window tinting does have its advantages. However, if you are still questioning whether they make any difference, let’s find out.

Why Install Car Windows Tints?

It Protects Your Skin

One of the biggest advantages of getting your windows tinted is protecting your health, specifically skin health. Humans can withstand extreme weather conditions up to an extent but have to compromise their health in one way or the other. Driving for hours directly under the sun exposes your skin to harmful UV rays.

This could result in chronic skin complications. This is especially the case if you have kids and elderly traveling with you on a regular basis. To avoid such complications, you should invest in window tints. Then again, you will need to go for ceramic window tints that are specifically designed to reflect UV rays.

Protects Your Car Upholstery

Your vehicle is an expensive investment and you would want it to look fresh and new as if it just rolled off the showroom floor. The vehicle’s exterior as well as the interior is significantly influenced by external factors such as humidity and UV rays. If you live in a region with a hot climate, your vehicle is going to need some protection.

Although modern vehicles feature advanced technology and better-quality fabrics that are made to withstand extreme weather conditions, constant exposure can ruin the finish. Soon, you will observe the interior finish fading away and cracks appearing as well.

So, if your vehicle is mostly driven on the highways or parked directly under the sun for long hours of the day, you need to get the windows tinted. You need to keep in mind that window tints have multiple types. To protect the vehicle’s interior, you need to opt for tints that block UV rays.

These tints as compared to others tend to be expensive and last relatively longer as well. Plus, you need to get them installed by an expert to ensure longevity. But, once you do that, you won’t have to worry about the sun making your interior look as if it needs replacement.

If you also want to protect the exterior of your car, you should install check out ceramic coating and paint protection films. Get more information from paint protection film installers Springfield for the best car exterior protection.

Shatter Protection

What most people are not aware of is that tints happen to prevent window glass from shattering. Although, manufacturers test and ensure the glass does not shatter as part of safety features, but you never know. So, if you have window tints installed and happen to run into an accident, the tints will keep the glass pieces from spreading and hurting you and the passengers.

And, since the tints are glued to the windows, you do not have to worry about the glass piercing you or causing serious injuries. This is because the tint film will keep the shattered pieces of glass glued to itself.

Keeps The Vehicle Cool

During the summer season, your vehicle can become an oven if it is parked in the sun for most of the day. In most cases, it becomes difficult to even grab the steering vehicle. Furthermore, if the vehicle is already hot, turning on the air conditioner will only consume more fuel.

This is because the AC will need to work harder for reaching the temperature you have set. Modern vehicles come with climate control that keeps track of the temperature outside and adjusts accordingly. This way, you do not have to play around with the settings too frequently.

However, if you were to get your windows tinted, you would be able to block most of the rays that are contributing to the hot temperature inside the car. It is a known fact that vehicles with tints tend to be a lot cooler than vehicles without them.

Improves Privacy

Privacy and security are other important reasons why you should have window tints. There is a reason important and famous personalities tend to have tinted windows. That is done to ensure to keep prying eyes away and someone from targeting the individual traveling in the vehicle.

However, if you are someone who carries expensive items in their vehicle on a regular basis and has to park the car unattended frequently, you are going to need window tints. Apart from the prying eyes, breaking in is slightly difficult if the windows are tinted.

No one likes to risk a vehicle with tinted windows. This is simply a psychological factor. It might be that someone is sitting inside or anything could go wrong as the vehicle is broken into.

Reduces Glare

Another noteworthy benefit of window tints you should keep in mind is glare reduction. During the summer season, the sun can make it difficult to focus on the road due to extreme brightness. This has caused millions of accidents over the years and continues to do so.

But, if you were to install window tints, you would be able to reduce glare to the point where your driving is not influenced. More importantly, you also get to protect your eyes as sunlight can cause blindness and other eye-related concerns.

Can I Install Window Tints On My Own?

Window tints need to be purchased and installed by a professional and there is a reason for that. Tints need to properly bond with the glass to prevent peeling and air bubbles. Plus, the vehicle needs to be thoroughly washed and cleaned to remove all the dirt, dust, and other accumulations.

This is all done in an enclosed space as such factors directly influence the lifespan of the tints. Moreover, the experts possess years of experience, skills, techniques, and information that allow them to do a flawless job each time. But, if you plan to do it at home, you will be at risk of ruining the tints.

Plus, tints installed by experts are also backed by guarantee and warranty. If the tints peel off, air bubbles form, or the tint color fades quickly, the experts will fix the issue for you even if a replacement is needed. And, once the tints have been installed, it comes down to curing the tints, which is the bonding process.

The tints need some time to settle and for the solution to dry as well. This happens relatively faster during the hot season. However, it will take longer in the winter, which means you will not be able to roll down the windows for a while.


Car window tints do have benefits that make them worth it for most vehicle owners. While that is one thing, getting them installed by an expert is another and an important detail. You should opt for the best quality tints and choose a reputable auto tint shop Springfield for installation. This will also help maintain or increase the resale value of the vehicle if you plan to sell it in the future considering the interior is brand new.

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