What Happens If You Don’t Cut Down A Dead Tree

Avoiding cutting down a dead tree has many disadvantages. If your tree shows the sign that it’s dead and is beyond saving, you should hire tree services to cut it down because it’s a huge risk to leave a dead tree as it is.

A Dead Tree Attracts Pests

Pests seek out dead trees to live in them. Once pests find out a dead tree, they will keep multiplying and can infest the surrounding trees and your house. Therefore, cutting down the dead tree is better than waiting for pests to invade your backyard.

Additionally, many animals like rats make nests in dead trees as well. Once they are in the dead tree, it’s only a matter of time before they will also enter your house for food and shelter.

It Can Fall Over Anytime

The risk of a dead tree falling over is high because it is not strong enough to hold its position. There are cases where a dead tree didn’t fall for a long period, but mostly, they topple over sooner than later.

The unexpected fall of the tree can be in any direction. It could fall on your house, garage, car, or neighbor’s property, or cause any other damage. It can also fall on someone resulting in an injury.

Moreover, if the weather in your region is windy, the risk of the tree falling down will only increase.

Cutting Down A Dead Tree Now Will Cost Less

We discussed that it’s highly likely that a dead tree could fall. It can damage any part of your or your neighbor’s property or injure someone. It will cost you much more to pay for the repairs or medical support than to act early and hire a tree expert to remove the tree safely.

Keep in mind that insurance doesn’t cover tree damage when the tree should have been removed before. So, in the case of a dead tree falling over and damaging your property, you’ll have to pay for it from your own pocket.

It Can Harm Other Trees

If a dead tree falls unexpectedly, it can fall on other trees and harm them. However, the damage a standing dead tree can do to other trees is also significant.

If it was a diseased tree, it can infect the surrounding trees if you don’t remove it quickly. For instance, if the dead tree has mold, it can spread to nearby trees. So, one dead tree can ruin your whole backyard if you’re not careful enough.

Moreover, dead trees attract pests and animals. These pests and animals will also harm other trees in the yard as well once they find the dead tree.

Dead Trees Are Unattractive

Many dead trees don’t have any leaves, their branches fall off, and the bark peels off. You don’t want a tree with this condition in your tree because it can ruin the visual appeal of the yard. This can scare off buyers if you’re trying to sell your house. In turn, it can impact the value of your house.

Identifying A Dead Tree

If you don’t know whether your tree is dead, look for the signs.

The Bark Is Peeling Off

When a tree’s bark peels off, it is a sign that it’s not receiving enough nutrients. It could be due to a disease.

It’s Attracting Critters And Fungus

There are many pests that live in trees that are distressed or dying. Moreover, if you see discolored areas on the bark or mushrooms growing on the ground near the tree, it is an indication that the tree is rotting. The tree decay will increase and compromise the structural integrity of the tree.

The Tree Is Leaning

If your tree was upright for years and after a storm or a suspected disease, you notice lean in it, then the tree is dying. When the structure of the tree weakens, it begins leaning. Moreover, gusts of wind can also play a part in the leaning of a drying tree.


When you suspect that your tree is dying, look for an expert to inspect it. Once you have identified the tree as dead, hire tree removal companies Bethesda to cut it down before it causes damage.

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