How To Take Care Of Your Color Treated Hair

It is super-easy to get your hair colored at a salon of your own choice, but looking after your colored hair is indeed a tough nut to crack. Nothing to sweat over, it is not as tiresome as you thought it to be when sitting at a hair salon specializing in color. Here is all you need to do in order to keep your hair in good health!

Try To Be Least Exposed To The Sun

Whenever you get your hair colored, you need to rescue your hair from UV rays as these sharp rays can be extremely damaging for your hair highlights. Try not to roam around in the open if there is sunny weather out there. Sun rays have the propensity to make your hair’s color go pastel. Try to keep yourself away from the sun as often as you can. Prefer to cover your hair with a hat or something when it is absolutely urgent to be out.

Try Your Best To Avoid Heat-Centric Hair Styling Techniques

Your hair has already been processed hence it is better to keep heat-centric styling techniques at an arm’s length. Heat becomes detrimental for your hair once you have them colored, therefore, you better not give it a try in any case. Try to steer clear of any and every hair treatment that makes heat a compulsory element.

Intake Of Vitamins And Iron-Rich Foods Helps

Now this is no hidden secret, it is a well-established fact that if you want to have good hair, you need to have a healthy and wholesome diet. Try to eat as many vitamin-containing fruits and vegetables as you can. Every fruit contains one vitamin or the other, so eat all fruits to your heart’s content and satiate your hair’s need for a colossal vitamin intake.

Iron is another substance that boosts your hair’s natural tendency to shine and shimmer. Again, a lot of vegetables contain iron and fiber and what not, you need to eat all these vegetables in a mammoth amount to keep your hair healthy and blooming. Give your hair plenty of good reasons to get augmented.

Use A Purple Shampoo As Often As It Allows

Purple shampoo is always good for your after-care. This helps your hair keratin exist for a longer time. Try to be as persistent with its use as you can. Keep using this purple shampoo in a decent amount, do not make the dosage hike all of a sudden, just keep the dosage lukewarm.

Try To Take A Bath With Tepid Water Instead Of Scorching Hot Water

You need to know a simple fact that extremely hot water can damage your colored hair to an irreparable extent. After a number of hot baths taken, your locks would begin to lose the hair color your stylist instilled after hours of hard work. Try to be very cautious when it comes to this. Never take bath with sweltering water, never go beyond a lukewarm temperature.

On a side note, you can give cold water a chance, there’s no harm in taking a bath with chilled water if you had your hair colored.

Try To Avoid Hot Water Spas And Pools

Of course, hot water is damaging whether it flows from your bathroom’s tap or from a fancy tap of some salon. Even if you are a fan of hot spas, it’s better if you avoid it for a certain while — only for the well-being of your recently colored hair. Try to be a little vigilant and give a wide berth to hot-water-spas and pools. If you don’t want to compromise on your hair’s newly attained shine and smoothness, be away from hot-water-spas.

For The First 72 Hours, Do Not Soak Your Hair At All

First 72 hours are extremely crucial for those who get their hair colored. You are forbidden to take shower in the first 72 hours, and you are obliged to wear a swim-cap in case you can’t resist the hot weather and crave to take a bath immediately. If you are taking a bath, you need to make sure that not an ounce of water enters the cap or scarf you’re donning to cover your hair.

Lastly, take guidance and instant help from hair color and highlights Rockville salons to maintain your hair color.

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