How Do You Care For A Glass Cooktop

Glass cooktops are an amazing thing to use in the kitchen. They look stylish and sleek and they have a lot of utility around the kitchen. Here is everything you need to know about caring for and maintaining a glass cooktop if you want to avoid frequent cooktop repairs.

Clean Up Spills Right Away

One of the main things you need to take care of about glass cooktops or stoves is the fact that you need to clean them right away if there is any spill on them. You don’t want the spill to stay on the surface of the glass stove top for too long, otherwise, it will mess with the performance of the stove it will stain the glass and you won’t be able to operate it the right way. If the spill reaches the burners, you’ll have to clean them as well.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners

Harsh cleaners are a big no when it comes to cleaning glass cooktops or stove tops. You want to stay away from acids and chemicals which are abrasive and highly reactive. You will ruin the insulated surface of the glass and it will be done for. You want to use cleaners that are inert. Another thing you don’t want to use on glass stovetops is abrasive cleaning tools like sandpaper, wire brushes, and anything which might leave a bad scratch on the surface of the glass. You want to use something soft like a microfiber cloth.

Don’t Put Weight On It

This tip might be obvious, but you don’t want to put too much weight on top of the glass stove top. Glass is a delicate material and you don’t want it to shatter by a lot of weight or a sudden impact. Things like cast iron pots and heavy bottom saucepans are not the best things to use on top of a glass cooktop. These things are extremely heavy and they might ruin the glass cooktop after some time. The performance of the stove and the heating is compromised and you are left with a stove that is virtually useless.

Don’t Put Hot Things On It

What is really meant by this tip is to not put hot pots, pans, and skillets on a cold glass stove top. The temperature difference will be too much for the glass to bear and it can shatter immediately. This is not what you want. It is very common for people to put hot things on an unburnt stove top and while that can work for other types of stove tops, you don’t want to do the same with a glass one. This will end up doing more bad than good and you will be left with a cracked glass stove top, which cannot be used for anything.

Use Foam Or Cream-Based Cleaners

The right type of cleaner to use on top of a glass stove that will clean the surface effectively and not leave a bad scratch is a cream or foam-based cleaner. You want to use something which is very soft and effective in cleaning. Cream and foam-based cleaners are best for cleaning away grease and any other pesky spills. You will be surprised at how easily and efficiently these cleaners clean the stove and there is also no need to use water after you are done using the cleaner on the glass stove top.

Let It Cool Completely

Once you are done cooking on the glass stove, let it cool completely before cleaning it at the end of the day to ensure safety. You don’t want to clean a hot stove top, because firstly it is a burning hazard for your hand, and secondly, it is not a good idea to put flammable cleaners on top of a hot stove top. It can easily catch fire and it can be hard to control this situation. Try to let it cool to room temperature first.


There you have it! If you clean and maintain a glass cooktop with care, then you will be surprised at how long it lasts. You will certainly get your money’s worth in the end. For your cooktop maintenance follow the user’s manual and consult appliance repair Alexandria experts for repairs and replacements.

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