What are the benefits of inspecting the drain with the help of a camera?

Recurring drain problems in a house or in a commercial establishment can become serious problems to the residents/employees. It may necessitate expenditure of more money and may  need more hours of attention and in the end it may become disastrous also if not handled carefully by expert persons. Video camera is one modern tool used by drain and rooter services.  This drain pipe inspection with a camera helps in viewing the inside of the pipe and in transmitting its images to the outside where technicians are waiting.

The usefulness of drain pipe inspection

The vides inspection is very useful to the house owner as  well as the drain contractor in identifying the real problem for the clogging of the drain and in determining the tools required for clearing the blockage and for carrying out the repair work. Mineral build up created by hard water, accumulation of grease and oil around the kitchen drains, clogging in the taps, damages to the fixtures and plumbing, obstructions caused by tree roots etc have different options as solutions. So finding out the exact cause of the problem through video examination helps to find out correct solution for a particular problem.

Drain cleaning services

Various models of remote operated cameras are available for professional uses as well as private uses in case of do it yourself activities. This camera is useful for investigating problems related to automotive lines, HVAC conduits and all other sorts with inaccessible nooks and crannies inside pipes. Expensive video cameras used for this purpose are provided with handheld monitor for video display and controls that can be regulated by the user. The camera is attached to a flexible wire three to four feet in length. The video cameras used for inspecting plumbing lines are robust, and water proof and have long cables.

Some drains require recurring maintenance like in the case of a drain encroached by tree roots. After removing the tree roots with the help of camera investigation, it needs to be continued regularly, lest the roots will start growing again and become big problems within a short while. In some cases the rooter service may recommend the diversion of the pipelines if the tree root problem is expected to be continued for long time in an aggressive manner.  The mode of action to be taken, the need for purchasing new tools for eradicating the source of the problem etc can be judiciously done by conducting video inspection of the clogged pipe line.

Video camera is inserted into the lines by screwing the cable of the camera in a method similar to the one using drain auger for clearing blockages.  The powerful LED lamp at the end of the cable light up the inside of the pipe and by viewing the video through the hand help monitor the operator guides the camera till it reaches the problem area. With the help of this video inspection conducted by a drain contractor, lost valuable like jewelry etc can be fetched. If any valuable items are lost in the toilet or in the sink, stop using the drains immediately and get the help of a drain video inspection team

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