Brick Patio Maintenance

The brick patio looks gorgeous now, but after some time it will experience wearing.  The brick patio contractors will only build this part of the home for you, but maintaining it is a different task you need to think about after everything is done. Do not worry because they require very little maintenance, but you still need to know how to do it.

There will be dirt and weeds that will affect the concrete blocks. Maintaining it regularly will keep your outdoor patio looking great while keeping damage from happening, like cracking and individual paver shifting. If you do cleaning, weed control, and having the bricks sealed regularly, you are already doing the main tasks in the maintenance plan.

Maintaining the brick pavers

Get the weeds out

While you are spending a little to buy a spray weed killer on the patio so that weeds will not grow between the bricks, you might be harming the environment and it is not the most effective solution you can get. The best way is to seal the bricks using a water-based sealer and this is a lot better. You can begin by removing debris from the patio using a power washer. If you see stains or rust marks because of the furniture you placed there, you should clean them using a little muriatic acid. Any bricks with cracks should be replaced or repaired before sealing them. Add sand wherever it is needed to keep them leveled.

Sweep pavers using a broom

Use a broom to sweep off the debris and dirt off the paving stones whenever you can but it should be often. It is advisable that you sweep your pavers if it is already starting to look like rain. When leaves or debris become wet, the pavers can get stained that lead to more cleanup in the future.

Add color

If the bricks become faded or worn, think about using a sealant with color tint. Regardless if you want to restore the brick’s color or change it so the color matches your home, there is a specific acrylic stain and sealer with silicone that offers protection against the weather while it adds vibrant colors to the patio.

Use water to rinse off the pavers

Use a water hose and a specific the pavers on your patio. This is going to get rid off any dirt and grime that is still there even after you sweep the bricks. Normally, it is not necessary to pressure the bricks.

There are specialty coatings you can buy

If you your deck or patio tends to become slippery when it is wet, choose a coating that is slip-resistant. Go for a silane/siloxane coating blend that is helpful to waterproof pricks if you need the bricks to be protected against water. It does not matter which coating you decide on, the important thing is to do the necessary preparation before coating the bricks. Make sure that the surface is completely clean and dry, and the bricks are properly leveled. Use sand to fill the brick cracks so the patio will always have an even look. Not like wooden decks that normally have to be resealed every year, the brick coating lasts more than that.

Create a cleaning solution

If the stains on the pavers are stubborn, fill a bucket with water and get dish soap. Joint stabilizing sealer

This can be applied as a sealer on the pavers of the brick area. The sealer will harden the sand that is helpful in preventing water from entering the joints and insects will not be able to dig through it. The sealers normally come with instructions that you can follow on how to apply it.

You can do all of these by yourself or if you need help, there are paver patio contractors who can help in maintaining this beautiful part of the house. Lagrass

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