How culture affects communication?

Inter cultural communication means the manner in which different countries and cultures interact and perceive the world around them. America is a big nation with millions of people belonging to different cultural and ethnic groups.  Study on intercultural communication and its important has progressed very much in this nation. Results of this study help doctors and nursing professionals to effectively relate themselves to the patients of different cultural groups and backgrounds.  Similar other benefits are available from the study of the culture of different nations as well as regions.

Cultural heritage

Have you ever noticed that people belonging to a particular culture always talking aloud and in aggressive tone. They often stand very close to the persons with whom they are speaking. Why is it so? Have you ever wondered? Some group of people is reluctant to talk. Such people often do not like eye contact while talking. Does this have anything to do with the cultural heritage of that particular group of people? You might have also seen some sets of people who find to give simple answers to straight questions put to them. Why is it so?

Common behavioral patterns

Important skill needed for intercultural interaction is the ability to understand the peculiarities of behaviors shown by a cultural group is not part of the common behavioral pattern of the human race in general and which are special to the group itself. Some tips to distinguish them are given below.

When you listen to a person of another cultural group speaking, listen without judging.  Try to understand the meaning of the words you hear many times.  Give suggestions to the speaker and come to a common understanding about the style of communication. These are the basic skills needed when you are listening or speaking with a person of different cultural heritage. Not understanding the intentions of the words uttered by a patient can lead to wring diagnosing and similarly a person waiting for a bus might get into wrong bus if the communication could not be understood properly by the person who listens.

Interpersonal communication

Now the final question is how one can develop interpersonal communication skills. The answer to this question is simple. Develop intercultural skill set and mindset. We need to understand what is meant by cultural differences and need to maintain a positive attitude towards it. If unable to understand or learn about customs, beliefs, taboos etc then how one can become a better intercultural as well as inter personal communicator?

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