How To Get Light Brunette Hair

If you have naturally darker hair, then it might be hard to go light super-fast and you would also wonder which hair color and highlights technique to go with. Here is everything you need to know about lightening your hair to a beautiful light brunette.

Selecting The Right Light Shade

First things first, you need to select the right light brown color for your hair. There are so many factors that play into the selection of the right color for your hair. For instance:

  • Complexion
  • Eye color
  • Face shape, and the list goes on

You need to think of these things before you actually do something to your hair. Here are some amazing light brown hair ideas for you:

If you have a lighter skin tone, then any type of brown color will look good on you. If you want to go for a lighter brunette, then choose something which is a tad bit deeper and has a rich color payoff. It will look amazing on your hair.

If you have a darker skin tone, then you can get lighter browns very easily and these colors will compliment your deep skin tone as well. Go for the lightest shade of brown or brunette that you want.

For lighter-colored eyes, like blue or green, a darker brunette will look amazing because the contrast is beautiful and it looks amazing in pictures. Similarly, for darker-colored eyes, lighter hair looks amazing.

Best Ways To Get Light Brunette Hair

Now that you know how to select the right color for your hair according to your eye and skin color, here are some ways by which you can achieve the dreamy light brunette color on your hair:

Go For An Ombre

If you have darker hair and don’t want to go for a full hair change, then the best option for you is an ombre. An ombre is not as damaging to your hair and it really makes your hair look unique. You will need to use bleach, especially if you’re going from darker to lighter colors in your hair, but an ombre is very forgiving and it uses way less bleach than a full hair color change.

Balayage Lightens Hair

If you want to try something trendy and make your hair look truly amazing, then Balayage is the way to go. Balayage is a great way to change your hair, without going through a lot of damage.

The streaking technique is very soft and it almost has a blurring effect on your hair the best part is that darker hair colors can be transformed into a lighter Balayage with amazing results. Balayage also doesn’t use a lot of bleach and that’s amazing if you don’t want to fry off your hair from the scalp with excessive bleach.

Light Highlights

Last but not least, you can go for light-colored highlights in your hair. Highlights are coming back and they are better than ever. You can totally go for light brunette highlights against your darker hair. This will add beautiful contrast, and it will also make your darker hair look less harsh because the balance of light highlights and darker base color will be perfect.

This is, yet again, another great method of hair dye that doesn’t use a lot of bleach and doesn’t damage your hair at all. It is probably the least damaging technique out of the lot.

Post-Treatment Hair Care Tips

Here are some hair dye care tips, which will make your color last longer and it will look more vibrant as well.

  • Use sulfate-free products, as they don’t make the hair dye look faded and your color will also last long.
  • Use a toner, especially if you have used bleach for lightening your hair. Initially, the hair might appear brassy and extremely off-balance, but with toners, you can get the perfect color after every wash.
  • Try to limit heat use and too much exposure to the sun, since it can darken the hair.

There you have it! These ways are super easy and they will gradually lighten your hair, so you can get the perfect brunette color you desire. Go to a balayage hair salon Rockville to keep the process error-free.

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