7 Solution To Washing Machine Or Washer Not Spinning

A washing machine is an important appliance in every household. You need them to wash clothes and if it were to develop problems, you would not be able to wash any clothes. If you observe that the clothes are sobbing wet after taking them out from the washing machine. It means that it is not working properly, and you may need washer repair. Let us discuss how you can troubleshoot the problem and even call the pros if things do not sort out.

Imbalanced Laundry Load

An imbalanced laundry load will contribute to the washer not spinning properly. The reason being that sometimes the clothes will rack up on the outside of the washing machine and it will disturb the motion. This is particularly the case when washing heavy and large items like comforters or heavy coats etc. However, newer machines today come with sensors that do not spin the clothes if the load is not balanced properly. Therefore, if you observe that there is a spinning problem, try rearranging the load.

Level The Machine

If the machine happens to be sitting on an unleveled surface, chances are that the spinner/washer will not work. Furthermore, listen closely to the sound of the machine. It should be smooth. However, if it is producing excess noise and vibration, it means that it is struggling and working harder to spin the clothes. Therefore, make sure that each leg of the washing machine is settled over a leveled surface.

Check The Power Source

Even though this is less likely to take place, check the power source as well. Sometimes a jiggle can move the switch out of its position and that could disturb the spinning cycle or washer motion. If you plug it in and the machine does not come to life, check the breaker. It is most likely to have tripped.

Do Not Use An Extension

This is one of the most common problems with heavy appliances like washing machines. People tend to plug in their washing machines into extensions without being aware of the fact that extensions are not able to provide the required amount of power for the machines to work. A washing machine should always be directly plugged into an outlet. Relying on an extension cord will not only shorten the life of the washing machine but burn the extension as well during the process.

Observe The Spinning

The spinning cycle will tell you a lot about the existing problem. For instance, if you observe that the spinning cycle of the washing machine is lazy, it might be that the switch that triggers the washer while closing the lid is not working properly. If possible, try testing it manually. If it works normally, then the culprit is definitely the switch. Moreover, check the lid as well. It should not be bent. If that is the case otherwise, the lid will not sit properly to trigger the switch as well.

Check For Blockage

Small items such as pennies or buttons etc. can fall out of pockets and block the drainage system. A blocked drainage system will not allow the machine to function. Most machines have a draining system located at the rear, which can be accessed manually. If you are not able to access it, consult the owner’s manual. Check for anything stuck and remove it. Hopefully, the machine will work.

Readjust Or Replace The Drive Belt

The washer makes use of a drive belt that runs on a pulley to initiate the spinning cycle. If the drive belt has simply snapped or slipped off the pulley, the spinning feature will not work. In such a case, the machine will still be producing enough noise but will not be getting any work done. To inspect it, remove the rear case and locate the belt. If you observe that the belt has snapped, you will need to replace it. In most cases, it is only the belt. Be sure to purchase and install the belt that is made specifically for your machine.

Final Word

We aimed to discuss the problems related to your washing machine. Washing machines tend to be relatively simple appliances that are composed of a few components. Try running a diagnostic to identify the problem and call an appliance repair Northern VA service for fixing the problem.

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