7 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Furnace

When it comes to furnaces and HVAC systems, people tend to commit several common mistakes that could easily be avoided. These mistakes can damage your furnace beyond repairs. Since furnaces are required throughout the winter season to keep the house warm, it is important that you are informed of the mistakes mentioned by HVAC companies that could reduce its performance and efficiency. Follow us as we discuss them in detail.

Not Changing The Air Filter

Furnaces pull air from the outside and then filter it using an air filter before sending it inside the house. The air filter is responsible for blocking dust, debris, and other contaminants that may be harmful. With time, the air filter becomes dirty due to dust accumulation. This makes it difficult for the furnace to breathe. Therefore, it will need to work harder to pull air. As a result, the likelihood of your furnace getting damaged is comparatively more. Furthermore, a furnace with a dirty air filter will reduce performance and efficiency. Therefore, you must change the air filter when it is due.

Blocking Air Registers

As mentioned previously, furnaces perform breathing action to pull in air from outside. Therefore, anything in its surrounding will be pulled in as well. With that being said, the surrounding area of the furnace must be clean. Objects in front or at the top can lead to airflow issues. This is why it is important to clear any obstructions that might be blocking the furnace.

Skipping Annual Maintenance

Skipping annual maintenance is a sign of careless behavior. Just because you think that the furnace was running smoothly during the previous winter season, does not mean that it will run the same way this season as well. Furnaces like most other things require annual maintenance. Annual maintenance for furnace is performed by a professional who inspects the unit for repairs and tune-up. This allows you to be ahead of the repairing game because you will be informed of any potential repairs or fixes that might be needed. Moreover, you can also prevent your furnace from incurring expensive damage as well.

Ignoring Signs Of Trouble

Sometimes people are aware of a certain problem but they tend to ignore it. Now, this is simply calling for trouble. Furthermore, people tend to assume that the unusual noise will disappear itself. Although it might shut-off temporarily, that does not mean that the problem does not exist. If your furnace is showing obvious trouble signs, you should act immediately instead of ignoring it to fix itself.

Setting The Temperature Too High

Winters can be unforgiving and even though you might be tempted to set the thermostat at 80 degrees, but that will run you extremely high heating costs. Moreover, if you set the temperature too high, it will cause your furnace to overwork and lead to performance issues. Therefore, it is suggested that you set an appropriate temperature that balances both efficiency and comfort.

Waiting Too Long For A New Replacement

Furnaces have a lifespan and once that lifespan is complete, it will simply refuse to perform. Even though you might have kept it maintained but there is simply nothing you can do about that. Nearing its end, the furnace will start developing problems and you will spend more time fixing it than receiving warm air. Therefore, if you have the budget, do not wait too long and purchase a replacement. Spending thousands of dollars on a furnace will be of no use when it is about to die.

Hiring A Contractor Based On Price Alone

You know very well that purchasing a furnace requires quite a lot of money. With that being said, there is no point in hiring a contractor that focuses more on the price rather than the quality. Hiring a furnace contractor who performs repairs at a lower cost will perform poor-quality repairs and ultimately charge you more without fixing anything. Therefore, it is suggested that instead of hiring a contractor based on price alone, focus on the quality of repairs as well.

Final Word

Now that you are aware of the common furnace mistakes, make sure that you do not ignore or overlook them under any circumstances. If that remains the case then a newly bought furnace will give up on you soon as well. Also, keep in contact with a furnace repair service Falls Church for annual maintenance to avoid issues.

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