What Is Ombre Hair Highlights Technique

Sometimes you just avoid experimenting with your hair, just because you don’t know about hair coloring techniques. No one is going to come to you saying they went to a balayage salon potomac. You just look at their hair and wonder, if they’re naturally this way.

If you want to change your hair look into something trendy, affordable, and yet flattering, you should go with ombre hair highlights technique. You might be wondering which planet this language is from. Ombre, Sombre, what is this? And how do you do it?

Well, ombre is a hair highlights technique that you often see people adapting. It gives your hair two different color tones. Also, this hair highlights technique is ever-trending since the late 90s, and the end of this fashion seems nowhere in sight. So, before going to your hairstylist clueless, learn about some hair highlights techniques. And ombre is one of the many. Here’s what ombre hair highlights technique is.

What is Ombre Hair?

Ombre is basically a French word that means “shade”. And it is utterly relatable to hair highlights you get in ombre hair. In this technique, mostly the upper part of the hair is kept dark with lower lighter ends. Also, the blending of two color tones in ombre is so soft that it almost looks natural. But, if you want to go with two darker tones, you can. That’s the best part of ombre, it is versatile and customizable.

Moreover, ombre is not like most of the hair treatments that require touch ups every now and then. And when you miss a single visit, your hair treatment gets ruined. Ombre is lighter on your budget. It can afford a few more weeks between the touch ups. So, if you have a long to-do list, or you want to save your salary. You can do so with ombre. Even ombre hair highlights change color as your hair grows, so you can enjoy transitions without paying much.

How To Do It?

Generally, in this technique, your hairstylist teases your hair locks, color the ends of your hair, and then wraps the sections into the foil. It is the most common method of highlighting your hair. Also, keep in mind the length of ends that get colored is up onto the teased area of hair.

In an alternative way, your hairstylist can apply the dye freehand. This is a better way to get more natural hair highlights. So, in the two-toned ombre hair highlights, the upper part is mostly the natural hair color, and the lower is lightened with the help of hair lightener.

Colors One Can Apply In Ombre Highlights

If you want to change your hair tone, but don’t want to lose your natural hair color, you can go with brunette and blonde. It is a low-commitment yet stylish option. You can also go with some sharp hair tone changes, such as choosing pink, blue, green or purple.

Moreover, the variety of options in ombre is endless. It transitions from darker to a lighter tone, and one can choose any color from black to brown to pink, and even rainbow. And above all, if you just want to try a color only for once, there’s this option in ombre as well. So, go for wash-out shades, if you’re color-shy, these shades fade out with either a single wash or few washes, depending on the type you choose.

Types Of Ombre

A softer, subtler type of ombre is called sombre. Sombre is also called color melting. That’s because in sombre, the transition between two colors is more natural and softer. So, if you want more natural color transition with less drama, then go for the sombre.

Preparations You Need To Do Before Getting Ombre Hair Highlights

Ombre is stylish, flattering, and trendy. But you just need to be careful with the health of your natural hair. Therefore, it is better to be sure that your hair is healthy enough to withstand dye and colors. Otherwise, the results will be dull colored hair, and the color will fade away quickly. So, if your hair needs maintenance before ombre, apply some hair masks and conditioners for their better health. Go to a reliable Moses hair salon for risk-free ombre hair.

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