How To Straighten Your Hair Without Heat

Most people with frizzy or curly hair crave for straight hair and to get that, some get permanent hair straightening done from a hair salon or some do it every day at their homes. But, feeding your hair with that much amount of heat on a regular basis isn’t something really healthy, try out the following tips to straighten your hair without heat.

Blow-Dry Your Hair with Cold Air

This practice is done by every other person to get straight hair but with hot air which damages the hair a lot. But, do you know that you can get sleek hair with cool air as well that too without damaging your hair with heat. All you have to do is wash your hair properly, let them air-dry and start blow-drying your hair when only one quarter is left to dry. Don’t forget to switch the setting of your blow dryer from hot to cool air. Move the blow dryer from top to the bottom of your hair strand by strand until you get that perfect straight hair. For best results, use it with a straightening serum to make the hair last straight for a longer time. According to the studies, cool air blow drying does way less damage as compared to the damage done by hot air blow dry.

Comb Your Hair Until Its Dry

The easiest way to straighten your hair without heat is to comb it continuously until it dries with a simple brush or a straightener. After you come out of a shower, grab a comb and run it through your hair for 2-3 minutes. Keep doing it after every 5 minutes time interval and continue until your hair dries out completely. Stand in front of a fan and then try out brushing your hair as it gives faster and better results. This method prevents your hair from curling back up like it usually does.

Wrap Your Hair Around Your Head

Rather than going to those expensive salons, you can get straight hair at home without causing damage to the hair. You can get straight hair overnight by wrapping your damp hair around your head. The steps are:

  1. Detangle your hair with a brush or a comb
  2. Section your hair equally into two parts
  3. Now comb one section and wrap it over your head tightly and secure it with hairpins
  4. Do the same with the other section and secure it on the opposite side
  5. In the end, pin the hair at the back of your head that you think needs to be secured

Once you have secured your hair perfectly, take a silk scarf and cover your head with it so that your hair doesn’t come out of the pins at night. Open your hair in the morning and enjoy the day with frizz-free straight hair.

Try Natural Hair Masks

Natural hair straightening masks not only straighten your hair but also repair it, condition it and make it silkier. Following are some of the tried natural hair straightening masks that you can use as well:

  1. Milk and Egg Mask – Take 2 cups of milk and add in it 1 egg then soak in your hair. Stay like that for about 10 minutes, take your hair out of the bowl, make a bun and wear a plastic cap. Leave your hair for 30 minutes more then, wash and dry it out with continuous brushing.
  2. Milk and Honey Mask – Mix 1 tablespoon of honey into 1 cup milk and soak it in your hair for a good 1 hour. Wear a shower cap and wash it after an hour.
  3. Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice Mask – Take 1 cup of coconut milk, add 4-5 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2-3 tablespoons of cornstarch and 2 tablespoons of olive oil in it. Mix it well and microwave the mask for 15-20 seconds. Allow the mask to cool then apply on your hair. Wash it after about 35-40 minutes.

Try out these simple hair straightening methods without heat and break free from the damage that hair straightening causes. If you’re looking for keratin treatments salons Olney MD, you should first ask if it’s damaging for your hair and what’s the safety procedure.

Tips to reduce winter heating costs

Winter is approaching really fast. This means that your electricity and heating bills may rise through the roof. Hence, you will have to use a number of energy saving tips in order to reduce your costs. In this regard, HVAC Companies talk about a number of ways that you can use.

How to reduce your heating energy costs in winter?

In this article, we put together a number of tips that you can use to decrease your energy costs during the winter season.

When temperatures begin to drop, electricity bills tend to increase because we all love to stay warm. However, often at times, we get carried away and do not really know how much heating is just enough. It feels so good, that we just keep on going and going.

Lower the thermostat

One of the best ways to increase your HVAC efficiency is to set the thermostat to just 68 degrees. This means that your heating system will not have to work as hard. As a result of this, a lesser amount of energy will be used.

At the same time, before you go to sleep, make sure that your thermostat is turned down at least 5 degrees. This means that you can save up to $90 per year. By purchasing a programmable thermostat, you may be able to adjust the temperature of your house automatically.

Ideal water heater temperature

The temperature at which you should set your water heater is 120 degrees. This is because this temperature is just ideal! At this point, your water heater will work effortlessly. We suggest you to turn the water heater level down to a far lower temperature in order to significantly decrease your energy costs. Roughly, you save more than 3% when you turn the temperature of the water less than 10 degrees. This means that you will save about $7 to $10 every year.

In order to increase your investment, you can also buy a heater blanket which will provide insulation to the tank.

Faucets and showerheads

Faucets and showerheads are considered to be extremely efficient. Whether you want to believe it or not, faucets and showerheads are very efficient. Water-efficient showerheads significantly reduce the consumption of hot water by less than 9% or more. This will allow you to save as much as $5 every year on heating.

Look for the energy savings sticker

Often at times, some appliances come with an energy savings sticker. Electronics and appliances that heat your house and water are a major cause of increase in your utility bills during the winter season. So when you are buying new appliances, make sure that you are getting one with energy savings sticker on it.

On average, homeowners spend as much as $2000 on energy bills annually. However, by using energy saving appliances, you will be able to save as much as $80 every year. While this may not sound a lot, it can actually add up!


Savings costs on energy is a tough road, and is not as easy as you may think. Moreover, the costs that you will save will not be very high. However, savings still matter, no matter how less they are.

After all, why should you not save money when you can, no matter how little it is. In order to ensure efficient heating, it is very important to keep the furnace working in good shape. So, do get a seasonal inspection by furnace repair services Arlington VA before using your appliances! This way, you can ensure maximum efficiency and hence, maximum savings on your electricity costs. This would literally be the very first precaution!


Avoid becoming a victim to these divorce tactics

In its way, a divorce is not easy at all. However, sometimes when lawyers also get involved and start playing games for advantages over the opposition side, things become very intense. This is also the same for the spouses who have a “win no matter what” attitude and will go to any lengths. In this regard, your best bet would be to have top-rated divorce lawyers on your side. This will help you in dealing with all the manipulative tactics that your spouse is using.

We have listed down several examples of psychological abuse and manipulative behaviour that spouses’ resort to win the case. In case you suspect that any of it might happen in your cases, you may want to keep yourself prepared.

The most common divorce tactics that spouses use

The most important thing that you require, is the ability to see power play and a scheme. Secondly, it is also very important to stay calm and composed, rather than trying to fight out right away. Otherwise, it will only make things escalate. Finally, it is also very important to think ahead of time. Then, you will also need some positive steps to counter the power game from your spouse’s end.

Consider the following examples that a divorce lawyer on the other side and your spouse may use to trick you:

Draining the bank account

A shared bank account is an asset that both people rely on. In case all the money gets funnelled into a new bank account in which the other party has no role, bills end up getting bounced. Furthermore, other similar expenses will also require immediate attention. As a result of this, the victim ends up managing all the bills on their own as if he/she is living as a single parent. At the same time, it may also result in financial dependence on the other person.

Mixing shared credit lines

Hiring and deciding regarding a divorce all need money. As a result of this, many people end up using all the credit until the decree gets finalized.

In case one partner uses the joint credit card to stock up large purchases, this means that the other person will not be left with many options. As a result of this, one of the spouses will have to agree to take the existing debt in court.

Refusing to support the house

This trick is referred to as “starving the other spouse out” and is a very common tactic that a toxic spouse may use. In this case, the primary earner stops providing support to the household after moving out. The prime goal of your spouse here would be to starve you out so that you may accept unfair settlements due to desperation.

Delaying all the support payments

Sometimes, spouses will not send in any support money even in case they have it ready, until the very last moment. This is usually the case in case an income withholding order is not present. As a result of this, the other spouse has no support until 31 days have passed since the payment’s order.

Refusal to speak

To have a divorce without any conflicts, it is very important to discuss terms. However, spouses will sometimes totally refuse to talk to the other side to increase legal fees, create conflicts, and to wear the other spouse out.

Ending note

It is very important to recognize the above-mentioned tactics that toxic spouses use. In case you feel like you may fall prey to such tricks, consider reaching out to a cheap divorce lawyer Fairfax VA as soon as possible. This way, you will be able to keep yourself safe!


How to clean different types of kitchen countertops?

The number of kitchen countertop options out there is very astounding. You have wood, soapstone, granite, marble, quartz, engineered stone, and a lot more to choose from! Each of these types of countertops has its advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, all require a different level of cleaning and maintenance. So for instance, before you talk to a quartz countertops dealer, it is important to know the cleaning/maintenance requirements of quartz. This rule would apply to any material that you buy.

In general, regardless of the type of countertop, you would not want to expose the surface to sunlight and heat. Furthermore, you must also resist scratching it.

What should you know about cleaning different countertops?

Well, general cleaning methods may be the same for all countertops. However, in order to keep your particular countertop in the perfect shape, you must adopt some specialized cleaning techniques.

These cleaning techniques differ for every material. In this article, we put together cleaning information for a range of different countertop materials.

Cleaning wood countertops

The tools that you need to clean wood countertops include distilled white vinegar, nonabrasive cleaner, spatula, lemon, salt, microfiber cloths, and warm water.

Make sure of a nonabrasive cleaner, along with a mixture of distilled white vinegar and warm water. In order to scrape off any food residues, make use of a metal pastry scraper or a spatula. However, make sure that you are very gentle with it.

After cleaning, wipe the counter off so that it remains dry.

Cleaning quartz, granite and marble countertops

The tools that you need to clean quartz tops, marble, and granite countertops include dish soap, baking soda, microfiber cloths, plastic wrap, hydrogen peroxide, tape, and water.

For everyday cleaning, simply use mild dish soap with warm water. In order to shine the stone up, you can use a microfiber after regular cleaning.

When dealing with marble and granite countertops, avoid using acidic or abrasive cleaners. This is because acidic cleaners may etch the stone and strip the sealer off at the same time.

Cleaning laminate countertops

To clean laminate countertops, the materials that you require include microfiber cloths, baking soda, water, mild household cleaner.

Begin with cleaning the countertop with a soft damp cloth and household cleaner. When you are dealing with laminate countertops, always avoid harsh products that include alkali and acid. Also, avoid scouring pads and steel wool as it may scratch the surface.

To remove stains, simply use a paste of water and baking soda. Directly apply this paste and let it sit on the stain for 5 minutes before rinsing it off. Remember! Do not scrub because baking soda could be abrasive.

Cleaning soapstone countertops

The tools that you need to clean soapstone countertops include microfiber cloths, fine-grit sandpaper, mineral oil, and multipurpose cleaner.

Natural stone like soapstone happens to be nonporous. This means that it is resistant to scratches and stains. Hence, you can make use of any cleaner for as long as the cleaner is not abrasive.

In the case of soapstone, you can remove most of the stains using multipurpose cleaners. In order to remove tough stains or scratches, simply use fine sandpaper. However, do not use sandpaper that is rougher than 80 grits. After sanding, do not forget to apply some mineral oil.

Ending note

Having some knowledge of the cleaning and maintenance require of the countertop material prior to the purchase is very important. This is especially true in the case of granite and quartz countertops, since they can be expensive. Furthermore, your local granite installers Potomac may also be able to help you out with it.

Cannabis Vape – Overview of Vaping and Its Safety

There are a lot of ways for you to enjoy cannabis yet vaping with the use of cannabis oil vape (510 threaded battery) is a method that is starting to gain tremendous popularity. This relatively discreet and quick-acting discreet way for medicating is regarded as safer and healthier compared to smoking. Read on and discover more about this exciting smokeless cannabis option.

Vaping – What is It and What Makes It Better Than Smoking?

Vaporization or simply vaping is a method of consuming cannabis wherein the user inhales the aerosol or vapor of cannabis. To produce the vapor, low temperatures are applied to heat cannabis’s active compounds. What makes it different from smoking cannabis is that no burning or combustion happens at the lower temperatures, thus eliminating the smoke as a result. Cannabis vaporizer is an ideal approach that reduces harm and is safer to use.

There are people who choose vaping instead of smoking since there are lesser side effects as well as reduced dangers for their respiratory system. It is not a secret that smoke causes allergies, irritates the lungs, and leads to symptoms of chronic bronchitis. On the other hand, vaping is found to be easier on a person’s respiratory system.

How to Vape

You will need a vaporizer for vaping. These are electronic devices that can be as small and portable as pens or as large as toasters. These are available in portable, handheld, and desktop sizes and are often designed with heating element, a power source, a button for activating the heat, a chamber for packing cannabis concentrates or flower, and a mouthpiece where the vapor is inhaled through. After putting the cannabis in its proper place, many vaporizers will only require you to push a button to start inhaling.

Take note that there may be instances when vaporizers will make you feel as if you don’t get enough vapor as much as you want. When you use a vaporizer, sometimes, you have to draw in the vapor softer and longer than what you often do when you smoke.

How is Vaping Different from Smoking?

With vaporizers, the herb is gently heated instead of burned so no smoke is involved at all. The vapor is less flavorful and thinner compared to smoke yet it is more efficient. Remember that vaping has a different high than that of smoking. It also takes longer to start but lasts a bit longer. Vaporizers undoubtedly have lower health risks, particularly when it comes to respiratory issues.

Where to Find Vaping Devices

There are many vaping devices to choose from online, as well at local smoke shops and dispensaries.

Who Can Benefit from Vaping?

People who have throat issues and lung issues may find vaping to be easier on them compared to smoking. In fact, switching to vaping will be able to help even for those mold problems of irritation caused by smoking. Vaping also makes it easier to measure the dosages of cannabis than edibles or smoking, particularly for oil vape pen that are dose specific.

How to prepare yourself for a hair transplant procedure?

Are you struggling with a receding or thinning hairline? Chances are that you had tried several solutions but to no avail (especially if your hair loss is driven by genetic factors). In this case, you might want to consider getting a hair transplant surgery.

Medical technology has come quite far. Nowadays, hair transplant technology has turned into a very safe cosmetic procedure which is classified as having a very low risk. Moreover, it is also quite popular among men. However, to make the hair transplant process as smooth as possible, it is important to prepare yourself beforehand.

Preparing for a hair transplant process

In this article, we put together a number of tips that you can use to prepare yourself for a hair transplant procedure.

The things that you need to watch before a hair transplant include the following:


In case you are a smoker, chances are that you will crave some cigarettes right before the surgery due to the anxiety or excitement. However, it is a very bad idea. It is quite helpful to avoid smoking products including cigarettes and vapes at least 24 hours before the procedure. This is because smoking makes the recovery procedure slow and hence, result in great discomfort.

So control your tobacco craving for a while!


Before a hair transplant, you may think that it is a nice idea to get a new haircut. However, this is one of the worst decisions that you will ever take. During a hair transplant procedure, the doctor needs to use healthy strands of donor’s hair. So in case you get a haircut, it will be quite difficult for the surgeon to find hair that has good growth.

Contrary to what common sense says, getting a haircut just before a hair transplant process will not make it easy for the doctor to navigate around.

Vitamin supplements

Before a hair transplant process, you may want to be in a very healthy shape. However, it is a bad idea to take multivitamin supplements within 24 hours of the surgery. This also applies to all types of other medicines.

So to have a successful graft, avoid all such types of external agents for at least a day before going in for a hair transplant.


There are a number of medications that can affect the healing process and the surgery itself. Hence, these medicines should be avoided before the process.

In general, the use of anti-inflammatory medicines and aspirin should be ceased a fortnight before the surgery. At the same time, medication for depression and high blood pressure along with beta-blockers and blood thinners should also be totally avoided.

Type of hair transplant

There are two general types of hair transplant techniques. These include Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) Towson.

Which technique is better?

The latter is generally considered as the better among the two.

Both of these techniques primarily differ in the way in which the hair follicles get extracted from the scalp.

According to a number of researches, the survival rate of FUE is around 61.4% whereas the survival rate of FUT is 86% after 14 months. Moreover, FUT rate of success often goes up to 90% whereas FUE barely even crosses the 60% mark.


While hair transplant may seem to be a very complex procedure, it is a rather simple surgery. All that you have to do is to prepare yourself correctly and to avoid some harmful habits before the surgery. This will greatly increase your chances of getting the best results of the surgery. Ultimately, you will enjoy the hair on your head that you always wanted!

Signs Of Sleep Apnea And How To Treat

Mandibular maxillomandibular advancement surgery is done to treat Sleep Apnea. It is a disorder that is potentially dangerous as it can lead to a lot of to serious problems. There are two types of Sleep apnea according to sleep center experts.

  1. Obstructive Sleep Apnea

With Obstructive sleep apnea the muscles at the end of the throat relaxes and this constricts the air flow, letting little or no oxygen to your brain. The brain sensing this, arouses the body by means if coughing, chocking or snorting. This can happen as much as 30 or more times in one hour. The disturbance is so minor that you won’t even remember waking up, but it keeps you from falling in to a profound sleep, which leads to the feeling that you haven’t slept well.

Due to this sleep disorder, the body doesn’t get time to heal itself like, muscle and tissue restoration, which takes place in the 8 hours of sleep every night. This restoration process is necessary for your body to feel functional in the morning. The gasping and choking can take a toll on the respiratory system as well, which weakens the heart considerably. This condition can lead to heart attack, heart failure and heart arrhythmia. There are many treatments one of which is, Mandibular maxillomandibular advancement surgery in a sleep center.

  1. Central Sleep Apnea

This type is less common than obstructive sleep apnea. There is no technicality involve in this like obstructive sleep apnea. Central sleep apnea is when the brain fails to indicate the body to breathe and you wake up as a result. With central sleep apnea, the body wakes up gasping for air. This leads to difficulty in falling and staying asleep. You should contact a sleep clinic for treatment.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

The signs of central and obstructive sleep apnea are quantified together as they almost have the same symptoms, which makes it hard to diagnose, as to which condition you might have. These include:

  • Snoring loudly
  • Gasping for air during sleep
  • Getting up abruptly with a dry mouth
  • Migraine in the morning
  • Maintaining the sleep
  • Drowsiness throughout the day
  • Attention deficiency
  • Feeling of irritation and agitation
  • Chocking during sleep
  • Day-time fatigue because of multiple apnea events
  • Decreases motor skills, and visuospatial memory
  • Dry mouth after getting up
  • Sexual dysfunction or diminished libido
  • Using the bathroom frequently during the night

When sleep apnea goes undetected and untreated it can lead to dangerous problems like:

  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Heart failure, heart attacks
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Extreme attention deficiency disorder
  • migraines
  • Dozing off while driving
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Loss of sexual appetite

So, visiting a sleep clinic is important if you see the above symptoms

Treating Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea isn’t uncurable, it can be cure if treated with regularity. In fact, there are many treatments available in sleep centers, from nonviolent to extreme treatments, here’s the list.

  1. Losing Weight

Obese and overweight adults over the age of 65 are the most common victims of sleep apnea. So, losing weight at home can be very helpful in fighting the condition and putting an end to it.

  1. Avoiding Alcohol and Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills and alcohol are two most common things that makes us lose control. Whereas the brain needs to be in full control if the patient is suffering from sleep apnea. Cutting back on alcohol and sleeping medication can help.

  1. Changing Sleep Positions

Avoid sleeping on your back, this accelerates the problem. Trying changing positions till you find a comfortable one that lets you sleep easy.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP): This is done with the help of a machine that sends continuous flow of oxygen to the patient through a make that’s placed on the nose of the patient. Obviously, this isn’t a comfortable solution but this is the most used one.

  1. Surgery

This is the most extreme and last option to correct sleep apnea by doing Surgeries on various parts like:

  1. Nasal surgery: to rectify deviated septum to eliminate sleep apnea.
  2. Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP): For the removal of the soft tissue at the end of the throat which is the main cause of sleep apnea. This increases the broadness of the air way, so there will be depletion of air flow.
  3. Mandibular maxillomandibular advancement surgery (MMAS): This is done to rectify certain facial issues that can back sleep apnea.

Every medical condition can worsen with time, that is way it advised to visit a sleep clinic MD before it gets out of hand.

11 Things To Know Before Having A Swimming Pool

Many people adore the idea of having a swimming pool in their backyard. However, it is advisable for you to contact a pool contractor before installing a pool at your residence. Here are a few things that you should know before building a swimming pool.

  1. Consider Type of Pool

Start with a clear idea why do you want a swimming pool. This has a great effect on its size, depth, shape, and even the type of construction. Consider if you want the pool for relaxation, recreation, for your children or enhance a view. You just need to know why you want it rest will come easy.

  1. Select Proper Site for the Pool

It is easy to build a swimming pool on a level site. However, on steep surface, it is expensive. Conditions such as rocky, sandy, or unstable soil will also make pool building fiddlier. Swimming pool builders may provide you great help in deciding these things including shape and size.

  1. Above or Below the Ground

The first question you should consider before the construction of your pool is whether the pool should be in the ground or above it.

In-ground pools are more expensive and have a more tedious process, but they look authentic. On the other hand, above-ground pools are more budget-friendly and easy to install. Moreover, if your surface of desired pool area is steep, you should go with above ground pool.

Soil digging and deletion is costly but in-ground pools usually are more permanent than most aboveground types. However, if you have a steep site, it may be inexpensive and easier to install an aboveground fiberglass pool. Talk to local pool contractors, especially to those whom people trust.

  1. Cost of Pool

A basic concrete pool is more expensive than of fiberglass. This is because many concrete pools can be tailored to buyer’s desired shape and size.

  1. Maintenance Cost

Do you that the most costly thing in swimming pool maintenance is lining?

About concrete swimming pools maintenance, you need to acid wash them every 3 to 5 years. Moreover, if it’s been more than 15 years of your pool installation, it needs to be resurfaced.

Vinyl-lined pools, on the other hand, needs to be patched-up every 5 to 10 years.

Fiberglass composite pools come with 30 to 40 years guarantee so there is less to worry about their maintenance.

Also, contact some reputable swimming pool builders for the best possible choice.

  1. Think About Material

Fiberglass and concrete are the most common materials.  Developments in composite technology have enlarged this material’s permanence and strength. Concrete offers elasticity in terms of shape, size and depth. There are also many options for finishing a concrete pool’s interior including colored quartz, marble plaster, tiles, pebbles or swimming pool paint. The cost of fiberglass is so economical, that they dominate the market.

  1. Wind Exposure

Consider the wind exposure because it will cool the water and improve evaporation.

You need to plan pool shelter. Also, plan about entering and exiting areas for your pool. Moreover, you need to figure about entertainment around pool.

  1. View of the Pool from Inside the House

Consult an expert swimming pool builder and make sure that you will have a view of your pool from inside the house. Adding water features or lighting will make it more attractive and striking. If you have kids, then it is necessary for you to look the pool from the house. You should also notice that the location would maximize sun exposure. This will help to keep the water warm. You should also keep in mind that large trees can block the sun and drop leaves into the water.

  1. Constant Expense

You should make it certain that you are able to afford the pool because owning a pool is expensive. You have to pay for fixing anything that breaks, for maintenance and winterization.

  1. Filter for Pool

Before having a swimming pool, you need to invest in a quality filter. A good filter keeps the pool hygienic and clean. You cannot go with a cheap one when it comes to the filter.

  1. Need of Expert

Homeowners can install some of the above of the ground pools. However, some may require a  swimming pool builders long island. A contractor charges a decent amount of money. This is something that you must consider.

7 Foods That Help In Weight Loss

If you are overweight and want to lose weight naturally then you have come to the right place.

Rapid weight loss diet

There is no one magic food or a weight loss friendly food that will instantly help you lose weight overnight. However, there are many different foods that will help you to lose weight naturally. These foods are mostly rich in fiber and nutrition which help you feel full for a longer period of time and curb your appetite.

Healthy food for weight loss

  1. Eggs

Eggs are full of proteins, healthy fats, and important nutrients. You should consume eggs for breakfast as a study says that a protein-rich breakfast can help you feel full for a longer time and also you will eat less the whole day. You can eat eggs every day, even thrice a day and it will have no impact on your weight and cholesterol. Eggs are considered the powerhouse of weight loss.

  1. Green Vegetables

Vegetables are considered the best weight loss friendly food. Vegetables are energy and fiber-rich, low in carbohydrates and full essential vitamins and nutrients. Vegetables are the best way to add volume to your daily meals without adding any calories to your diet. You can have any sorts of green vegetable such as spinach, lettuce, kale, parsley, swiss chards, cabbage, and many others. Vegetables also contain many antioxidants which help in fat burning and also increase the metabolism of your body.

  1. Avocado

Avocados are full of healthy fats, potassium, and dietary fiber. This is a super energy-rich food which is although high in calories but adding it to your diet will help you to lose weight naturally and help you slim your down.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is full of probiotics and healthy proteins.  Studies say that consuming plain yogurt daily helps in immunization of your body against diseases, makes you feel full and energized for a longer period of time and curbs your appetite for the whole day as well. Make sure to not use flavored and sweetened yogurts as fresh and plain yogurt will help you in losing weight.

  1. Nuts

Nuts are an excellent source of fiber, proteins and monounsaturated fats. They are an excellent snack to munch in between meals. Although nuts are very high in fats they do not add much to your stomach. Studies say that eating a handful of nuts daily can help you in shedding those extra bulky pounds and increase your metabolic rate and give you a lot of energy. Studies also state that people who consume nuts on a daily basis are more fit and healthier. But you should avoid over consuming these as overconsumption may lead to an increase in weight.

  1. Salmon

Seafood is rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, proteins, and many other essential nutrients. Fish are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids and iodine both of which are important for metabolic functions and a healthy immune system. Salmon is one delicious fish which will give you nutrients in numerous amounts without increasing your waistline or your weight. Fish is also extremely good for your hair, skin, and eyes. It is necessary to have a well-balanced diet which includes all kinds of food. You should eat fish at least twice a week. Try grilled salmon which will be delicious on your taste buds, provide you with proteins and healthy fats and will keep your weight under control as well.

  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is the best food for losing weight naturally. It is a fiber-rich grainy food that is perfect for breakfast and full of energy-rich nutrients. Do not use the instant oatmeal packets as they have processed sugars included, but make your own oatmeal with water and a splash of milk. To add access energy then you can add some natural honey, a handful of nuts, a spoonful of Greek yogurt and some blueberries and strawberries. Together this will be a satisfying and nutritious meal which will keep you full and on your toes for the whole day without craving for anything.

Apart from these foods, you will also need to exercise to lose weight and watch your food intake of these weight loss friendly foods.

How To Get Your Patio Ready For Summer?

A professional and the best patio contractor would always take cleaning as the first and foremost step to get your patio ready for summer season. It is not a normal cleaning process we do on daily basis instead it includes pressure wash cleaning which assures the removal of dirt and debris almost 100%. If your surface is not much harder, then you can go for push broom and simple mopping afterwards to make sure the patio area is all clean now.

Preparing backyard patio for summers

Well, LED lights always look beautiful either used for room décor, any celebration décor or a normal and regular use patio décor. You can also add some fancy lanterns on corner tables of your furniture and LED lights in your plants and patio door. Or you can also add some beautiful and fancy lights as well which can add a warm ambiance in summer evening.

If you have a garden in your patio, then you need to trim your plants that looks beautiful look to your patio décor. Even if you have just a few plants then make sure they are fresh and alive to create a natural yet relaxing ambiance in your patio. Usually masonry contractors always trim and weed the plants before making the patio ready for summers. This will keep your plants fresh throughout the summer season maintaining your patio very well.

Patio decoration ideas

Once the patio area is all clean, it’s time to clean your furniture giving it a fresh look. If you have chairs, then it is a good idea to polish them or rub it with an oiled foam sponge which will give a new look to your chairs and table. And if you have fabricated sofas then you can change the fabric of sofa or just clean it with a brush, whatever suits you best. A creative patio contractor can also suggest you to keep a hammock if you don’t have space constraints as it adds a very relaxing feel to your patio. You can keep it at one side of the table while other three sides may have chairs or sofas.

It will definitely create a significant amount of beauty and professional designing touch to your patio décor. Mirrored ribbons and bird cages adds an extreme natural touch and look really pretty. You can also hang some different colored wind chimes to make it look more beautiful. You can hang all these accessories in the shade of your patio which might be kept on door side or in the middle area. Of if you don’t have any shade area then some little wind chimes and bird cages can also be hooked on round umbrellas used as a shade of sitting area.

You can take guidance from a professional patio contractor to help you in selecting suitable textiles for your patio furniture. You can use funky cushions and table covers with some bright colors and themes will look really great in summer. You can also go for funky bedsheets for your hammock as it will go great with the overall funky theme of your patio.

After doing all cleaning, you can add a simple coat of paint on your door of patio or the back wall with some light and soft colors. You can go for bright colored paint as well if your furniture color is in light shades. A masonry contractor would always make a combination of light and dark colors with furniture and walls or door.

You can take help form masonry contractor Long Island to guide you in selecting a unique and antique piece of huge rounded mirror which goes well with rest of patio décor. You can hook it on wall side of the patio as it will add a casual like home type feeling in your patio. Make sure it matches your furniture kept in the patio so as to both can complement each other. Same goes for the color choices as well as it will show off the total theme of your décor in a glance.