Top Mistakes You’re Making With Your AC/HVAC Unit

Every house contains at least one AC unit produced by big HVAC companies. The life of an HVAC or AC unit depends upon how you treat it. The HVAC companies also matter in this regard.

HVAC maintenace tips

A reliable company will produce more long-lasting AC units. But mostly it is how you treat your units that matters more. People make many mistakes regarding their HVAC units. These minor mistakes can decrease the life of your AC units. Here are some of the mistakes that are made unintentionally.

Replacing the Air Filter

You should regularly clean the filters or replace them with new ones. It should be done after every three months. The air passing through a dusty filter will not be very hygienic. The trick is to manually clean the filters. It is not a difficult task.

AC Size Matters!

The size of an AC unit should be according to the room in which it is to be installed. This is a common mistake in case of AC units but not in HVAC units. Installing a small unit in a large room will not work effectively. Similarly installing a bigger unit in a smaller room is also not okay. Too large units will eventually cool the room very quickly. Then it will turn off automatically. Constant turning on and off is not good for the AC. Therefore, the size of the rooms matters while installing ACs.

Installing Air Conditioner

The positioning of outdoor units is critical. It is important in terms of the energy used. If you have placed your outdoor unit in direct sunlight, it will obviously have to work twice as hard. This will require more energy consumption. More energy use will lead to increased bills. And will eventually decrease the life of your units. Air conditioning companies also guide you to position your outdoor units in shades.

Using AC Too Much!

Too much usage will exhaust the AC/HVAC units. These units are designed to keep your homes cool, but not 24/7. These units need some rest after every couple of hours. Too much usage will be costly as well and it will decrease the life of your unit. Even the biggest air conditioning companies cannot produce an AC which will work 24/7 and not be affected.

Ceiling Fans Help!

It is a common practice to turn off the fan when you switch on the AC/HVAC. This is wrong! Fans can help in quickly cooling the room by circulating the cool air throughout the room. Hence, your AC/HVAC unit will not be under the severe burden of cooling the room on its own. Cool air will be circulated quickly and then you can turn the AC off for some time.

Regular AC Service

You have to regularly check your units of any issues. For this purpose, you can hire any of the trusted AC repair companies or can do it yourself. HVAC companies also provide a manual to maintain the unit. You should get your unit serviced at least annually.

Cooling Empty Rooms

Cooling empty rooms mean the unit is working for no reason. This also means the inefficient and too much use of the unit. This mistake, whether unintentional or not, will lower the performance of the unit. At the same time, if you leave windows or doors open while the unit is working, it will make it difficult to cool the room. Open windows and doors will let in warmer air which is not good.

Avoiding Sunlight

Avoiding sunlight is the key to cooling rooms without using the AC/HVAC too much. Cover the windows with curtains, so that the sunlight does not come in. sunlight is the enemy of your cooling unit. It brings with itself warm air. Again, warm air will make you use the cooling unit longer than usual. Air conditioning companies also refrain from letting bright sunlight in, while the unit is working.

Digital Thermostat

This is not entirely a mistake you’re making. But this is what you can do to prevent any damages to your systems. You can install a digital thermostat on any wall which will make it easier to manage the temperature. Let go of the old thermostat and get a new one. You can set the timings when you would like the unit to turn off. It can be while you’re asleep or during the day as well.

Above were some of the most common mistakes encountered by AC repair companies ronkonkoma. Good luck!

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