How To Get Your Patio Ready For Summer?

A professional and the best patio contractor would always take cleaning as the first and foremost step to get your patio ready for summer season. It is not a normal cleaning process we do on daily basis instead it includes pressure wash cleaning which assures the removal of dirt and debris almost 100%. If your surface is not much harder, then you can go for push broom and simple mopping afterwards to make sure the patio area is all clean now.

Preparing backyard patio for summers

Well, LED lights always look beautiful either used for room décor, any celebration décor or a normal and regular use patio décor. You can also add some fancy lanterns on corner tables of your furniture and LED lights in your plants and patio door. Or you can also add some beautiful and fancy lights as well which can add a warm ambiance in summer evening.

If you have a garden in your patio, then you need to trim your plants that looks beautiful look to your patio décor. Even if you have just a few plants then make sure they are fresh and alive to create a natural yet relaxing ambiance in your patio. Usually masonry contractors always trim and weed the plants before making the patio ready for summers. This will keep your plants fresh throughout the summer season maintaining your patio very well.

Patio decoration ideas

Once the patio area is all clean, it’s time to clean your furniture giving it a fresh look. If you have chairs, then it is a good idea to polish them or rub it with an oiled foam sponge which will give a new look to your chairs and table. And if you have fabricated sofas then you can change the fabric of sofa or just clean it with a brush, whatever suits you best. A creative patio contractor can also suggest you to keep a hammock if you don’t have space constraints as it adds a very relaxing feel to your patio. You can keep it at one side of the table while other three sides may have chairs or sofas.

It will definitely create a significant amount of beauty and professional designing touch to your patio décor. Mirrored ribbons and bird cages adds an extreme natural touch and look really pretty. You can also hang some different colored wind chimes to make it look more beautiful. You can hang all these accessories in the shade of your patio which might be kept on door side or in the middle area. Of if you don’t have any shade area then some little wind chimes and bird cages can also be hooked on round umbrellas used as a shade of sitting area.

You can take guidance from a professional patio contractor to help you in selecting suitable textiles for your patio furniture. You can use funky cushions and table covers with some bright colors and themes will look really great in summer. You can also go for funky bedsheets for your hammock as it will go great with the overall funky theme of your patio.

After doing all cleaning, you can add a simple coat of paint on your door of patio or the back wall with some light and soft colors. You can go for bright colored paint as well if your furniture color is in light shades. A masonry contractor would always make a combination of light and dark colors with furniture and walls or door.

You can take help form masonry contractor to guide you in selecting a unique and antique piece of huge rounded mirror which goes well with rest of patio décor. You can hook it on wall side of the patio as it will add a casual like home type feeling in your patio. Make sure it matches your furniture kept in the patio so as to both can complement each other. Same goes for the color choices as well as it will show off the total theme of your décor in a glance. Lagrass

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