Does My Car Need Paint Protection Film

When it comes to protecting and keeping your car looking as good as new, there is nothing like installing a paint protection film. Although you will see many different paint protection options, getting PPF from paint protection film installers is considered the ultimate solution. Depending on your car, it might be expensive but you can guarantee ultimate protection for your car’s exterior.

What Is A Paint Protection Film?

Automotive detailing has witnessed a tremendous amount of growth over the years. With owners looking to protect their cars’ paint and keep them looking shiny, it is not surprising that paint protection film today is arguably the best way to protect your car.

For many years, different protection techniques such as glass and ceramic coating have been used. As compared to PPF, glass and ceramic coatings are cheaper. PPF is for those who are willing to stretch their budget. A PPF film is basically a polyurethane or polymer film that is installed over the body of a vehicle to protect it against scratches and other minor gashes. These films play an important role when it comes to blocking the UV rays and preventing the paint from getting damaged by rock chips and other road debris. Additionally, PPF is mostly installed to protect the most vulnerable or high-impact areas.

How Is A Paint Protection Film Installed?

The process of installing a paint protection film takes time, practice, and precision. To install a PPF on a vehicle, you have to first prepare the base. Preparing the base means ensuring that the paint does not have any kind of contamination. It is the most difficult and time-taking step of this process. Car detailers spend days correcting the paint. Otherwise, the PPF film will simply not stick to the vehicle.

Furthermore, detailers also install paint protection films on parts such as the bumpers and other important areas instead of covering the entire car depending on the preferences of the customer.

How Much Does A Paint Protection Film Cost?

Different detailers offer different quotes for their services. There is no universal or standard fee or cost of PPFs. The reason being that installing a PPF and making sure that it lasts for long depends on several factors. Detailers mostly offer a quote after thoroughly analyzing the vehicle and determining how much work needs to be done.

If a vehicle has not been maintained well, the detailer will have to work comparatively harder, use more resources and spend more time than a new car. This increases the quote significantly. This is why the professionals suggest that a vehicle be brought over for PPF installation as soon as it is taken out of the showroom.

How Long Does A Paint Protection Film Last?

The lifespan of a paint protection film depends on your maintenance and cleaning habits. Your responsibility of maintaining the vehicle upon PPF installation does not end. You still need to use the right products and utilize the proper washing techniques to ensure longevity.

Is It Worth Installing A PPF Film?

If you live in an area where dust and extreme weather conditions are the norm, you should definitely install a PPF film. Vehicles that are located near beaches tend to attract rust. If that is the case, you should not only get the PPF installed but get undercoating as well to protect important components of the vehicle.

How Long Does It Take To Install A PPF?

The amount of time it takes to install a PPF depends on the type of vehicle. SUVs and sports cars tend to take comparatively more time than normal cars. The reason being that these cars have different components such as spoilers, wings, and other areas that are difficult to reach.

Once a PPF has been installed, it needs proper time to cure as well. Detailers perform a rigorous quality check to ensure that PPF is intact and will not begin to peel after a while.

Final Word

Concluding, installing a paint protection film depends on several important factors such as weather conditions, where you live, and the current condition of your vehicle. You might be spending much money on clear car protection film installers Springfield, but at least you will have peace of mind.

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