11 Things To Know Before Having A Swimming Pool

Many people adore the idea of having a swimming pool in their backyard. However, it is advisable for you to contact a pool contractor before installing a pool at your residence. Here are a few things that you should know before building a swimming pool.

  1. Consider Type of Pool

Start with a clear idea why do you want a swimming pool. This has a great effect on its size, depth, shape, and even the type of construction. Consider if you want the pool for relaxation, recreation, for your children or enhance a view. You just need to know why you want it rest will come easy.

  1. Select Proper Site for the Pool

It is easy to build a swimming pool on a level site. However, on steep surface, it is expensive. Conditions such as rocky, sandy, or unstable soil will also make pool building fiddlier. Swimming pool builders may provide you great help in deciding these things including shape and size.

  1. Above or Below the Ground

The first question you should consider before the construction of your pool is whether the pool should be in the ground or above it.

In-ground pools are more expensive and have a more tedious process, but they look authentic. On the other hand, above-ground pools are more budget-friendly and easy to install. Moreover, if your surface of desired pool area is steep, you should go with above ground pool.

Soil digging and deletion is costly but in-ground pools usually are more permanent than most aboveground types. However, if you have a steep site, it may be inexpensive and easier to install an aboveground fiberglass pool. Talk to local pool contractors, especially to those whom people trust.

  1. Cost of Pool

A basic concrete pool is more expensive than of fiberglass. This is because many concrete pools can be tailored to buyer’s desired shape and size.

  1. Maintenance Cost

Do you that the most costly thing in swimming pool maintenance is lining?

About concrete swimming pools maintenance, you need to acid wash them every 3 to 5 years. Moreover, if it’s been more than 15 years of your pool installation, it needs to be resurfaced.

Vinyl-lined pools, on the other hand, needs to be patched-up every 5 to 10 years.

Fiberglass composite pools come with 30 to 40 years guarantee so there is less to worry about their maintenance.

Also, contact some reputable swimming pool builders for the best possible choice.

  1. Think About Material

Fiberglass and concrete are the most common materials.  Developments in composite technology have enlarged this material’s permanence and strength. Concrete offers elasticity in terms of shape, size and depth. There are also many options for finishing a concrete pool’s interior including colored quartz, marble plaster, tiles, pebbles or swimming pool paint. The cost of fiberglass is so economical, that they dominate the market.

  1. Wind Exposure

Consider the wind exposure because it will cool the water and improve evaporation.

You need to plan pool shelter. Also, plan about entering and exiting areas for your pool. Moreover, you need to figure about entertainment around pool.

  1. View of the Pool from Inside the House

Consult an expert swimming pool builder and make sure that you will have a view of your pool from inside the house. Adding water features or lighting will make it more attractive and striking. If you have kids, then it is necessary for you to look the pool from the house. You should also notice that the location would maximize sun exposure. This will help to keep the water warm. You should also keep in mind that large trees can block the sun and drop leaves into the water.

  1. Constant Expense

You should make it certain that you are able to afford the pool because owning a pool is expensive. You have to pay for fixing anything that breaks, for maintenance and winterization.

  1. Filter for Pool

Before having a swimming pool, you need to invest in a quality filter. A good filter keeps the pool hygienic and clean. You cannot go with a cheap one when it comes to the filter.

  1. Need of Expert

Homeowners can install some of the above of the ground pools. However, some may require a  swimming pool builders long island. A contractor charges a decent amount of money. This is something that you must consider.

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