Pros And Cons Of Adding A Basement To Your House

A basement is a structure that is built below the natural ground level. Many consider a basement when planning an addition by a home addition builder. However, there are many pros and cons to having a basement in your house. Some of these are discussed below.

Pros Of Adding A Basement

Storage Space

The topmost benefit that you get out of building a basement in your house is that you get a lot of extra space.  This adds more space to your existing structure. You can have additional room space allocated in the basement area. The additional space can accommodate your guests and can be a good place for storing additional, lesser value, household items.

You can store extra appliances and other less frequently used household equipment in your basement. Basements can also be utilized for parking your vehicles. You can build a ramp leading to your basement; this will help you park your car in the basement vicinity.

A Good Place For Parties

A basement is such a relief in the house that you can occasionally use it for your gatherings and parties. Sometimes, you just want to invite your relatives and friends for meet-ups and hanging out. You decorate your basement for a decent lunch or dinner. You can invite your colleagues for some important meetings or discuss your future projects. Arranging parties in your basement can help you increase your social circle. Therefore, it is a perfect idea to have a basement dedicated to such a purpose.

Basement Can Be Your Library

Your basement can easily be turned into a decent library for your mental peace if you prefer indoor space to outdoor space. You can simply arrange and sort out a living space in your basement, turn it into a library and enjoy your moments. Libraries can be a great source of mental nourishment. You can buy lovely books of your taste and place them in the basement library. It is a calm and peaceful place for reading books.

Basement Can Be A Music Place As Well

You can turn your library into a music place; this will add more convenience to your living style. You can bring in an excellent sound system for your basement; add some exotic lighting systems and apply decent wallpapers for a dedicated musical environment. This music library can be a great source of peace and serenity in your house. Whenever you feel down or stressed, just settle on a comfortable sofa, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy soft instrumental music in your basement vicinity.

Cons Of Basement Addition

There are many cons to having a basement in your house. Some of these are explained below.

Basements Are Expensive To Build

It is a well-established fact that building a basement in your house is quite an expensive thing to do. You have to put in extra effort and extra money for basement building.

Firstly, you have to excavate the ground to a considerable depth, then, you have to pour in extra materials in terms of concrete or steel. Basement building requires special construction designs and additional constructional expertise. Therefore, it is an expensive thing to do.

Drainage Problems

The foremost con of building a basement in your house is the issue of drainage. You have to install a separate drainage system or your basement. This separate system requires constructing a sump, a suction pump, separate drainage pipes, and other expensive equipment.

There can be certain instances when the rainwater might infiltrate your basement and pose problems for you. The stagnant water in the basement can lead to a severe foul odor. Therefore, you have to be cautious about the possible drainage problem in your basement.

Ventilation Issues

Ventilation is very important for the basement structures in the house. If there is no proper ventilation in your basement, it can create certain problems for you. Therefore, building a basement in your house can confront you with the issue of ventilation and air circulation.

Basements are usually confined and closed spaces, therefore, you can have a serious problem with ventilation. Consequently, you will have to install a dedicated ventilation system for your basement. Heating and air conditioning must be installed as well.

Final Word

Remember these pros and cons before interviewing home addition companies DC. You should also get advice from them to reach a conclusion that’s in your best interest.

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