What Are The Pros And Cons Of Building A Natural Pool

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the demand for natural pools. However, as with everything, natural pools carry some pros and cons that every homeowner should consider and discuss with their in ground pool builders. Let’s discuss these in detail to help you make the right decision.

Pros Of Building A Natural Pool

No Harmful Chemicals

Natural pools are an alternative to traditional pools that use shock chemicals. With natural pools, you do not have to use as many chemicals to clean the pool as you would do in the case of a traditional pool. The reason is that natural pools are filtered through organic matter. For instance, some natural pools have a “regeneration area” that has greenery and aquatic plants.

An overflowing gutter allows the water to flow into the regeneration zone, where the plants and microorganisms clean the water. Furthermore, some natural pools also have pumps that circulate water and help grow reeds.

Low Maintenance

The biggest advantage of having a natural pool is that they are low maintenance because you don’t need many chemicals to keep it clean. As a result, the overall pool maintenance cost is lower as well. However, you will need to clean the pool, but that is not regular.

In addition to that, you do not have to winterize your natural pool. The pool will freeze depending on the temperature and might even enable you to skate. And as the warm season steps in, the pool will automatically melt on its own.

More Customization

Natural pools when compared to traditional pools are more unique, versatile, and customizable. For instance, you can build a natural pool in the shape of a pond. At the same time, you can surround it with plants and hardscapes.

On top of that, natural pools are mostly made using natural stones that have unique colors. This will help make the pool blend in with the overall theme of the house. These colors or shades are able to withstand years of wear and tear and will hardly fade.

This means that you can play around with a variety of colors and stone types to come up with something you have always dreamed of.

Cons Of Building A Natural Pool

Building Expense

Natural pools are relatively more costly to build than traditional pools. Traditional pool building is far easier but building a natural pool would be similar to overhauling or landscaping your yard. Moreover, the process of landscaping is not the same as constructing a pond. The pool water will have to filter naturally. This means that you will have to consider a secondary pool for filtration as well.

Doesn’t Look As Inviting

You might think that your natural pool will have stunning clear and blue water, which is not the case. The water will most probably have a dark brown color with the presence of algae. This might put some swimmers that are used to traditional pools.

More Space Needed

A natural pool will not fit in a small area and even if it does, it simply won’t appeal to the eyes. Natural pools require much larger space since a natural pool is essentially two pools. You will need to think of hardscapes, plants, and other features to give your natural pool a natural vibe. However, these things will add to the expense and take more space than you had initially expected.

Should I Hire A Contractor?

Building a natural pool is already a complicated process and you wouldn’t want to add to your worries by choosing to do it yourself. Even though there is not a high chance that you would be able to do it on your own, you should consult and hire an expert for the matter.

Depending on the state or the region, you might have to abide by some state rules & regulations, which the contractor will take care of. At the same time, only a contractor will tell you if it’s possible to even build a natural pool or its design considering the space, budget, and other important factors.

Final Word

In the end, natural pools are surely a thing of beauty. While the cost of maintenance and customization is one thing, the lack of visual appeal and the overall cost is another. So, keep such factors in mind and discuss them with a pool contractor Long Island so that you end up making your money worth it.

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