6 Common Types Of Bathroom Layouts

You might think all bathrooms are the same, but you will be surprised at how many different types of bathrooms there are and all of them have different yet unique designs and features. Here are some different layouts and designs of bathrooms that will be helpful if you’re considering bathroom remodeling.

Combined Bathroom

You might have thought that bathrooms only have either a shower or a bathtub, but sometimes, they are also combined in a single bathroom unit. This is mostly known as a combined bathroom. A bathroom will be called combined if the shower and bathtub are interconnected with one another.

This means that the bathroom will have a shower head and a lower faucet for the bathtub and then some other taps and faucets which control both the tub and the shower water. If the bathtub and shower are separated by a cubicle, then it will not be a combined bathroom. The shower and bathtub need to be attached together.

Full Bathroom

A bathroom usually has 4 main components. These include a shower, bathtub, toilet, and sink. These four components, if present in an entire bathroom unit, makes a full bathroom. A full bathroom is usually attached to the biggest bedroom of the house.

It is also called the master bathroom since it is the bathroom used in the master bedroom. It is usually the biggest bathroom in the entire living space. Since the four components need a decent amount of space, it’s only natural for a full bathroom to be the biggest and most spacious bathroom in the house.

Three Quarter Bathroom

The 4 components of a bathroom were mentioned above. Now if out of any of these components, one is missing, then it will become a three-quarter bathroom. Think of a bathroom as a full circle cut into 4 equal quarters. Each quarter is a component of the bathroom. So, if there are 3 main components of the bathroom, then it will be called a three-quarter bathroom.

Usually, the component missing in this type of bathroom is either the shower or the bathtub. The sink and toilet are non-negotiable, but the bathtub or shower can be switched, based on the preference of the user of the bathroom.

Half Bathroom

Similar to a three-quarter bathroom, there is also a thing called a half bathroom or a guest bathroom. A guest bathroom has no need for a bathtub or shower, so it consists mainly of a toilet and a sink. It is also called a powder room since there is no use in washing your body in this type of bathroom and it is only used for lavatory or washing your face and hands in the sink.

Compartment Bathroom

This is a type of 3-quarter bathroom. Sometimes, the 3 components in the bathroom can be sandwiched together and it can become very cramped and humid. So, in order to compartmentalize the components of the bathroom, the shower or bathtub is in one part of the room, while the sink and toilet are in another compartment.

This makes the room look a lot more spacious and it also gives you breathing room in a rather small space. The beauty of this bathroom is that everything has its own dedicated place.

Utility Bathroom

A utility bathroom is a type of bathroom where there are other things among the normal components of a bathroom. You will see a washer, dryer, cabinets for your towels, etc. These are all of the basic utilities some people need in their bathroom so they can be incorporated into a bathroom space.

If you have a washing machine and dryer in your bathroom, then it will be classified as a utility bathroom. A utility bathroom can either be a full or a 3-quarter bathroom. It will not be a half bathroom, since it is obviously not a practical bathroom choice.


There you have it! Who would’ve known that there are this many types of bathrooms? All of them cater to special needs and some people prefer specific types over others. Have your bathroom remodeling contractor Bowie inspect your place to get some input from the experts and also get an estimate of the remodeling cost.

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