How To Straighten Your Hair Without Heat

Most people with frizzy or curly hair crave for straight hair and to get that, some get permanent hair straightening done from a hair salon or some do it every day at their homes. But, feeding your hair with that much amount of heat on a regular basis isn’t something really healthy, try out the following tips to straighten your hair without heat.

Blow-Dry Your Hair with Cold Air

This practice is done by every other person to get straight hair but with hot air which damages the hair a lot. But, do you know that you can get sleek hair with cool air as well that too without damaging your hair with heat. All you have to do is wash your hair properly, let them air-dry and start blow-drying your hair when only one quarter is left to dry. Don’t forget to switch the setting of your blow dryer from hot to cool air. Move the blow dryer from top to the bottom of your hair strand by strand until you get that perfect straight hair. For best results, use it with a straightening serum to make the hair last straight for a longer time. According to the studies, cool air blow drying does way less damage as compared to the damage done by hot air blow dry.

Comb Your Hair Until Its Dry

The easiest way to straighten your hair without heat is to comb it continuously until it dries with a simple brush or a straightener. After you come out of a shower, grab a comb and run it through your hair for 2-3 minutes. Keep doing it after every 5 minutes time interval and continue until your hair dries out completely. Stand in front of a fan and then try out brushing your hair as it gives faster and better results. This method prevents your hair from curling back up like it usually does.

Wrap Your Hair Around Your Head

Rather than going to those expensive salons, you can get straight hair at home without causing damage to the hair. You can get straight hair overnight by wrapping your damp hair around your head. The steps are:

  1. Detangle your hair with a brush or a comb
  2. Section your hair equally into two parts
  3. Now comb one section and wrap it over your head tightly and secure it with hairpins
  4. Do the same with the other section and secure it on the opposite side
  5. In the end, pin the hair at the back of your head that you think needs to be secured

Once you have secured your hair perfectly, take a silk scarf and cover your head with it so that your hair doesn’t come out of the pins at night. Open your hair in the morning and enjoy the day with frizz-free straight hair.

Try Natural Hair Masks

Natural hair straightening masks not only straighten your hair but also repair it, condition it and make it silkier. Following are some of the tried natural hair straightening masks that you can use as well:

  1. Milk and Egg Mask – Take 2 cups of milk and add in it 1 egg then soak in your hair. Stay like that for about 10 minutes, take your hair out of the bowl, make a bun and wear a plastic cap. Leave your hair for 30 minutes more then, wash and dry it out with continuous brushing.
  2. Milk and Honey Mask – Mix 1 tablespoon of honey into 1 cup milk and soak it in your hair for a good 1 hour. Wear a shower cap and wash it after an hour.
  3. Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice Mask – Take 1 cup of coconut milk, add 4-5 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2-3 tablespoons of cornstarch and 2 tablespoons of olive oil in it. Mix it well and microwave the mask for 15-20 seconds. Allow the mask to cool then apply on your hair. Wash it after about 35-40 minutes.

Try out these simple hair straightening methods without heat and break free from the damage that hair straightening causes. If you’re looking for keratin treatments salons Olney MD, you should first ask if it’s damaging for your hair and what’s the safety procedure.

How to prepare yourself for a hair transplant procedure?

Are you struggling with a receding or thinning hairline? Chances are that you had tried several solutions but to no avail (especially if your hair loss is driven by genetic factors). In this case, you might want to consider getting a hair transplant surgery.

Medical technology has come quite far. Nowadays, hair transplant technology has turned into a very safe cosmetic procedure which is classified as having a very low risk. Moreover, it is also quite popular among men. However, to make the hair transplant process as smooth as possible, it is important to prepare yourself beforehand.

Preparing for a hair transplant process

In this article, we put together a number of tips that you can use to prepare yourself for a hair transplant procedure.

The things that you need to watch before a hair transplant include the following:


In case you are a smoker, chances are that you will crave some cigarettes right before the surgery due to the anxiety or excitement. However, it is a very bad idea. It is quite helpful to avoid smoking products including cigarettes and vapes at least 24 hours before the procedure. This is because smoking makes the recovery procedure slow and hence, result in great discomfort.

So control your tobacco craving for a while!


Before a hair transplant, you may think that it is a nice idea to get a new haircut. However, this is one of the worst decisions that you will ever take. During a hair transplant procedure, the doctor needs to use healthy strands of donor’s hair. So in case you get a haircut, it will be quite difficult for the surgeon to find hair that has good growth.

Contrary to what common sense says, getting a haircut just before a hair transplant process will not make it easy for the doctor to navigate around.

Vitamin supplements

Before a hair transplant process, you may want to be in a very healthy shape. However, it is a bad idea to take multivitamin supplements within 24 hours of the surgery. This also applies to all types of other medicines.

So to have a successful graft, avoid all such types of external agents for at least a day before going in for a hair transplant.


There are a number of medications that can affect the healing process and the surgery itself. Hence, these medicines should be avoided before the process.

In general, the use of anti-inflammatory medicines and aspirin should be ceased a fortnight before the surgery. At the same time, medication for depression and high blood pressure along with beta-blockers and blood thinners should also be totally avoided.

Type of hair transplant

There are two general types of hair transplant techniques. These include Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) Towson.

Which technique is better?

The latter is generally considered as the better among the two.

Both of these techniques primarily differ in the way in which the hair follicles get extracted from the scalp.

According to a number of researches, the survival rate of FUE is around 61.4% whereas the survival rate of FUT is 86% after 14 months. Moreover, FUT rate of success often goes up to 90% whereas FUE barely even crosses the 60% mark.


While hair transplant may seem to be a very complex procedure, it is a rather simple surgery. All that you have to do is to prepare yourself correctly and to avoid some harmful habits before the surgery. This will greatly increase your chances of getting the best results of the surgery. Ultimately, you will enjoy the hair on your head that you always wanted!

Consider These 10 Things Before Getting Keratin Treatment

If you have booked an appointment at a Brazilian keratin salon, you have to know some things before getting the treatment. Actually, you have to prepare your hair before you go to the keratin treatment salon. That is why you should know these things about keratin and pretreatment preparations:

Make an Agenda for keratin treatment salon

Before going to a keratin treatment salon, you have to make an agenda. You have to know what end goal you want. You may need to eliminate the frizz from your hair, or you may need fully straightened hair or both. Whatever it is, make up your mind accordingly. If your end goal is to reduce the curls in your hair then you cannot use treatment. Because you will need a powerful chemical to change the texture of your hair. Same is the case with your Brazilian keratin salon.

The Key to Prolonging the Treatment

If you want your treatment to last long, you have to protect your hair from sulfates and salts. In other words, you have to use a sulfate free shampoo and you cannot swim freely in the ocean. You also have reduced swimming in pools, because the chlorine can wash away layers of Keratin. It does not matter if you have gotten the treatment from a Brazilian keratin salon, frequent washing will make the keratin go away.

  1. Beware of Cheap Treatments

Before you book an appointment at a keratin treatment salon, consider their prices. If their prices are too low it means that you will be getting a cheap treatment which can result in horrible hair damage. Beware of such cheap treatments. In Keratin treatments, you get what you pay for. Do not settle for anything less.

Deep Condition Your Hair a Week Before

You can prepare your hair before getting the treatment. You can deep condition them a week before the treatment. In this way your hair will be as natural as possible, the strands will be healthy, and the cuticles will be sealed. You can sit in the steam for 10 to 15 minutes so that your hair will absorb the moisture. You can do this by yourself without any fancy treatment.

Do Not Use Any Harsh Treatments

In the week leading up to your treatment, avoid using harsh treatments on your hair. It means that you should avoid using clarifying shampoo a week before the treatment. You also have to avoid any home remedies like using vinegar in your hair.

Stop Conditioning Two Days Before

Stop conditioning your hair two days before the treatment. In this way the keratin treatment will be more effective. You also have to avoid oils and any other hair product before the treatment.

Trim Your Hair

Before getting the treatment, you should consider trimming your hair. In this way you can cut off all the split ends. The keratin treatment will not solve the split ends problem. And if you get the treatment when you have split ends, the end result will not be as smooth as you would have thought. You can even get a haircut before the treatment for a fresh look.

Switch to a Moisturizing Shampoo

After getting the treatment, you should switch to a moisturizing shampoo. In this way you can minimize the damage due to formaldehyde in the keratin treatment. You also have to avoid sulphate in your shampoo. Because the sulphate can gradually rip off layers of Keratin from your hair. In this way the treatment will not last very long.

Keratin Does Not Do the Task

Keratin is not really the star of the whole show. There are other ingredients used in the treatment which smoothen your hair and eliminate the frizz. These are methylene glycol, methanol, and formalin. These ingredients release formaldehyde when they are heated or mixed with water. The flat iron used at the end of the treatment also accelerates the process.

Prepare for the Damage

So, before you go to a keratin treatment salon rockville, you have to consider the fact that you will be damaging your hair. There is no denying that keratin damages hair. Although the damage is not as much as other treatments. But every time you use a keratin treatment, your hair become more damaged and prone to breakage.

How to Choose the Right Hair Straightener

The right choice will style your hair without any heat damage, uneven textures or breakage. There are a lot of straighteners available anywhere and even a Japanese hair straightening salon uses this because it is a handy tool for anyone. These flatirons are made for all hair types and styles.

All you need to know about hair straightening

The correct flatiron to use is more than just for getting your locks straight and shiny because it is also a versatile tool that you can also use as a curling iron and sometimes a volumizer. A good kind of straightener should always be an investment you think about because it should not be a junk piece of tool that needs replacement after a few months.

Your hair type

If your hair type is problematic, then you need to buy a hair straightener with wider plates. A problematic hair type is when you have a lot of curls that are hard to manage, which is why you need straightener to have wider plates. The narrow plates are for people with short and wavy that are easier to manage in comparison to that. Your hair’s texture is also a factor when choosing a flatiron. If you have a coarse and thick hair, you will need one that can reach high temperatures, but thin hair can be damaged if you use this. Flatirons with various settings are for finer hair and digital flatirons allow you to pick the right temperature so that your hair will not get damaged.

The shape of the flatiron

You might think that a flatiron is basically flat, but the edges of this tool plays a role in their versatility. If the flatiron’s plates and outer edges are a bit rounded, transitioning it to a curling iron is easier. A flat iron that has sharp edges will not be as adaptable but your hair might be a little straighter after using this.

Flatirons for a variety of textures

If your hair is fine or thin, look at ceramic flatirons for reducing frizz and smoothening your hair. This type of flatiron is very good in holding heat, which allows it to reach high temperatures, and ceramic plates have even heat distribution. A ceramic flatiron with ceramic plates, tourmaline plates, or ceramic coating is a good choice for you. Actually, tourmaline is a gemstone, but it functions as a ceramic when this type of coating is used. For a coarse and thick hair, use titanium flat irons because they heat up faster compared to ceramic flatirons and they can contain a high heat level at a set temperature. Titanium is a lightweight metal that also has ionic change that can help your hair look smooth right away. They are popular because of the high heat, but this is not ideal for people who have fine hair.

What is your purpose for buying one

There are several kinds of hair straighteners like cordless, small and handy, and the wired type. If you love to travel, a small flatiron made for travel will work great for you. If you only want to use it for fringes, a small flatiron will work fine for you. If you have a coarse and difficult hair, a bigger one is what you need.

The right features

Hair tools have different features that you should consider based on your hair. If your hair is naturally curly, you might want to consider buying a flatiron that comes with steam functions or built-in comb teeth so that those unruly tresses can be controlled. Cordless flatirons are what you need if you love to move around and go to places. The instant-heat flatiron is for people who do not have all the time in the morning to get ready.

The price and value difference

Do not go for the 1st flatiron you see especially if it is a cheap one because you might have to buy 1 again after a few months. The pricier ones are better in quality and value and it is going to last for years.

Consider these when buying a flatiron or you can go to a permanent hair straightening salon rockville md if you are decided on straight hair for good.

4 Things You Need To Know About Swimming Sunglasses

Whether you are a professional swimmer or simply like to sprawl wildly in the pools during your free time, you should always arm yourself with swimming sunglasses. If you are looking to invest in these units, there are many things you should know. Some of these things include:

They Are a Necessity

Contrary to popular perception, swimming glasses are a necessity, and it does not matter whether you swim in smaller pools or larger lakes, oceans, and seas. The glasses enable you to open your eyes and see through the water, and as you all know, this helps you avoid any dangers that may be lurking underwater. The units also protect your eyes from overexposure to the chemicals present in the water.

They have specialized uses

These sunglasses also have specialized uses where the kind of specialization depends on where you are going to use them. If, say, you need to swim in the oceans or seas, the best-recommended sunglasses are goggles with polarized polycarbonate lenses as they are built to allow optimal peripheral vision. If you are going to swim in a small pool, be it indoors or outdoors, there are many options to choose here and any mirrored goggles would be a good choice.

They Have Different Price Scales

This may look like an obvious fact, but it is still worth mentioning that fashionable sunglasses come in various price levels. The price variations are determined by several factors such as whether the sunglass is skillfully designed for professional athletes or just intended for inexperienced swimmers, the shades of color and sun-blocking capabilities, etc. Additionally, the price may be determined by the style and aesthetic appeal of the sunglass. This means that aside from their basic functionality, manufacturers may design the glasses in an elegant manner as a means of adding value to their final product.

They Have Different Fit

Just like any other piece of garment, the sunglasses come in different fits. To have an easy time with the units, you should choose a pair of sunglasses with straps feeling tight around your forehead. This means you need to try them on to see if they will be more comfortable underwater. Some of these glasses are now designed with double straps and to ensure they fit much more comfortably, it is advisable that you place one strap slightly over the other. If you are looking for units that have a unique design and will last for a long time, you should go with designer sunglasses.

Rules To Follow When Buying Sunglasses For Men

When you are buying sunglasses for men, there are a number of rules you need to follow. These rules include:

Buy sunglasses that fit

There is nothing as bad as a man wearing ill-fitting sunglasses. If buying the units in a physical store, you should try them on and ensure that they don’t pinch you around the head. Always ensure that the weight of the units is evenly distributed between your ears and nose. Your eyelashes shouldn’t touch the flame or the lenses. For you to be comfortable, the sunglasses should stand on the bridge of your nose and ears. If they get inclined to one side, you should adjust them.

If you are buying the sunglasses online, you should take the measurements of your face and send them to the sunglasses store. This is to reduce the chances of you receiving the wrong units.

Choose the right color of sunglasses

The color of sunglasses you choose not only affects your fashion statement, it also affects how well you differentiate colors and detect contrast. To have a splendid time wearing the units, you should ensure that you choose the right color. Your color of choice depends on the look you want to create, the activities you engage in, and many other factors.

If you are into snow sports, you should go for red/orange lenses. If you are a hunter, go for violet lenses. If you will be wearing the sunglasses in different environments, you should go for those that have a feature that allows you to change the lenses.

Don’t match the shape of your head

We all have different head shapes; therefore, different types of sunglasses look different on us. To pull off the right look, you should wear sunglasses with the right frame. The cool thing is that there is plenty of information online where you can get a lot of information on the best frame type for your type of face. If you don’t know your face shape, ask a professional to help you out. When making the purchase, ensure that the design doesn’t match your face shape—it always should be the opposite to create a balanced look.


These are rules you should follow when buying sunglasses as a man. Unless you are a celebrity or want to attract weird looks, you should avoid wearing your fashionable glasses indoors.  You should also avoid wearing them when speaking with people.