How To Choose A Runner Rug?

If you’re a rug junkie, then it’s quite normal for you to dress up every square inch of space in your home with beautiful rugs. So, you will need something for the hallway and stairs too. Maybe you won’t want silk rugs there before it’s a high-traffic area, but beautiful and vibrant traditional rugs will do more than enough. Below are some tips on for choosing a runner rug for your hallway.

Take Dimensions First

This can’t be stressed enough, but you need to check your floor and hallway dimensions before you go ahead and spend money on a runner rug. You might be surprised by the amount of times people return perfectly good rugs, just because they haven’t taken time out to measure the dimensions of the rug beforehand. So, don’t be that person and do your duty first.

Figure Out A Color Scheme

Your job isn’t done as soon as you find a rug. A lot more goes into selecting a runner rug. The main thing is the color and pattern of the rug. You need the rug to add liveliness to the hallway or wherever you’re putting it in the first place.

So, have a look at your surroundings and decide which color, pattern, and design of rug would go with your home décor. The color of the rug you choose is going to make a difference in how the whole room is tied together and it’s going to look stunning if you pay attention to the details.

What Type Of Rug You Want?

There is a lot of variety in runner rugs when it comes to what type of rug you want to go for. Here are some great options for runner rugs.

Persian Runners

Persian runner rugs? Well, that sounds like an absolute treat for the eyes. These rugs have rich and potent colors, intricate designs and motifs, and oh-so-wonderful and timeless appeal. You will make heads turn with this rug and it makes for a perfect runner rug.

Just get them in the right dimensions and you’ll be good to go, but be warned, they are going to be expensive.

Vintage Runners

If you are more of a lover of antique rugs Virginia and want something to add to the décor of your plain hallway then you can splurge on a vintage runner rug.

These rugs won’t be brand sparkling new, but they have that beautiful look and classic edge to them, that is just to die for and you can’t go wrong with this selection. Your hallways will be transformed with these rugs and you’ll never want to go back to using plain rugs ever again.

Synthetic Runners

If you want easy maintenance and don’t want the dry-cleaning bill to be insane, then you might want to go for synthetic runner rugs. These rugs are just as beautiful, but they’re a breeze to clean and move around because they’re not half as heavy as other rugs.

You can select from an array of materials, like nylon, plastic rugs, and even synthetic fabric rugs that are lightweight, available in a mile-long variety, and every shade known to man. Synthetic rugs are also quite reasonable in price and they’re mostly the choice of people who want to play with different designs and change things up every so often.

Let’s Talk Materials

Materials are just as important as dimensions for runner rugs. The type of material you choose will determine how durable the rug is and how it will sustain against factors like pets, food spills, foot traffic, and all that jazz. Here are some popular runner rug material choices:


This might come to you as a surprise, but yes, jute is a very popular material for runner rugs. These rugs are very rustic in appearance and that has a whole appeal in itself. Jute has a bit less color variety than other materials, but if you love the look and feel of jute, then it’s a perfect choice to go for.


Polypropylene is a plastic, but that doesn’t mean that the rugs are going to look the same. These rugs are quite maintenance-friendly and the look is also decent. They’re very resistant to stains and spills and all it takes is a wet washcloth and everything is clean.

However, this rug material is highly flammable and it can catch fire, so it’s not the most ideal rug to put in the kitchen, otherwise there might be an accident. Other than that, polypropylene rugs are getting insanely popular.


Wool rugs are already quite famous, and they are for a reason. There is just something so ethereal about wool, the way the designs look more prominent on the canvas and the vibrancy of the colors on wool is just a treat for the eyes. These rugs will run a bit expensive as compared to other materials, but that’s the majestic appeal wool possesses.

Wool rugs are a style statement and they’re always a classic option to go for when you’re confused about the choices. Wool rugs will also last long and they have that luxurious and comfortable feel that is loved by everyone.


Silk rugs are the more opulent types of rugs, and runner rugs made out of this material will look like a luxurious runway of silky and rich goodness. The feel of silk is just so addicting and a runner rug made out of silk isn’t only alluring, but mesmerizing. The slight sheen when the light hits just right and the way the rug lays on the ground beautifully is all the appeal you need to fall in love with this material. These rugs might be expensive, but they’re worth it.

The Placement & Thickness

If you’re thinking of using the runner rugs as a hallway or a stairs runner, then there is a huge factor that you need to take into consideration and that’s the pile and thickness of the rug. If your rug is starting just where the door is, then a thicker rug won’t allow the smooth and fluid opening and closing of the door.

The base of the door will rub against the surface of the rug and not only will this action ruin the rug, but it will also prevent the door from closing and opening all the way. So, if you’re choosing a runner rug for the door and entryway, then go for a thinner rug with a low pile.

Where Should You Put The Rug?

Who says runner rugs are only for the hallways? You can use them in any room, as long as you know where to perfectly and symmetrically place the rug. You can place runner rugs in bedrooms under the living room couch, in the kitchen, and even in the bathroom. Runner rugs have no comparison in versatility and they’re a great rug shape to go for, to dress up any room.


Runner rugs are extremely versatile and they can dress up any room, hallway, and stairs. Now that you have the ultimate runner rug guide, you can go ham with different rugs. Check out wholesale oriental rugs VA that may be perfect as classic runner rugs for you.

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