How To Plan A Wedding Without A Wedding Planner?

If you’re pulling your hair out in stress as to how you’re going to plan a wedding without a planner, then rest assured because you can most certainly do so. Here are some tips to follow to plan the perfect planner-free wedding. The most important aspects of wedding planning are hiring the right wedding party rentals and choosing the best venue.

Get Your Attire Done

Before you even set the wedding date, you must put all of the time into the dress, because that’s going to take you the longest. So, tour a bunch of boutiques and find your dream wedding dress. While you’re at it, try to get the bridesmaids’ dresses out of the way too, so that you can focus on other things while last-minute changes and alterations are being done.

It goes without saying, but the guys also need to get a move on and have their suits completed way in advance as well. This is going to make things so much easier for you.

Set The Date

Now, it’s time to sit around and decide on a date on which you’re going to say “I do”. The date is going to give you a deadline of sorts and you will have something to give to the venue management as well as the vendors so that they can rush to prepare things for you too.

So, gather your family around and decide on a date that works for both sides. Another thing that’s important to mention here is that be aware of the weather on the date that you decide to hold your wedding because you don’t want things to take a wrong turn.

Make A List

This doesn’t just include the wedding guest list, which you have to make, but it also includes the list of things you need to get done for the wedding, like choosing a venue, setting a budget, getting catering, vendors, decorators, entertainment, etc.

A list is going to keep you organized and instead of thinking of things off the top of your head, you can easily use the list for reference and add more things as you go about the wedding planning. See? It’s not so complicated after all. Wedding planners will charge you a mammoth fee for making lists and staying organized, but you can do that on your own too, and you’re going to be saving so much more money.

Choose A Venue

Now that you have a date, it’s time to hit your favorite venues where you have imagined your dream wedding. Try to go to venues and hotels where management will take care of the food and other things because it’s more simple and everything is done under one roof. But those can also be quite expensive, so you’re going to have to think about your budget as well.

If you want to go for a more traditional wedding venue like a club or a golf course, then you can certainly do so, but you are obviously going to have to think about other things like catering, décor, and entertainment on your own. Even though hiring party chair rentals Rockland NY, tent rentals, and others on your own is also easy, sometimes it’s easier to go for hotels and venues where the management covers everything.

Call Up The Vendors

Now is the time when you will contact the vendors for flowers, set-ups, and furniture. At this time, you can also get started on the invitations and have them ready to go, because you essentially have a date and place where you’re going to get hitched. Make appointments with various vendors and give them orders.

Sometimes, with huge orders, you can get discounts too, so you want to bag those extra perks as often as you can. Try to make sure that the vendors are reliable and that they’re going to get everything done by the time the wedding day rolls around because no-show vendors can be stressful to deal with. This is why doing your research is super important.

Decorate The Venue

This is also a good time to hire decorators for your venue. If you’re managing the décor by yourself, then that’s going to be a bit more tedious, but you will get it done eventually. You just need to be a bit more smart with your time and get everything done.

The key to a successful venue decoration is to give the decorator inspiration of how you want the venue to look. So, browse the internet and find tons of wedding reception décor photos that resonate with your style and go crazy.

Set A Delicious Menu

Food is the most important part of any wedding and you need to be on top of your game in this department too. Setting up a menu is pretty easy. You can either ask for the catering services of the venue management or you can hire independent caterers for the wedding.

Whatever you select, the main priority should be the quality and the price you’re paying for the allocated number of guests. Some catering services will also take care of the cake, but if you want to be classier than that, then you can go to a professional wedding cake maker and have your cake prepared there.

The Seating Arrangements

You can’t forget about the most important part of wedding décor and that’s the seating for the guests. Once you kind of have an idea about the layout of the wedding venue, you can make the arrangements on the spot or you can take a couple of days to do so.

Regardless, you want to get done with everything while you have the freedom of time because as the wedding approaches closer and closer, you will be strapped for time.

The Entertainment

No wedding is complete without a bit of entertainment and groove, so you need to make arrangements for that as well. Having music and a dance floor is important, and you can add some more fun by doing various wedding activities like wedding favors, speeches, toasts, and other wedding traditions.

The entertainment is what makes up most of the wedding so don’t skimp on that. You’re going to be having a fun time, so might as well make the most of it and enjoy your big day filled with fun, laughter, emotional moments, and joy.

The Photography

You can’t forget about the wedding photos. This is quite easy because all you need is a bunch of options of potential wedding photographers and you can schedule a meeting with them, either physically or online, and discuss what you want.

You can also let them know about your budget and see if they can squeeze in the required services. The only thing you need to take care of when choosing a wedding photographer is whether you like their specific style or not. If you resonate with their aesthetic, then that’s the option for you.


Planning a wedding isn’t child’s play, but it’s also not as hard that you need a wedding planner. These tips are going to save your big day as well as a lot of money. So, book a venue and wedding tent rentals Rockland NY along with other caterers and others.

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