How To Get Scratches Off Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials people use, but since it is a natural material, it is going to get scratched. Here are some things you can do to get scratches off granite countertops.

Types Of Scratches On Granite Countertops

Granite is bound to get scratched because it is a naturally soft material that has a lot of pores in it. Because of its composition and structure, scratches can be easily embedded in its surface and there’s a very high chance that your countertops might get a lot of scratches on them. Here are the types of scratches that are usually appear on granite countertops.

Thin Hairline Scratches

These scratches are super thin and they are not deep at all. They are just present on the surface and depending on where they are, they might not even be visible to people. These scratches can be formed by dragging sharp things over the countertop, like cutting board edges, knives, and things with pointed edges.

These scratches are also quite easy to remove and the process can be done at home, by yourself and you don’t need to call in the professionals for a thin scratch. As the name suggests, the hairline crack is extremely thin, some having a thickness equivalent to a strand of hair, which is really not that big of a deal, considering the depth of the scratch.

Deep Scratches

These scratches are deep and gaping. They are quite obvious to anyone and everyone and they can make your countertops look ugly and old. These scratches are formed when small scratches have been neglected for a long time and now they have been carved very deep and are ruining the look and the composition of the countertops.

If the scratches are too deep, then any liquid can easily seep into the countertop and this can lead to even more composition damage than before because the sealant is also removed in the process of the formation of this scratch.

How To Get Rid Of Granite Countertop Scratches?

Here are some things you can do to get rid of scratches, each technique catering to the type of scratch your countertop has.

Use Soap And Water

This might seem like a weird tip, but it works extremely well for thinner cracks. All you need for this is some dishwashing soap with a neutral pH and some water. Mix the two together to make a soapy solution and apply this to the scratches. If the scratches are very small, then you will see that rubbing the mixture with a soft cloth on the scratch will make the scratch disappear and the countertop will look brand new.

Sand It Off

If your scratches are a bit deeper, then soap water might not work for you and you might need something a bit more effective. You can use sandpaper to sand down the scratch. What sandpaper does is fill up the scratch with a residual granite sand and the surface looks a lot smoother and the scratches will be history.

Keep in mind that sanding off the countertop does get rid of the protective coating as well, so you might have to reapply it once you’re done with sanding off the granite countertops. You will need to seal your counter again if you don’t want the countertop to be ruined by water damage.

Call A Professional

If the scratch is gaping and there are several of them on your countertops and you have tried everything and still there are no fruitful results, then it’s better to call in a countertop professional and have them deal with your problem.

Yes, it’s going to be way more expensive than doing something about it at home, but the job will be effortless and scratches will be gone in no time. These people deal with scratches on a daily basis, so they know what to do.


There you have it! Granite is a beautiful and expensive material, so you need to make sure that you’re looking after it properly, which means taking care of the scratches and preventing new ones from forming. For best care, let granite countertop installers Rockville seal and maintain your countertops.

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