How To Select An Overhead Crane

Many of you may be facing problems while selecting an overhead crane from crane rental services. This guide contains all the details and information you will need to select the best overhead crane for your needs.

Important Factors to Consider When Selecting an Overhead Crane

Following important factors should be taken into when you have to select an overhead crane.

Rated Load

This is one of the first and the most important factors to consider in this regard. It refers to the estimate of loads lifted at or near capacity. Many people looking to rent cranes for construction often ignore the rated load factor but you should avoid making this mistake.


While choosing an overhead crane, you also have to find out the number of hours the crane will be in operation. Some cranes are suitable for longer hours while others are not recommended. Therefore, this factor should also be decided before selection.

Number of Lifts

You must also take into account the number of lifts that will be carried in an hour along with the load. Some cranes have more carrying capacity while others are ideal for fewer number of lifts.


Another factor that you should not forget when selecting an overhead crane is the distance. It means the height to which each movement will be made. It is important to understand that some cranes are suitable for shorter distances while others are designed for more height. So, you need to decide the distance factor.


Speed is also an essential factor that also helps find the right overhead crane. It refers to the speed at which the load, materials or equipment will be moved and shifted. Some projects require immediate and speedy movement, therefore cranes with improved speed should be chosen.

Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance requirements are often ignored while choosing overhead cranes. It must be understood that you will need to repair and maintain every crane. However, some cranes require regular and quick maintenance while others can function without regular repairs.

Operation Environment

Here is one of the most important factors that you should consider before you choose an overhead crane. Not all cranes can operate in every type of environment. Therefore, you should be very careful in this regard to avoid any eventuality.

Future Needs

Lastly, you also need to consider the use of overhead cranes in the future if there are some changes to be made. You can hire the bigger trains, set them again and arrange everything from the start.

Classification of Overhead Cranes

Standby Service: Class A1

This type of crane is suitable for slow operations and where precise handling is required. Most of the time these cranes are used in power houses, public utilities and turbine houses etc. There can be 1250 hours of bearing life and 2 number of lifts per hour.

Infrequent Use: Class A2

If the weight is relatively low with slow speed and low degree of control accuracy- these cranes are considered ideal. These cranes also offer the same number of hours for bearing life and number of lifts.

Light Service: Class B

This is another type of crane which is ideal when the service requirements are a bit light along with varying loads. They offer 2 to 5 lifts per hour and the average lift distance is 15 feet. These cranes are usually used in repair shops, service buildings, service operations and others.

Moderate Service: Class C

The moderate service cranes are used in machine shops, paper mill machine rooms and similar installations. It is said that these cranes come with 5000 hours of bearing life, 5 to 10 lifts per hour and where average lift distance is not more than 15 feet.

Heavy Service: Class D

Heavy service cranes are used for heavy works such as in machine shops, foundries, steel warehouses and lumber mills. The bearing life of these cranes is 10,000 hours with 10-20 lifts per hour.

Severe Service: Class E

You can use these cranes where load is more as well as more speed is required of 20 lifts an hour. It is easy to find these cranes in cement mills, fertilizer plants and in container handling planets. The bearing life of the severe service cranes is 20,000 hours.


This guide which contains the important factors to select overhead cranes as well as their classification will make it easy for you to find the right overhead crane from crane rentals VA.

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