Are you actually ready to get married?

So, you can see that most of your friends have already paired off. As a result of this, you might be wondering that it is time for you to settle with someone too. However, are you actually ready for a marriage? Or is it just peer pressure. Well, apart from the obvious difficulties of planning a wedding such as finding suitable wedding rental packages, the real struggle begins later on in life. After the golden phase of marriage ends, many couples send up realizing that they were never meant to be with each-other.

Top signs that you are ready for a marriage

Before you take the big step, ask yourself if you are actually ready for a marriage. In order to figure that out, consider the following signs.

You know for sure why you want a marriage

Do you simply just want a really nice photoshoot in a white dress with a handsome man in a tuxedo? Well, if that is all that you want, then you certainly are not ready to get married. Well, not unless you have some solid reasons. For instance, wanting to enter into a life-long pact with someone that you have spent years with already, is a reason that is strong enough.

You are not just planning a wedding

Well, who does not love wedding parties and all those crazy yet fun wedding rituals? It is an absolute treat for our friends, families, and us, ourselves. However, in case you are serious about your marriage, you would have a complete life-plan (at least, a tentative one) regarding your entire life ahead.

Of course, wedding planning would be necessary too. But the prerequisite is to have a proper vision regarding your relationship. Make sure that you are not just getting married because you’re bored and want some drama in life.

You have a deep relationship

You may flirt a lot with your partner, go out a lot, and spend enough time together every weekend. However, if you want to get married, you must have a deep relationship. In other words, you both should be capable enough to tackle issues together, and to support each other in doing so.

You have complete faith in your partner

Regardless of how long you have been with this person, it is important for you to know your partner inside out. Just dating for four years or more is not enough reason to get married. Rather, you should get married only when you are sure that you know the person. This includes their hopes, their past, and their dreams for the future. In case you lack total faith, you will have an unhealthy marriage with unwanted struggles.

When you are sure that you know all of this about your partner, and you love them despite their short-comings, then you can consider getting married.

Do not forget that complete trust is one of the vital requirements for a marriage to work.

You both have long term plans together

Well, in new relationships, people like to fly on their own seats. However, in a marriage, couples need to make long-term plans that serve them both. In order to figure out if it is time to get married, ask yourself if you both have stuck to some long term plans in the past. Because mind it, after you both get married, you will have to make a big number of long term plans.

Ending note

Well, surviving in a marriage is not an easy road. There will be many ups and downs. However, in the end, if you love your partner, it will definitely be a rewarding experience.

So, before you go ahead and start looking for wedding tent rental packages Northern VA, make sure that you and your partner are both ready to get married.


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