7 Questions About Keratin Treatment People Ask The Most

Keratin is exceeding all boundaries of popularity these days, and with that, people are becoming more and more inquisitive about this treatment. More queries are being thrown the way of keratin treatment salons, and we try our best to answer everyone’s concerns. Here’s us answering some repeatedly asked questions by potential customers of keratin hair treatment.

What is keratin good for?

Keratin is a fibrous protein that is essentially a part of your hair. When it goes missing, your hair start craving it. This treatment called ‘’Keratin treatment’’ makes it possible for your hair to regain the lost protein.

Through artificial means, keratin is inculcated in your hair and they start doing away with frizzes and tangles henceforth. That is what keratin is good for.

Keratin treatment allows your hair to stay smooth and snarl-free for a certain period of time. It is certainly not a permanent hair treatment. To have your hair permanently straightened, you must rely on natural and home-made remedies. Or else, get the keratin treatment redone after every 6 months or so.

How expensive can it be?

Keratin treatment does not cost you your left kidney. Rest assured; it is absolutely economical. Only one quarter of your savings can get it done for you.

However, you need to inquire your hair salon beforehand in order to avoid being tricked. Every hair salon has different quality to provide, and hence different costs. Do not forget, when it comes to keratin, you are not done right after leaving the salon, you have to lose money over the aftercare as well. So, be decisive whether you want the keratin done or not.

How long does it stay?

It tends to stay for 6 good months if taken care of. There is no fixed duration when it comes to keratin treatment, you can always make it work longer than it is supposed to. The only condition is, you need to see to your hair all this while, and you cannot leave them on their own once you step out of the salon.

Does it need any aftercare?

It sure does!

Keratin cannot work without a proper after-care. The treatment itself and the aftercare go hand in hand. You surely need to see to a number of things in order to make it last the longest. If no proper aftercare is given, the benefits of keratin can vanish within no time.

Aftercare is not an option, it is a requisite. Keratin treatment entails a reasonable after-care.

Can your colored hair take the keratin treatment?

Some people are habitual of coloring their hair every now and then, which is good. There are so many frequent color freaks who seem to be in love with their streaked hair. What if such a person wants their hair go through keratin treatment? No worries at all. No red flags.

If you want your hair to be frizz-free and colored at the same time, you should get them colored first and then opt for a keratin treatment. Because if you try and color your hair after getting them keratin-treated, your hair will be in ruins.

How is keratin treatment different from Brazilian blowout?

Brazilian blowout does not put any restrictions in the guise of after-care while keratin does. The ingredient/protein that has been instilled cannot be washed before 72 hours when it comes to keratin treatment. Same is not the case with Brazilian blowout. You can remain tension-free once you walk out of the salon.

If you really want your hair to be straightened and disentangled, Keratin is second to none and simply the best option. Although, keratin lasts for 3 to 6 months, it gives such unmatchable results that no other straightening treatment seems to be in close proximity with it.

Keratin is more time-consuming as compared to the Brazilian blowout; the time it takes is double than the time Brazilian blowout consumes. Keratin’s process takes at least 3 hours to be completed while Brazilian blowout can get done within 2 hours or little less than that.

Does it contain any major/minor risk?

It does not contain any huge risk, almost all women can go through keratin treatment by hair stylist Rockville safely. In spite of all, you should consult your hair salon prior to the treatment if you have any extraordinary concerns.

How To Find The Right In Ground Swimming Pool Builder

You may have issues in finding the right in ground pool contractor and this guide has been created to help you in this. Follow the below given steps.

Decide the Type of Pool

There are a number of steps which you have to follow while finding the right in ground pool builders. It should be noted that there are a number of types of swimming pools such as in ground and others. So, if you are looking for a builder for the in ground swimming pool, you should be specific.

Set Your Budget

Pool building Cost is an important factor which determines which kind of facilities you will add to your swimming pool. Usually, an in ground pool costs around $33K to $58K. You must set your budget in this regard as it will help you spend the required amount. Without planning budget, it can get out of hand.

Start Finding a Pool Builder

Now begins the race to find an in ground pool builder. There are actually a number of ways for finding the best and the right builder. You can post online, check the ads and visit various websites. You must have a list of features of qualities you want in your in ground swimming pool builder. This will make the search simple.

Narrow Down the List

In the beginning, you will have a list of builders that seem appealing to you. But you cannot hire all the builders, instead need just one but with exceptional skills and experience. Therefore, you should set some parameters and narrow down the list by keeping only the best builders that you find suitable for your project.

Get Recommendations

You can make the process of finding pool builders easy and simple if you seek help from friends, colleagues and family members. Someone in your social circle might have hired a pool builder for their swimming pool, or there can be more people. Therefore, you should ask for recommendations and it can actually let you get in touch with an awesome pool builder.

Check References

Sometimes, the contractors give a list of references that you should also consider in this regard. The references can be actually useful and may bring you a good pool builder. Thus, you need to check the list and discuss the project with the best builders in order to know who can be the best.

Do a Background Check

There are people who get the services of a masonry contractor. If you are also planning to hire a contractor for the pool, you have got to be serious about it. It needs a proper background check. You can start with the Better Business Bureau to know if there are any complaints about the contractor. It will help you find a credible and reliable contractor.

Listen to Your Gut

Sometimes, it is better to listen to yourself. You may have bad first impression of a builder but it is actually a good person and you believe he can do the best job. In such cases when you are confused, you should listen to your gut and hire a person you have faith in. It will not disappoint you at all.

Compare Services

Comparison of the services and builders is essential in order that you can find the best in ground builder for your swimming pool. This should happen when you are not sure which builder to choose. The comparison of their services, skills, experience, charges and reputation will solve the problem.

Check Online Reviews

The online reviews on the website of the builder can come in handy to make a better decision when hiring in ground builders. The customer reviews will let you decide upon a certain builder.

Prefer Local Pool Builders

Lastly, it is advised that you should prefer the local builders. You should also seek help from the pool contractors. The reason is that local contractors are a safe option and you will not be worried about the builder at all.


In order to find the right in ground swimming pool builder Long Island you have to take the above given tips into account and these will make the process easier for you.

Step By Step Guide To Hair Highlighting

A lot of people believe in doing things on their own. Jacks of all trades are found everywhere on earth. Doing hair color and highlights without a stylist or colorist is possible if you take these things into your careful consideration.

Collect the Aid, the Tools

Managing the tools is the most important part of your hair highlighting process. It is your choice whether you want to buy a dyeing kit or gather the necessary tools on your own. If you can color your hair without a stylist, you certainly can design the tools too as nothing is as complex as a hair straightener.

Take gloves, and an old yet consumable toothbrush, and the dye. These three things are the essentials you cannot afford to miss out on. Except for the dye, all things can be found at home.

On a side note, you are suggested to keep your skin and clothes away from the dye. Hence, gloves and an apron would do enough.

Divide Your Hair into Four Compartments

Compartmentalize your hair into four different sections. Do not let the hair mix up while coloring. To get the job properly done, you should strictly separate equal quantity of your hair into 4 different parts. Use 4 to 5 hair clips or hair bands to get the segregation done. You hair need to be properly partitioned right before you begin the process.

Get the Color Ready

Read the instructions written on the box thoroughly and act upon them. Pour the color out in the bowl and shake it a bit so that the color spreads all across the bowl. Move the brush in it multiple times to check the density of the dye. It should neither be too dense nor too thin, it should be lukewarm.

Do not prefer bleach if it’s your first time. Also, do not forget to read the instructions on the box about how to prepare the color. That will be the crux of this very important step.

Test It Once Before Dyeing Your Hair

Take one strand of your hair and test the highlights. Do not jump the gun without getting the dye tried and tested. Even if you have bought the dye after a lot of recommendations from your close ones, you should still test it yourself at least once. Do not start the procedure and get surprised in the end.

Start the Application

Start applying the dye leaving the roots of your hair uncolored. Let the roots be untouched and begin coloring hair at a distance from the roots. Leave a couple of inches from the top and then start highlighting.

Highlights are meant to be thin and not broad. Note to yourself, thinnest colored strips sound extremely apt. You can increase the quantity of stripes but you cannot increase the amount of hair you assemble to make one stripe.

It is suggested to use multiple hair clips of small size to capture a number of stripes together before you kick it off.

Give It a Little Time to Get Absorbed

Once you have applied it on your hair, let the color settle. Give your hair some time to absorb it. Your hair needs a couple of minutes to blend well with the color, spare it that time. Do not hurry to wash it off. Be gentle and patient throughout the process.

Whatever time the instructions suggest, just adhere to it. Giving it extra time won’t benefit your highlights in any way. Giving it less time to sit well might affect it negatively.

Wash the Dye and Dry Your Hair Off

After letting the dye settle, rush to the washroom and take a cozy shower. Relax under the shower and wash the color off. Shampoo your hair twice if it is needed because every particle of the dye has to be drained out. Some hair coloring kits offer a special conditioner that has to be applied right after shampooing, if your kit had it, do not forget to make the most of it.

After washing the dye off, use a blow dryer or let your hair naturally dry. No matter what the method of drying is, make sure your hair are not left wet. Check your newly dyed hair using a natural light. Furthermore, visit hair salons specializing in color Rockville for better and proper hair highlights.

How to manage your allergy from cats?

Naturally, it makes sense that we would want to stay away from anything that makes our allergy symptoms worse. However, many of us are not that wise and would always want our pets to stay around us. This is true, despite the fact that many of us are allergic to our pets. It is important to note that even though allergies from pets can be bad,  they can be managed by visiting an allergy clinic. Do remember, however, that these symptoms will not really go away completely. Rather, you will be able to manage them much better with the help of a doctor.

When it comes to cat allergens, it is important to know a few facts. For instance, it is important for those allergens to be airborne in order for you to breathe them and get an allergic reaction. Furthermore, cat allergens are very small. This means that they can stay suspended in the air for a longer period of time. Also, the rate of recontamination can be quite high in this case. In this article, puts together a number of tips that you can use to reduce the allergic symptoms from your feline partner.

Tips to manage allergies from cats

By using the tips that we have included in this article, you will be able to manage at allergies much better. These include:

Do not let cats sleep on your bed

This is actually a small price that you will have to pay in order to keep your cat in case you are allergic to them. This way, you will be able to make your symptoms under control without having to let go of the cat.

Keep the cat out of the bedroom

By making the bedroom off limits to the cat, you can actually control the presence of cat allergen in your bedroom. Make sure that you bedroom is actually a sanctuary for them. So, make sure that your cat is sleeping elsewhere during the day and not in your bedroom.

Make sure that all bedding is washed

Furthermore, it is also very important to wash all the bedding at a temperature of 140 degrees or higher. At this temperature, both allergens and dust mites can be killed. As a result of this, they will not really flare your allergy symptoms up.

Make use of HEPA filters

Once suspended in the air, it can be difficult to get rid of the cat allergen. However, there is one thing that you can still use. This includes a HEPA cleaner air filter. Since cat allergens are very small, it is important to do a thorough job in this regard. Moreover, you will also have to replace the filter this HEPA air machine in order to make it work efficiently.

Make use of vacuum thoroughly

It is also quite important for you to make use of a vacuum cleaner thoroughly. This way, you will be able to get rid of any allergen in your house. Do note that cat allergens can be quite small. Hence, they may be very invasive. In this regard, it is very important for you to do a very thorough job.

Make sure that your cat is clean

While cats do not really prefer to be around water, it is very important to clean them up. Usually, cats carry a type of protein in their saliva that which humans are allergic to. When they lick them, these particles become airborne. So, make sure that you are washing your cat regularly. In case you still could not manage your symptoms, reach out to an allergy physician Germantown as soon as possible and get your concerns heard properly.

6 Clear Signs Your Chimney And Fireplace Need Cleaning

The signs for deposit buildup in your chimney may not be obvious enough, but it is crucial for every household to get their chimneys cleaned by chimney cleaning service at least once a year. To help you detect the signs for if your chimney is due for cleaning.

You’re Having a Problem Starting a Fire

If there seems to be a problem in your fireplace where the fire won’t keep burning for long, then this would be a clear indication that your chimney is in dire need of cleaning this winter. The reason for this is problem in your chimney shaft which appears to be blocked as it does not allow proper air flow. Proper air flow is extremely important to keep your fire burning long and good. In case of too much air flow, your fire will extinguish easily, while very little would keep it from burning properly.

There Is an Unpleasant Odor

If you detect an unusual odor every time you burn your fireplace, then you must be precautious of the proper functioning of your fireplace. It should be obvious to you what it smells like when you burn your fireplace, and if the smell is not that of the pleasant warm burning of wood and instead suffocating smell of gases then you’d better get your chimney checked immediately. It is clear that your updraft system isn’t functioning properly, which creates a problem in your chimney shaft.

There Is Grease in Your Chimney

Noticing greasy black soot or creosote in your chimney isn’t going to be obvious enough. To check for that you are going to have to reach in to the insides of the walls of your chimney and finding that greasy substance stuck there. Grease is without doubt a total pain to remove. These substances don’t just occur overnight too, they take several months to build up and is far more dangerous than you would expect for it to be.

If what seems to be non-damaging grease turns into creosote, you are getting yourself into danger. The grease is quick to catch fire, so if your fireplace isn’t even burning, the creosote can catch fire and ignite an internal chimney fire. Creosote also contains chemicals that are very toxic if breathed. You can use a broom to reach inside to help you detect for creosote.

There Is Smoke in Your House

Every time you light up your fireplace and begin noticing a smoky smell, and smoke in the room then you are in dire need of getting your chimney checked. There is very likely change that the buildup of smoke is attributed to the black soot in the walls of the chimney or fallen leaves that are blocking the airflow of your chimney.

Functioning of the Damper

Your fireplace damper must be functioning properly for it to provide smooth airflow across the chimney. We are already aware of what the dangers are of improper air flow. A damper is responsible for the air flow and the tiniest indication that lies in the opening of the damper will let you know that your damper needs to be fixed. If your damper is opening with the slightest bit of difficulty call an expert immediately to get it checked. The black damper sits on top of the firebox and is very easy to reach into. If you have detected creosote in the walls of your chimney there is a very likely chance that your damper is covered in it too.

Look For Animals and Birds

This is one of the most common problems for chimney owners that some uninvited settlers decide to create dwelling on top your chimney. If there is a problem in keeping the fire burning for long, you’d better go check the top of the chimney for signs of a nest. If you hear fluttering and bird noises that too may indicate that there is nest buildup that is blocking the air flow. Do not just dismiss the idea of calling in chimney sweep services Columbia MD when you find feathers in your fireplace. What clearer signs could you as for?

How to organize a wedding party?

Who does not want to have a memorable wedding party? Literally everybody wants their wedding party to be fun for their friends, family, and their own selves. However, most people do not know how to organize wedding parties. Firstly, they are unsure about the best party rentals in town. Secondly, they are unsure about the venue and the theme. At the same time, many people find it difficult to maintain a list of guests and invitations. All of these factors, when combined, can be stressful for anybody who is planning a wedding for the very first time.

In case this sounds like you, worry not! We are here to help you out.

Tips to organize a wedding party

In this article, we put together a number of tips that you can use in order to make your wedding party memorable.

These include:

Figure out the theme of your party

Literally the very first thing that you should know, is the theme of your party. This way, you will be able to short-list further things that include the venue, decorations, and the food. For instance, if you want an outdoor beach wedding, your venue would obviously be a beach.

However, since beach wedding parties cannot accommodate hundreds of people. So in that case, your wedding guest list must be narrowed down. Hence, deciding the theme of your wedding is the very first step.

Select the date, time, and the venue

Where do you plan to arrange the wedding party? Now that you have decided the theme, the next step is to decide the time, date, and the venue of your party. Sometimes, for certain places, you may as well need a license or a permit. At the same time, for some venues, you will need a booking in advance. So, in this regard, planning out the date and time is extremely important.

A list of your guests

Your guest list will simply depend on your budget and your venue. For instance, if your venue does not have space to hold more than 50 wedding guests, then you cannot certainly send an invitation to 90 people.

Also, decide what method you are going to choose to invite your wedding guests. Will you create custom invitations? Or will you stick with a basic template with a basic design printed on a cheap paper? This will depend wholly on your budget.

However, since this is the age of social media, creating invitations on a social website such as Facebook for your wedding event can work. For those who are not active on social media, you could send a simple text message as an invitation.

However, with this method, make sure to send out text reminders. This is because, often at times, people do not check their social media accounts for many days.

Make a list of supplies

Next up, you must know about all the supplies that you will need. These will include the wedding décor supplies, chairs and tables, and food supplies (in case your party features a dinner).

Though, when you go out for wedding shopping, make sure to buy all the perishables first. After that, consider buying the perishables.

Ending note

As a last bonus tip, give yourself more time to organize a wedding party than what you think is required. It is much better to have enough time on your hands rather than having very little. Ultimately, you may feel thankful for all the extra music, beverages, food, and decoration time that you have saved. So, make sure that you have arranged local party tent rentals Rockland NY beforehand along with all other necessities.

Pros And Cons Of Buying House Without A Realtor

Buying or selling a house can be an exciting process. Normally people would reach out to a realtor for the process but otherwise some people tend to do things on their own. A realtor can help you with a lot of things but sometimes it is wise to go on, on your own. People may save some money by going without a realtor but it has both pros and cons attached to it. Let’s discuss!

Pros of Buying House Without a Real Estate Agent

Potential To Save

Saving is probably the biggest reason people prefer not hiring a realtor. For some it may just be all the convincing they need. Typically, a real estate agent’s cost is 5% to 6% of the sale price, which could be solely paid by the seller or could be an even split between the two parties. You might be able to secure an estate at a lower price by not using a real estate agent, since there would be only one agent involved in the process and that is from the seller’s side.

Eliminating the Middleman

Eliminating the middleman could seem appealing if you are looking to deal directly with the seller. You will not be waiting for any callbacks or messages. You will basically be an agent yourself. Meaning, that you will have control over everything and will make sure that your demands, thoughts and preferences are communicated directly to the house seller and heard properly as well.

Having the Upper Hand via Direct Dealings

In some cases, it might be that your friend or a relative might be selling the house. In such cases you will not be needing the help of a real estate agent, since you already have a direct relationship with the seller. You will properly be able to negotiate as well as put down conditions and hear the seller to reach an agreement. Since it will be you, dealing with someone you already know, the nature of negotiations is going to be less rigid and easy.

Cons of Buying House Without a Real Estate Agent

Can’t Match the Knowledge of a Realtor

You can memorize and get well familiar with all the terms related to mortgage and home buying but you cannot match the knowledge of a real estate agent since they have every trick up their sleeves and are there to educate you about the process. There are a lot of documents and forms that one has to go through while purchasing a house and you would not know everything about that and this is why a realtor proves helpful in such cases.

Limited Information

Real estate websites have no doubt taken the internet by storm. You can visit hundreds of sites and get to know about up-to-date listings whenever you want. However, you still will not be able to reach every house in a neighborhood for sale and real estate agents in this respect have all the listings with them. They will help you find the hidden gems and shall also notify you before a state even goes up for sale.

Assessing a Potential House Becomes a Problem

When inspecting a house, since it is only you, who is going to be inspecting and checking everything, how confident are you with your house assessing skills that you can solely rely on them and do you think that it is going to be more in-depth as compared to the attention of a realtor? The answer to this is that a realtor knows about every material that has been used to build the house. He could present the house history as well, which otherwise you won’t have access to. To ensure your investment is safe, employing the knowledge of a real estate agent is important.

Negotiating Isn’t a Walk in the Park

Negotiating is an art, especially when it comes to buying or selling a house. You might have thought that you had good negotiation skills to woo the buyer into accepting your price but be assured that sellers and buyers are not naïve and will probably have an agent right beside them. A realtor in such cases will take the lead and secure you a good deal based on many factors that influence a home’s value. Otherwise, your emotions and inexperience could result in you losing a potential buyer or a seller.

And there you have it, make sure that you consider all the pros and cons of buying a house without a buyer’s agent DC. What maybe a win situation in one’s case, might not be the same in yours as well.

Are you actually ready to get married?

So, you can see that most of your friends have already paired off. As a result of this, you might be wondering that it is time for you to settle with someone too. However, are you actually ready for a marriage? Or is it just peer pressure. Well, apart from the obvious difficulties of planning a wedding such as finding suitable wedding rental packages, the real struggle begins later on in life. After the golden phase of marriage ends, many couples send up realizing that they were never meant to be with each-other.

Top signs that you are ready for a marriage

Before you take the big step, ask yourself if you are actually ready for a marriage. In order to figure that out, consider the following signs.

You know for sure why you want a marriage

Do you simply just want a really nice photoshoot in a white dress with a handsome man in a tuxedo? Well, if that is all that you want, then you certainly are not ready to get married. Well, not unless you have some solid reasons. For instance, wanting to enter into a life-long pact with someone that you have spent years with already, is a reason that is strong enough.

You are not just planning a wedding

Well, who does not love wedding parties and all those crazy yet fun wedding rituals? It is an absolute treat for our friends, families, and us, ourselves. However, in case you are serious about your marriage, you would have a complete life-plan (at least, a tentative one) regarding your entire life ahead.

Of course, wedding planning would be necessary too. But the prerequisite is to have a proper vision regarding your relationship. Make sure that you are not just getting married because you’re bored and want some drama in life.

You have a deep relationship

You may flirt a lot with your partner, go out a lot, and spend enough time together every weekend. However, if you want to get married, you must have a deep relationship. In other words, you both should be capable enough to tackle issues together, and to support each other in doing so.

You have complete faith in your partner

Regardless of how long you have been with this person, it is important for you to know your partner inside out. Just dating for four years or more is not enough reason to get married. Rather, you should get married only when you are sure that you know the person. This includes their hopes, their past, and their dreams for the future. In case you lack total faith, you will have an unhealthy marriage with unwanted struggles.

When you are sure that you know all of this about your partner, and you love them despite their short-comings, then you can consider getting married.

Do not forget that complete trust is one of the vital requirements for a marriage to work.

You both have long term plans together

Well, in new relationships, people like to fly on their own seats. However, in a marriage, couples need to make long-term plans that serve them both. In order to figure out if it is time to get married, ask yourself if you both have stuck to some long term plans in the past. Because mind it, after you both get married, you will have to make a big number of long term plans.

Ending note

Well, surviving in a marriage is not an easy road. There will be many ups and downs. However, in the end, if you love your partner, it will definitely be a rewarding experience.

So, before you go ahead and start looking for wedding tent rental packages Northern VA, make sure that you and your partner are both ready to get married.


How To Straighten Your Hair Without Heat

Most people with frizzy or curly hair crave for straight hair and to get that, some get permanent hair straightening done from a hair salon or some do it every day at their homes. But, feeding your hair with that much amount of heat on a regular basis isn’t something really healthy, try out the following tips to straighten your hair without heat.

Blow-Dry Your Hair with Cold Air

This practice is done by every other person to get straight hair but with hot air which damages the hair a lot. But, do you know that you can get sleek hair with cool air as well that too without damaging your hair with heat. All you have to do is wash your hair properly, let them air-dry and start blow-drying your hair when only one quarter is left to dry. Don’t forget to switch the setting of your blow dryer from hot to cool air. Move the blow dryer from top to the bottom of your hair strand by strand until you get that perfect straight hair. For best results, use it with a straightening serum to make the hair last straight for a longer time. According to the studies, cool air blow drying does way less damage as compared to the damage done by hot air blow dry.

Comb Your Hair Until Its Dry

The easiest way to straighten your hair without heat is to comb it continuously until it dries with a simple brush or a straightener. After you come out of a shower, grab a comb and run it through your hair for 2-3 minutes. Keep doing it after every 5 minutes time interval and continue until your hair dries out completely. Stand in front of a fan and then try out brushing your hair as it gives faster and better results. This method prevents your hair from curling back up like it usually does.

Wrap Your Hair Around Your Head

Rather than going to those expensive salons, you can get straight hair at home without causing damage to the hair. You can get straight hair overnight by wrapping your damp hair around your head. The steps are:

  1. Detangle your hair with a brush or a comb
  2. Section your hair equally into two parts
  3. Now comb one section and wrap it over your head tightly and secure it with hairpins
  4. Do the same with the other section and secure it on the opposite side
  5. In the end, pin the hair at the back of your head that you think needs to be secured

Once you have secured your hair perfectly, take a silk scarf and cover your head with it so that your hair doesn’t come out of the pins at night. Open your hair in the morning and enjoy the day with frizz-free straight hair.

Try Natural Hair Masks

Natural hair straightening masks not only straighten your hair but also repair it, condition it and make it silkier. Following are some of the tried natural hair straightening masks that you can use as well:

  1. Milk and Egg Mask – Take 2 cups of milk and add in it 1 egg then soak in your hair. Stay like that for about 10 minutes, take your hair out of the bowl, make a bun and wear a plastic cap. Leave your hair for 30 minutes more then, wash and dry it out with continuous brushing.
  2. Milk and Honey Mask – Mix 1 tablespoon of honey into 1 cup milk and soak it in your hair for a good 1 hour. Wear a shower cap and wash it after an hour.
  3. Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice Mask – Take 1 cup of coconut milk, add 4-5 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2-3 tablespoons of cornstarch and 2 tablespoons of olive oil in it. Mix it well and microwave the mask for 15-20 seconds. Allow the mask to cool then apply on your hair. Wash it after about 35-40 minutes.

Try out these simple hair straightening methods without heat and break free from the damage that hair straightening causes. If you’re looking for keratin treatments salons Olney MD, you should first ask if it’s damaging for your hair and what’s the safety procedure.

Tips to reduce winter heating costs

Winter is approaching really fast. This means that your electricity and heating bills may rise through the roof. Hence, you will have to use a number of energy saving tips in order to reduce your costs. In this regard, HVAC Companies talk about a number of ways that you can use.

How to reduce your heating energy costs in winter?

In this article, we put together a number of tips that you can use to decrease your energy costs during the winter season.

When temperatures begin to drop, electricity bills tend to increase because we all love to stay warm. However, often at times, we get carried away and do not really know how much heating is just enough. It feels so good, that we just keep on going and going.

Lower the thermostat

One of the best ways to increase your HVAC efficiency is to set the thermostat to just 68 degrees. This means that your heating system will not have to work as hard. As a result of this, a lesser amount of energy will be used.

At the same time, before you go to sleep, make sure that your thermostat is turned down at least 5 degrees. This means that you can save up to $90 per year. By purchasing a programmable thermostat, you may be able to adjust the temperature of your house automatically.

Ideal water heater temperature

The temperature at which you should set your water heater is 120 degrees. This is because this temperature is just ideal! At this point, your water heater will work effortlessly. We suggest you to turn the water heater level down to a far lower temperature in order to significantly decrease your energy costs. Roughly, you save more than 3% when you turn the temperature of the water less than 10 degrees. This means that you will save about $7 to $10 every year.

In order to increase your investment, you can also buy a heater blanket which will provide insulation to the tank.

Faucets and showerheads

Faucets and showerheads are considered to be extremely efficient. Whether you want to believe it or not, faucets and showerheads are very efficient. Water-efficient showerheads significantly reduce the consumption of hot water by less than 9% or more. This will allow you to save as much as $5 every year on heating.

Look for the energy savings sticker

Often at times, some appliances come with an energy savings sticker. Electronics and appliances that heat your house and water are a major cause of increase in your utility bills during the winter season. So when you are buying new appliances, make sure that you are getting one with energy savings sticker on it.

On average, homeowners spend as much as $2000 on energy bills annually. However, by using energy saving appliances, you will be able to save as much as $80 every year. While this may not sound a lot, it can actually add up!


Savings costs on energy is a tough road, and is not as easy as you may think. Moreover, the costs that you will save will not be very high. However, savings still matter, no matter how less they are.

After all, why should you not save money when you can, no matter how little it is. In order to ensure efficient heating, it is very important to keep the furnace working in good shape. So, do get a seasonal inspection by furnace repair services Arlington VA before using your appliances! This way, you can ensure maximum efficiency and hence, maximum savings on your electricity costs. This would literally be the very first precaution!