Step By Step Guide To Hair Highlighting

A lot of people believe in doing things on their own. Jacks of all trades are found everywhere on earth. Doing hair color and highlights without a stylist or colorist is possible if you take these things into your careful consideration.

Collect the Aid, the Tools

Managing the tools is the most important part of your hair highlighting process. It is your choice whether you want to buy a dyeing kit or gather the necessary tools on your own. If you can color your hair without a stylist, you certainly can design the tools too as nothing is as complex as a hair straightener.

Take gloves, and an old yet consumable toothbrush, and the dye. These three things are the essentials you cannot afford to miss out on. Except for the dye, all things can be found at home.

On a side note, you are suggested to keep your skin and clothes away from the dye. Hence, gloves and an apron would do enough.

Divide Your Hair into Four Compartments

Compartmentalize your hair into four different sections. Do not let the hair mix up while coloring. To get the job properly done, you should strictly separate equal quantity of your hair into 4 different parts. Use 4 to 5 hair clips or hair bands to get the segregation done. You hair need to be properly partitioned right before you begin the process.

Get the Color Ready

Read the instructions written on the box thoroughly and act upon them. Pour the color out in the bowl and shake it a bit so that the color spreads all across the bowl. Move the brush in it multiple times to check the density of the dye. It should neither be too dense nor too thin, it should be lukewarm.

Do not prefer bleach if it’s your first time. Also, do not forget to read the instructions on the box about how to prepare the color. That will be the crux of this very important step.

Test It Once Before Dyeing Your Hair

Take one strand of your hair and test the highlights. Do not jump the gun without getting the dye tried and tested. Even if you have bought the dye after a lot of recommendations from your close ones, you should still test it yourself at least once. Do not start the procedure and get surprised in the end.

Start the Application

Start applying the dye leaving the roots of your hair uncolored. Let the roots be untouched and begin coloring hair at a distance from the roots. Leave a couple of inches from the top and then start highlighting.

Highlights are meant to be thin and not broad. Note to yourself, thinnest colored strips sound extremely apt. You can increase the quantity of stripes but you cannot increase the amount of hair you assemble to make one stripe.

It is suggested to use multiple hair clips of small size to capture a number of stripes together before you kick it off.

Give It a Little Time to Get Absorbed

Once you have applied it on your hair, let the color settle. Give your hair some time to absorb it. Your hair needs a couple of minutes to blend well with the color, spare it that time. Do not hurry to wash it off. Be gentle and patient throughout the process.

Whatever time the instructions suggest, just adhere to it. Giving it extra time won’t benefit your highlights in any way. Giving it less time to sit well might affect it negatively.

Wash the Dye and Dry Your Hair Off

After letting the dye settle, rush to the washroom and take a cozy shower. Relax under the shower and wash the color off. Shampoo your hair twice if it is needed because every particle of the dye has to be drained out. Some hair coloring kits offer a special conditioner that has to be applied right after shampooing, if your kit had it, do not forget to make the most of it.

After washing the dye off, use a blow dryer or let your hair naturally dry. No matter what the method of drying is, make sure your hair are not left wet. Check your newly dyed hair using a natural light. Furthermore, visit hair salons specializing in color Rockville for better and proper hair highlights.

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