How To Take Care Of Sew-In Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are of many types, depending on the way that you can apply them to the hair. One of the most long-lasting ones you can get from salons that do hair extensions is sew-in hair extensions. If you want to know how to maintain these extensions, then these tips will help you out a lot.

Brush The Hair Gently

With any type of extensions that are secured near your scalp and roots, you want to take care of brushing them out with a hard bristled brush. You don’t want to brush too close to the scalp, otherwise you might tug on your extensions and it can cause ripping near your roots as well. If you don’t want to risk that happening, then you can invest in a loop brush.

A loop brush has loops for bristles and it glides through your hair. The best part about a loop brush is that it doesn’t get caught in the “stitches” of the extensions and you will get tangle-free hair, without damaging your extensions. A loop brush is seriously the best thing to use if you want to brush your hair out and keep the extensions intact.

De-Tangle The Hair Before A Shower

It’s very important that you are managing your extensions before a shower. The last thing you want is to deal with a bird’s nest, once you come out of the shower. You want to detangle your hair before you hop in the shower because it’s going to prevent knots and kinks from forming in your hair when you’re washing it.

Try to brush it out with a loop brush or either your fingers and de-tangle any knots by hand, without tugging on the extensions too much. If you want, you can also have a comb handy in the shower and use it as soon as you wash your hair to get it smooth and tangle-free.

Replace Them After Some Time

This might seem like an unusual tip, but it’s true. You can’t expect extensions to last forever, but what you can do, to make your hair look put-together, is to have the extensions replaced after every couple of months, to keep things looking fresh.

Sew-in extensions will last you anywhere between 2 to 4 months, so this is a good time to get rid of the old ones and have new wefts sewn into your hair. Your hair will be transformed instantly and you will love the look of your new tresses.

Avoid Grease Build-Up On Scalp

This tip goes for all kinds of extensions, but with sew-in extensions, it’s more important, because there are thread strands securing the extensions on your head and you don’t want them to get greasy and loose.

This can happen especially if you use a lot of products on your scalp and emollient things like conditioner. With extensions, you need to be careful around the scalp area, because you don’t want to get it oily or greasy, otherwise, it’s going to cause the extensions to slip out of the hair and the whole style will be ruined, for nothing.

Don’t Leave The Extensions Wet

Another thing that you want to take care of when trying to maintain sew-in hair extensions is to not leave them wet. As soon as you wash your hair, you want to immediately dry your hair, because this can cause the threads to get loose and they can break which can ultimately cause the extensions to unravel and fall.

It’s better to use a blow dryer in a cool setting and focus it on the scalp to make sure that your extensions are dry to the touch. Dry hair extensions will last a lot longer and they won’t get damaged as quickly.

Dry With Care

Speaking of drying, you also want to make sure that you’re being gentle with the extensions. You don’t want to use too much force or tug on the hair with a towel to get your hair to dry quickly. Hair extensions can be quite delicate and if you’re being rough with them, then it can lead to breakage of hair and ripping.

Instead, use a patting motion with your towel to get rid of the moisture on the hair and scalp, and then toss your hair back and forth to dry them quickly, using your fingers and jerking motions.

Change Up Your Hair Washing Routine

With sew-in hair extensions, you need to build a new routine of hair washing. If you have extensions in your hair, then it’s best that you wash your hair only once a week. This is going to ensure that your hair remains clean and you won’t damage your extensions by getting them too wet from time to time.

This might be hard to adopt at first especially if you’re someone who frequently washes their hair, but once you get used to it, your hair won’t be as dirty. And you can wash them once a week to get rid of all of the sebum and build-up on the scalp.

This instruction is also for people who get a permanent hair straightening treatment done. So, your Brazilian blowout salon Potomac hairstylist will also instruct you to wash hair less frequently.

The Scalp Is A Sensitive Area

You want to treat your scalp very gently, because that’s the place where your extensions are resting and you don’t want to use any force near the scalp and roots, which can manipulate the extensions in any way.

If your scalp starts to itch, then instead of using your fingers to scratch the area, use a brush and gently run it over and around the area where it itches the most. If you give in to the urge of scratching vigorously with your fingers, then you can damage the extensions and they might get loose and slip off your hair.

No More Heat Tools

Heat is not your best friend anymore, mainly because there are extensions resting on the scalp and too much use of heat can actually damage the extensions and make them fall off. If you are someone who doesn’t use a lot of heating tools, to begin with, then this should be easy.

But transitioning from using a lot of heat on the hair to none can be quite hard, so it’s something you’re going to have to deal with of you don’t want your extensions to prematurely fall off your hair.

Say No To Tight Hairstyles

Lastly, you want to stay away from hairstyles like tight buns, high ponytails, and styles that involve teasing near the crown of the head. You don’t want to risk pulling on the extensions too much, and they’re not good for your hair in general, either, because these hairstyles tend to pull on the hair strands and make them brittle.

Plus, the tension is sometimes too much for the hair which can lead to breakage and even split ends in most cases. So, stick to lose and flowy hairstyles for your extensions.


Hair extensions will only last long and look natural in your hair if you properly look after them and take care of the wefts after getting them from a hair extensions salon Potomac. These tips will make sure that your hair extensions don’t slip off your scalp so you can rock long and voluminous hair all the time.

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