What Are Self-Erecting Cranes? Selection, Benefits, & Safety

Self-erecting cranes are amongst the most popular types due to their small footprint, mobility, and fast erection in limited spaces. Different manufacturers have varying models suited for different heights and project requirements so check out the types of self-erecting cranes different crane rentals have. Plus, because you have plenty of options out there, it could be really difficult to pick the best option. So, here’s a guide that will help you get to know these machines better.

How To Select The Perfection Self-Erecting Crane?

The process of picking the right option when it comes to self-erecting cranes involves multiple stages. To begin with, you need to determine the requirements of the project. It is important to be aware of the materials, type, and weight needed to be lifted.

For someone who is not familiar with cranes, it is easy to get carried away with multiple options. However, the difference lies in what you need to do and the type that will get it done. There have been many incidents in the past where contractors picked the wrong type, only to end up paying a lot more in rent than necessary.

Once you have defined the needs and requirements of the project, you should check the crane specifications. As mentioned earlier, each manufacturer produces varying types of cranes suited for different purposes. From the outside, all the cranes look very similar, but they are very different when it comes to their features, specifications, etc.

That said, it is necessary to match the project requirements with the crane specifications. This helps you narrow down the options. For instance, if the weight needed to be lifted and shifted is less than 10 tons, you should only look for cranes that can handle such weight.

Opting for cranes that can handle heavier weights will simply be a waste of money. Furthermore, keep in mind that rental companies offer different quotes depending on your choice and the season. If you intend to hire a crane during the peak season, the quotes will be relatively higher.

A good way to get the best quote is by researching and contacting multiple companies. This will help you negotiate the good price.

Finally, it comes down to the maintenance of the crane. If you are hiring the crane for several weeks or months, part of the responsibility to keep it maintained will lie on you as well. That said, you need to make sure the crane is properly maintained and does not have any leaks, cracks, or damages.

What Are The Advantages Of Self-Erecting Cranes?

Now that we have shared some information to help you make the right decision when you have to choose the right self-erecting crane from crane services VA, let us now shift our attention to discussing the advantages of self-erecting cranes.


Self-erecting cranes are mostly compared with tower cranes. A huge difference between the two is that tower cranes can work at limited sites. Whereas, self-erecting cranes tend to be smaller in size and can maneuver a lot freely without requiring too much space. So, they are preferred for sites where space is a luxury.

However, self-erecting cranes are not able to reach the heights of tower cranes but their size and mobility make them versatile for different types of projects such as airports, roadways, bridges, etc.


Construction sites are extremely busy places with little to no extra space available. Part of the reason you must pick the right type of crane for your construction project is mobility. A crane needs to be able to move around freely without coming in contact with obstructions and hurdles.

At the same time, the operator needs a full 360-degree view of the working space to keep everything and everyone on the ground safe. Tower cranes, in that respect, are restricted and need a lot more space than self-erecting cranes to serve its purpose. Meanwhile, self-erecting cranes can easily move around as well without having to worry about risking anything during the process.

Superior Strength

It is a common misconception that self-erecting or mobile cranes are not able to handle as much load as tower cranes. While that might be true in some cases, the world’s strongest crane happens to be a mobile crane as well. Although, self-erecting cranes are a lot smaller than tower cranes that does not mean they are not capable of lifting extremely heavy weights.

Small self-erecting cranes can handle significant amounts of loads as well. However, the lifting capacity mostly depends on its size.

Are Self-Erecting Cranes Safe To Handle?

Self-erecting cranes are one of the most advanced cranes in the market for construction and other projects. Because safety is the biggest priority in construction projects, modern self-erecting cranes are loaded with safety features like anti-collision, automatic leveling systems, etc.

Another noteworthy safety feature of self-erecting cranes is the ability to be controlled using a remote control system. This allows the operators and the team on the ground to keep a safe distance from the crane and the load.

Furthermore, self-erecting cranes are also safe to handle because they are specifically designed to provide precise and accurate operations. This makes them a lot safer than other cranes that are not able to offer precise movements.

Such features allow the operator to not only complete the tasks within time but also make calculated movements, minimizing the associated risks.

How To Maintain Self-Erecting Cranes?

Self-erecting cranes are maintained just like regular cranes. When renting or buying a crane, you need to have an expert on your side who can perform a thorough inspection of the machine. An inspection is more important in the case of renting because they are not new.

You have to keep in mind that cranes are completely booked throughout the peak season. So, if you have managed to secure a spot, you should know the crane has already done some weight lifting and will now do the same at your construction site as well.

It might be that the crane was experiencing some issues or struggling to reach heights. Unfortunately, some contractors to avoid paying for the damages neither repair nor report the issues. This could be a big issue for the next construction project.

Therefore, any cracks, leaks, or damages should be checked and reported. Do not use the crane even if there is a minor problem. Make sure the issue is fixed before it can be transported and operated.

Moreover, you should also go through the maintenance schedule to ensure the crane has been receiving its due attention and maintenance. Depending on the state, the company might have to comply with the maintenance laws as part of the industry standards. You should check if they are being followed.


Self-erecting cranes are an excellent choice if you want something versatile, easy to maneuver, operate, and lift heavy weights. However, you need to get your needs and preferences in order first before getting in touch with crane for rent DC companies else you will be confused which type is right for your project. So, understand the options and ask an expert to guide you if needed. Once you have picked the option, have it inspected by an expert to make sure it’s safe to operate.

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