How To Match Rug With Sofa

Your living room is a place that needs to look cozy and welcoming and what better way to incorporate the warm and cozy feeling than with rugs and couches? Here is a guide on how to match your contemporary or tribal rugs with your furniture.

Look At The Patterns

First things first, you need to look at your rug and your furniture and see if there are any patterns on them. One way of matching your rug and couch can be through patterns and it looks very subtle yet understatedly beautiful. It is not as in-your-face and it looks very beautiful especially if you are going for a minimal style. The best thing about pattern matching is that you don’t have to worry too much about the colors being perfect or not. The patterns will complete the job for you and you will be left with a beautifully decorated living area.

Go For Neutral Colors

The easiest colors to match are the ones that are soft and muted. They not only look good against most interiors but they are very easy to dress up and down. You can be as muted or loud with the choice of colors. Colors like taupe, gray, soft browns, and beige are perfect choices to go for your living room and you can also go for complementary colors if you want to add a couch with your rug. You don’t have to worry about matching it perfectly because the colors will complement each other beautifully.

It Doesn’t Have To Be A Perfect Match

You don’t need to be too adamant about matching the colors down to the T. It is not only exhausting but you can’t even find the colors you want, most of the time. Try to be lenient in color matching and go for colors that have similar undertones of colors that complement each other. The living room will look less childish and more mature if you go with this guide on color matching. Not to mention, things will be easier on your end too and you won’t have to stress too much about the perfect color matching.

Matching Other Things

Who says you have to match your couch directly with your rug? You can go different ways around this scenario. For example, if you have a couch that has pillows, then you can try to match the pillows with the color of the rug. You can also match the rug with certain colored patterns on the couch or vice versa. It doesn’t have to be super-specific. You can match and mix anything you want with the couch and rug. In fact, this will make your matching more sporadic and random and not super obvious.

Consider The Size

The next important thing to consider is the size of the rug. The size plays a huge role in how your entire room is going to look. You have to decide whether you want a full floor covering rug or an area rug. These things can be decided when you go and scope out the dimensions of your room and the availability of space. The last thing you want is to crowd your room with too many things and it doesn’t even look good in the end.

The Shape Matters Too

Most people forget this step, but the shape of the rug is also very important to determine when you are decorating and trying to match your rug with a couch or different furniture. Try to see what shapes would complement your room and the area perfectly. If your room is sharper-looking and has distinct divisions throughout, then you want to soften things up with a round rug. Similarly, if your room is already stocked full in the rounded department, then you might want to add some edginess by incorporating a square or rectangular rugs.


There you have it! These tips are great especially if this is your first time trying to decorate or put together your own living room. You will find the matching and pairing of rugs and couches very easy. If you haven’t bought a rug yet, remember these tips before looking for wholesale oriental rugs Northern VA.

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