6 Hair Blow Drying Mistakes You Should Avoid For Less Frizzy Hair

If you are looking for simple and easy ways to dry and style your hair at the same time, then a blow dryer is an essential tool for you. But a lot of people still don’t know how to use one properly and end up with too much frizzy hair. Here are some very common mistakes people make with a blow dryer. Read them If you want to avoid a visit to a hair straightening salon.

Rubbing Your Hair Against The Towel

You might not know this, but drying your hair with a towel is also an art you need to master before you even get to blow drying. A lot of people rub their wet hair brutally against the towel. Wet hair is already quite weak and brittle and you are using too much friction which can cause knots in your hair and also make it look matted and frizzy. You should always gently pat your hair with a soft towel or let it air dry naturally.

Blow Drying Wet Hair

This is a huge mistake a lot of people make. Blow drying requires a lot of tugging and manipulation of the hair with a brush and tugging on wet hair, which is just out of the shower, will make your hair prone to breakage and frizz. You should always wait for your hair to become at least 40 to 50% dry before you even touch the blow dryer. This will allow your hair to remain shiny after the blow dry is done and you will not break a lot of hair either.

Using The Wrong Blow Dryer

Owning the right blow dryer is also key when it comes to blow drying your hair correctly. You should always choose a blow dryer which has a ton of heat settings and air flow options, rather than a blow dryer which only has one hot and cold air setting. Having different heating options will make it easier for you to blow dry your hair on a heat level which is compatible with your hair. You don’t want to use too much heat on your hair when blow drying it.

Drying Your Hair Till Its Completely Dry

This is also another mistake a lot of people make when blow drying their hair. You should stop blow drying your hair once it is 90% dry. You shouldn’t always wait until your entire hair shaft is dry, because it can cause damage to your hair and it will look frizzy and no longer shiny. If you stop blow drying at the 90% dryness mark, you will feel your hair becoming more soft and shiny, which is the ultimate goal you are going for. So, the next time you are blow drying your hair, stop it when it’s almost dry but it is still cold to the touch.

Not Working In Sections

The trick with successfully blow drying your hair is to work in small sections. You can’t expect your hair to look like it came right out of a salon if you don’t work in small sections. Working in small sections gives each strand of hair equal amounts of heat and attention. By this way, you will get the look and feel of soft and shiny hair. You shouldn’t dry all of your hair at once, because it will make your hair look matted and frizzy, which is not what you are going for.

Using Too Much Heat On Your Hair

One of the reasons why you need to do your due research when looking for the best hair blow dryer is because you avoid damage to your hair with a ton of heat. You should always use the lowest setting of heat on your hair and don’t forget to apply a heat protecting serum on your hair before you proceed with blow drying. You will save a lot of damage that could be done to your hair, if you use the lowest heat setting. For special occasions and styling, you can increase the setting.


There you have it! When you know the basics on how to get your hair blow dried, your hair will look like you just walked out of a salon, without spending a lot of money, of course. However, if you want permanently straight hair, look for a keratin treatment salon Potomac.

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