Avoid becoming a victim to these divorce tactics

In its way, a divorce is not easy at all. However, sometimes when lawyers also get involved and start playing games for advantages over the opposition side, things become very intense. This is also the same for the spouses who have a “win no matter what” attitude and will go to any lengths. In this regard, your best bet would be to have top-rated divorce lawyers on your side. This will help you in dealing with all the manipulative tactics that your spouse is using.

We have listed down several examples of psychological abuse and manipulative behaviour that spouses’ resort to win the case. In case you suspect that any of it might happen in your cases, you may want to keep yourself prepared.

The most common divorce tactics that spouses use

The most important thing that you require, is the ability to see power play and a scheme. Secondly, it is also very important to stay calm and composed, rather than trying to fight out right away. Otherwise, it will only make things escalate. Finally, it is also very important to think ahead of time. Then, you will also need some positive steps to counter the power game from your spouse’s end.

Consider the following examples that a divorce lawyer on the other side and your spouse may use to trick you:

Draining the bank account

A shared bank account is an asset that both people rely on. In case all the money gets funnelled into a new bank account in which the other party has no role, bills end up getting bounced. Furthermore, other similar expenses will also require immediate attention. As a result of this, the victim ends up managing all the bills on their own as if he/she is living as a single parent. At the same time, it may also result in financial dependence on the other person.

Mixing shared credit lines

Hiring and deciding regarding a divorce all need money. As a result of this, many people end up using all the credit until the decree gets finalized.

In case one partner uses the joint credit card to stock up large purchases, this means that the other person will not be left with many options. As a result of this, one of the spouses will have to agree to take the existing debt in court.

Refusing to support the house

This trick is referred to as “starving the other spouse out” and is a very common tactic that a toxic spouse may use. In this case, the primary earner stops providing support to the household after moving out. The prime goal of your spouse here would be to starve you out so that you may accept unfair settlements due to desperation.

Delaying all the support payments

Sometimes, spouses will not send in any support money even in case they have it ready, until the very last moment. This is usually the case in case an income withholding order is not present. As a result of this, the other spouse has no support until 31 days have passed since the payment’s order.

Refusal to speak

To have a divorce without any conflicts, it is very important to discuss terms. However, spouses will sometimes totally refuse to talk to the other side to increase legal fees, create conflicts, and to wear the other spouse out.

Ending note

It is very important to recognize the above-mentioned tactics that toxic spouses use. In case you feel like you may fall prey to such tricks, consider reaching out to a cheap divorce lawyer Fairfax VA as soon as possible. This way, you will be able to keep yourself safe!


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