Is Paint Protection Film A Good Idea?

Paint Protection Film or PPF is designed to protect the paint from scratches, swirls, and other defects. With vehicles becoming expensive each passing day, it is only right that you consider installing a PPF. However, considering the costs, you might be thinking about whether it is a good idea. Let’s discuss why investing in a paint protection film is a smart decision.

Offers Great Protection

As a vehicle owner, it is not only important that your car looks as good as new but also that it is protected against scratches and swirls. While searching for the best products in the market, you will come across different types of coatings such as ceramic but a Paint Protection Film offers the ultimate protection.

The ceramic coating on your vehicle will lock in the shine and protect the paint from external factors. However, it will not be able to prevent the paint from getting minor scratches and swirls due to improper washing techniques. This is where a paint protection film comes in.

A paint protection film as the term suggests is solely designed to protect the paint of your vehicle. It is a layer of film that is installed on the body, covering the paint. As a result, your vehicle stands protected from rock chips and contaminants.

Long Lasting Protection

Any vehicle that is exposed to direct sunlight will have its paint damaged. With time, the paint will fade and you will need to send your vehicle to a detailer to get a paint correction. However, if you have installed a PPF, you wouldn’t have to worry about that.

The reason is PPF blocks most of the UV rays and sunlight. This means you do not lose the color and shine of your vehicle. That said, if you intend to upgrade your vehicle in the future, you will be assured that your vehicle looks as good as new.

Nearly Invisible

One of the biggest advantages of a PPF is that it is transparent. It is not noticeable unless you decide to take a very close look. The film is thin but is designed to be strong enough to protect the vehicle’s paint. Typically, paint protection films last somewhere around 5-10 years if maintained properly.

This means that your vehicle will look exactly like a new vehicle for years to come. On top of that, some manufacturers offer a warranty as well. So, if you are looking for the ultimate protection option for your vehicle, there is no better option than a PPF.

Self-Healing Properties

Paint protection films are expensive and for the right reasons. One reason is that these films carry self-healing properties. What this means is the films are able to heal the scratches, scuffs, or tears when exposed to the sun.

Initially, the cost of getting a PPF installed is high but considering the self-healing properties, you wouldn’t have to worry about removing and replacing the affected areas or parts.

PPF Requires A lot of Maintenance

Now that we have discussed the advantages of installing a PPF, it is now time to shift our attention a bit toward the drawbacks. To begin with, PPF requires a lot of maintenance. The majority of vehicle owners believe that installing a PPF reduces the number of times the car needs to be washed.

However, that is not the case. Having a PPF means that you will need to invest in branded products to maintain the life and strength of the film. So, even if you were to wash the vehicle, you would need good-quality shampoo.

Keep in mind that protecting a vehicle always comes with a cost. May it be ceramic coating or wraps, you will have to invest in high-quality tools and products to protect the coating or wrap.

Similarly, a PPF will last several years but you will have to look after it to keep your vehicle looking brand new.


As mentioned earlier, PPF films are not affordable. You might be able to find cheap PPF films but they will soon turn yellow. A PPF will only be worth it if you purchase it directly from the dealer and get it installed by a professional the same way you should get window tints installed by an auto tint shop Springfield.

Considering that PPF will last several years, you need to understand that the lifespan of a PPF film is completely dependent on the installation. If the film is not installed properly, do not be surprised if your vehicle needs a replacement film sooner than you expected.

How Long Does It Take To Install A PPF?

The installation of a PPF can take a few hours or days depending on the type of vehicle. Supercars require the most amount of time as they have expensive paint jobs. However, for regular cars, it should not take more than two days.

Then again, it also depends on the weather conditions. Paint protection films need some time to cure. The curing process ensures the film sticks to the body properly. If the film is not given enough time to cure, the lifespan will be greatly affected.

Furthermore, installing a PPF in cold weather is going to take comparatively more time to cure than in the summer season. In the meantime, you will have to ensure that your vehicle remains under cover and away from moisture and other factors.

How Is A Paint Protection Film Installed?

A paint protection film might seem easy to install but there are several steps to achieve the ultimate goal. First, the vehicle is thoroughly washed to remove dust, dirt, and sticky residue. Next, the vehicle is decontaminated using a clay bar and then compounded and polished to bring out the shine of exterior of your car.

During the process, the vehicle needs to be parked in an area where there is no dust, sunlight, or moisture. Professionals use high-quality tools to ensure the surface is completely free of contaminants. Moving on, the film is cut into pieces and installed depending on the design of the vehicle.

Then, using a squeegee, the professional removes the excess solution that is sprayed on the film and used as a lubricant. Finally, the vehicle is moved into the curing bay where UV rays help the film bond properly.

Can I Maintain A PPF Myself?

Yes, as long as you have the right tools and equipment and possess the basic knowledge and skills. You might struggle the first time but after that, maintaining your vehicle is going to be a breeze. Moreover, if your vehicle is expensive and you can afford professional services, you should not hesitate.

If you intend to maintain the vehicle on your own, you might end up scratching it. So, if your budget allows, opting for an expert is going to be a wise decision.


In the end, investing in a PPF film especially if you have recently purchased a new vehicle is going to be worth it. As far as the maintenance is concerned, you will get used to it. Spending a few extra minutes on a film that will protect your vehicle for years to come shouldn’t bother you that much. However, make sure to get the film sourced and installed from a certified paint protection film installer Springfield.

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