How To Plan An Engagement Party On A Budget

Congratulations!!! You have found the perfect special one with whom you have decided to spend the rest of your life. You must be over the moon and are ecstatic to announce it to your family and friends. Now it’s time for an engagement party and you need to contact the right event party rentals.

Why Have An Engagement Party?

An engagement party is held to announce to people that you have found your lifetime partner and is a pre-wedding event. It can be an intimate affair with family and friends or a large gathering or a simple dinner but all the guests that you invite should also be invited to your wedding. We know you are happy but also have to stay on budget and save for the wedding as well and honestly, you do not want to burden your family. You don’t want a hefty debt in your pocket, so here are the ways in which you can splurge on your engagement party along with staying within your budget.

The Age Of Digitization

This is the technological age so why spend a hefty amount on formal invitation cards. Instead, you can either get an e-card designed or better yet design and customize yourself and send digital invites to all the guests.

Backyard Or Garden Event

If you have a good spacious backyard or have a good amount of garden or backyard, then you can ask them to lend you for a day and you can hold your engagement over there. Or you can call in your immediate family and friends and hold a barbecue-themed party. You can even have a picnic affair if the rent of the picnic does not exceed your budget. The important thing is that you invite people who genuinely care for you and are happy for you.

Bring Your Own Drinks

Another way to save yourself some money is to ask your guests to bring no gifts at all. If you are saving, why not help your guests save some as well, after all, they will be bringing gifts to your wedding. Instead, you could ask them to bring something special or some refreshments. No serving any refreshments can also save you some money.

Go Simple

You can go for a homemade meal rather than going for an expensive caterer. You can splurge all you want in your wedding, but right now staying on a budget should be your priority. A homemade meal of fried wings, salad, roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and bread pudding will do wonders for an engagement celebration. The bright side will be that you get to enjoy and spend a lovely time with a cozy meal with your intimate dear ones.

The Time Of The Event

Invite your guests on a time which is not exactly lunch or dinner but in the evening or after dinner. This way your guests will know that it will not be a proper meal but snacks and nibbles. You can set up 2 to 3 snacks such as tacos and hor devours or coffee, mini burgers and donuts, or an exotic snack platter that includes fruits, nuts, crackers, veggies, cheese, cold cuts, hummus, and other dips. You can also specifically state this in your invitations.


This is something in which you can save on a lot. Professional decor does look out of this world but why waste money for just 2 hours. Instead, you can purchase or even rent string lights, balloons, hangings, and a nice glitter background. You can ask your friends to help you set up everything using DIY hacks. When you are done, you will be proud of the outcome. It is the celebration that matters and when you realize you did the whole engagement party decoration yourself, you will feel happy and content. Also be your own photographer, use filters, laugh, have fun and make memories.


Your engagement is a special event and exotic decor, huge venue, a big guest list, and the expensive menu is not important, what is important is you are celebrating with your partner and saving for them and that your family and friends are happy. Hire the party tent rentals Rockland NY and people you trust and enjoy the party.

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