Why Is My Heat Pump Running Constantly

Heat pumps have experienced rising popularity over the past couple of years. As compared to heat furnaces and other electrical heating devices, heat pumps do not consume much power and offer better cooling and dehumidifying features. Therefore, if your heat pump is running constantly for apparently no reason, we suggest you consider some heat pump repair tips to solve the problem.

The HVAC Unit Doesn’t Fit

The first thing you need to ensure is that the HVAC unit matches your heating/cooling needs. It is often that homeowners tend to purchase and install HVAC units that are either too big or small. As a result, the units could easily become damaged or worn down quite fast. In some cases, the unit might eventually end up working as well.

If the unit happens to be smaller, it will wear out faster as it will have to work harder than usual. This will increase energy consumption, leading to higher heating costs. However, if the unit is too big, it will simply consume relatively more energy due to being bigger, despite the fact that it will heat up or cool down the room much faster.

Cleanliness Of The Unit

Dirt and dust accumulation is the primary enemy of heat pumps. Just like cars that need regular maintenance, heat pumps will sooner or later fail if they are ignored and not well-maintained. With dirt and dust accumulating on the main components, the unit will feel congested and work harder to produce the same amount of energy. As a result, the stress increases, and the unit ultimately fails.

This is a common cause of HVAC units constantly running in the summer. If you know your way around the condenser and evaporator coils, you can clean them by simply washing. However, if you are not aware, it is better to call a professional for help.

Thermostat Problems

In some cases, the heat pump running constantly is also due to the thermostat going haywire. Even if the temperature inside the room is appropriate, a problematic thermostat will not tell the unit to shut down. The thermostat will assume that the proper temperature is not being achieved. As a result, the heat pump will continue running.

If you want to test the thermostat, use a thermometer. If the reading on the thermometer does not match the thermostat, you have a problem. Identifying thermostat-related problems are a bit tricky. If you cannot do it on your own, better call a professional.

Leaks In The Insulation

While you are trying to identify the problem, you should consider checking leaks in the insulation too. If there are any leaks, the desired temperature will take longer to achieve, and for that, the heat pump will have to work longer. In the winters, your heat pump running constantly is fine. However, it should shut off once the temperature reaches 30 degrees or above.

Then again, checking the home insulation for leaks is not easy, let alone fixing them. You will need to hire a professional service that can permanently fix the leaks.

Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant level is also one of the popular reasons behind heat pumps running constantly. If the heat pump fails to blow cold air in cooling mode, the evaporator coil is frozen, or the refrigerant level is low, the heat pump will run for much longer than it should. Although it takes years for refrigerants to leak, certain external factors such as rust can do it much sooner.

Regular Maintenance Ensures Fewer Problems

Once you are done identifying and fixing the problem, make sure that you regularly maintain the heat pump. Believe it or not, maintaining the heat pump goes a long way in terms of saving money and avoiding expensive repairs. At the same time, you should clean the air filters and inspect them at least once or twice a week to ensure smooth functioning.

Final Word

A heat pump running constantly is usually a sign of something not working normally. Even though identifying the problem in some cases is easy, but repairing is not. Therefore, to avoid such situations, you should perform regular maintenance and check the entire system for leaks or other potential problems. Moreover, it’s better to hire heat pump repair services Tyson’s Corner for maintenance than doing it yourself.

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