6 Clear Signs Your Chimney And Fireplace Need Cleaning

The signs for deposit buildup in your chimney may not be obvious enough, but it is crucial for every household to get their chimneys cleaned by chimney cleaning service at least once a year. To help you detect the signs for if your chimney is due for cleaning.

You’re Having a Problem Starting a Fire

If there seems to be a problem in your fireplace where the fire won’t keep burning for long, then this would be a clear indication that your chimney is in dire need of cleaning this winter. The reason for this is problem in your chimney shaft which appears to be blocked as it does not allow proper air flow. Proper air flow is extremely important to keep your fire burning long and good. In case of too much air flow, your fire will extinguish easily, while very little would keep it from burning properly.

There Is an Unpleasant Odor

If you detect an unusual odor every time you burn your fireplace, then you must be precautious of the proper functioning of your fireplace. It should be obvious to you what it smells like when you burn your fireplace, and if the smell is not that of the pleasant warm burning of wood and instead suffocating smell of gases then you’d better get your chimney checked immediately. It is clear that your updraft system isn’t functioning properly, which creates a problem in your chimney shaft.

There Is Grease in Your Chimney

Noticing greasy black soot or creosote in your chimney isn’t going to be obvious enough. To check for that you are going to have to reach in to the insides of the walls of your chimney and finding that greasy substance stuck there. Grease is without doubt a total pain to remove. These substances don’t just occur overnight too, they take several months to build up and is far more dangerous than you would expect for it to be.

If what seems to be non-damaging grease turns into creosote, you are getting yourself into danger. The grease is quick to catch fire, so if your fireplace isn’t even burning, the creosote can catch fire and ignite an internal chimney fire. Creosote also contains chemicals that are very toxic if breathed. You can use a broom to reach inside to help you detect for creosote.

There Is Smoke in Your House

Every time you light up your fireplace and begin noticing a smoky smell, and smoke in the room then you are in dire need of getting your chimney checked. There is very likely change that the buildup of smoke is attributed to the black soot in the walls of the chimney or fallen leaves that are blocking the airflow of your chimney.

Functioning of the Damper

Your fireplace damper must be functioning properly for it to provide smooth airflow across the chimney. We are already aware of what the dangers are of improper air flow. A damper is responsible for the air flow and the tiniest indication that lies in the opening of the damper will let you know that your damper needs to be fixed. If your damper is opening with the slightest bit of difficulty call an expert immediately to get it checked. The black damper sits on top of the firebox and is very easy to reach into. If you have detected creosote in the walls of your chimney there is a very likely chance that your damper is covered in it too.

Look For Animals and Birds

This is one of the most common problems for chimney owners that some uninvited settlers decide to create dwelling on top your chimney. If there is a problem in keeping the fire burning for long, you’d better go check the top of the chimney for signs of a nest. If you hear fluttering and bird noises that too may indicate that there is nest buildup that is blocking the air flow. Do not just dismiss the idea of calling in chimney sweep services Columbia MD when you find feathers in your fireplace. What clearer signs could you as for?

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