How Do You Design A Swimming Pool

Designing your very first pool can be exciting but nerve reckoning. With so many ideas in mind, it is easy to forget the basics. A swimming pool will only be as good and practical as its design, which is done by a pool contractor as per your instructions. So, let’s take a look at some important pool designing tips that will help you come up with the best design there is.


The first and the most important factor when it comes to designing a pool is the purpose. There is no point in coming up with a design that does not allow using the pool at its full potential. That said, the design varies based on what you intend to do with the pool.

If it is meant for relaxation, you will have to consider a different shape such as a circle. However, if it is meant for swimming and water-based activities, it should be rectangular. At the same time, you should take a look at the pool area from all angles both from the inside as well as the outside of the house. If you have a deck or patio, the pool should compelement it too.

You will have to spend time on this step as it will serve as the foundation of the swimming pool.

Future Features

Once you have decided on the purpose and the design, you should move on to the next step of deciding the features that you would want to use. This step should also include the features that you are not installing right away but will be doing so in the future. This will help you make a sufficient amount of space instead of alternating the structure of the pool later on.

You can make some space and add furniture for people to relax by the pool or create sections for kids and other activities. In most cases, homeowners opt for firepits, a heater, or a fireplace as features as well. These options not only enhance the beauty of the pool area but also make it more practical.

Property And Bylaw Restrictions

Now that you have decided on the features too, it is time to shift your attention to the property and bylaw restrictions. Every state has different regulations governing pool buildups and other similar projects. On the other hand, it might be that your area needs preparation before a pool could be installed.

Therefore, you will need to acquire special permission from the local authorities. If you are hiring a contractor for building the pool, he/she will handle the legalities themselves. Do not in any circumstances ignore or neglect these laws as you can easily find yourself in trouble with the law later on.


As mentioned previously, your swimming pool will only be of any use if it is practical. This means that you will need to think about the convenience of changing clothes for your friends or family members, how far is the refreshment area or how long does it take for people to visit the swimming area?

These factors go a long way in terms of opting for the perfect pool design. There have been many cases in the past where people opted for designs that offered no practicality. As a result, they had to dig up or bring down certain areas to make space, costing additional time and money.

Lay It Out And Set A Budget

Next, you need to lay out the design on a piece of paper. Laying out a design helps you translate your ideas onto a paper, allowing you a more comprehensive look that will alert and inspire you for additional features or changes beforehand.

Furthermore, you can also consult an architect who will use 3D software to sketch the design offering a deeper look into the project. What you lay down or add to the sketch will be added to the pool as well, therefore, take your time and give it a deep thought.


Finally, it comes down to materials. Considering the overwhelming variety out there, it is easy to get confused. That said, simply opt for materials that complement your home’s construction. You can go for slightly unique materials but make sure they are reliable and strong enough as well to last for years to come.

Final Word

Designing a pool on your own is an interesting process but you are going to need help from a pool builder too. Set a budget to help narrow down the options and define your needs and preferences. This way, you will be able to come up with a project that is both worth the money and excitement. Lagrass

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